The Best DDR4 RAM – Reviewed by Gaming Content Creator

Best DDR4 RAM – Best DDR4 RAM: Random access memory (RAM) functions as a temporary storage area to access the data needed quickly. RAM affects the speed of a PC or laptop system in running various programs.  To keep up with programs or software that are increasingly developing, the quality of RAM must always be upgraded. This time we will recommend the best DDR4 RAM … Read more

The Best RAM for Gaming – Reviewed & Tested by Gamers

Best RAM for Gaming – Best RAM for Gaming: As temporary data storage, RAM helps lighten the performance of your laptop and PC. Qualified RAM capacity can optimize work when opening software with heavy computing, for example gaming or video editing. You can find lots of good RAM brands, such as G.SKILL, CORSAIR, and V-Gen. Therefore, we will share the best RAM recommendations for gaming. However, we will explain … Read more

The Best Logitech Webcam for Low Light Conditions 1080p Full HD

Best Logitech Webcam – For those of you who are looking for the best webcam, Logitech is a good brand and we recommend it. There are many webcam products from Logitech. Some of them are C270 HD Webcam, C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam, C310 HD Webcam, and C920 HD Pro Webcam. Each product has a varying price range and different features according to the needs of … Read more

Video Reels Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram Without Third Party App

Reels Video Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram – Reels Video Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram! Instagram Reels videos can finally be downloaded ( downloaded ) directly on Instagram (IG), without the need for third-party applications. This is possible thanks to the new “download” feature in Reels. The presence of this feature was announced directly by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. For now, the Instagram Reels download feature has just … Read more

The Best Mini PC for Every Need (Work, Editing and Gaming)

Best Mini PCs – Best Mini PCs: There are various good mini PC brands that you can find on the market, from HP, ASUS, to Apple. Just like desktop PCs, mini PCs are used for various things, such as getting work done, editing, and even gaming. Mini PC comes with a wide selection of processors, from AMD, core i5, to core i7. Of course, the higher the specs, the higher the … Read more

The Best Tenda Router for Better & Fastest Internet Connection

Best Tenda Router – Router is a tool that functions to connect the internet network to various devices or other networks. One of the well-known router brands with good and the best quality is Tenda.  Tenda routers from China are available in many models and types, so you may be confused when choosing one. Below we have prepared tips on choosing a Tenda router, whether … Read more

The Best Huawei Modem for Better & Faster Internet Connection

Best Huawei Modem – Best Huawei Modem: Currently the need for the internet is very high. Various activities, such as work, shopping, and even greetings are now easier thanks to the internet. Modem is needed to support these activities.  Huawei as a manufacturer that is very serious about working on modem products has various types of good modems. If you have … Read more

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – Reviewed by Sound Engineers

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – The Bluetooth audio transmitter is the solution for those of you who value sound quality. When you want to enjoy the sound from your TV or PC via Bluetooth headphones or speakers, the product can help.  So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy a wireless audio device. However, product specifications vary. There are also products that can be used as receivers. Therefore, we will share how … Read more

Honor 90 Lite Launches with 100 MP Camera and Bigger Memory

Honor 90 Lite Launches with 100 MP Camera and Bigger Memory – Honor 90 Lite Launches: Honor launched its new cellphone, Honor 90 Lite in the European market. This smartphone is the latest model from the Honor 90 line that the company launched at the end of May. Thus, the Honor 90 series line consists of the “regular” Honor 90, Honor 90 Pro and Honor 90 Lite. The difference between the Lite version and the … Read more

Portrait Camera Samsung Galaxy S23 Gets 2x Zoom Update

Portrait Camera Samsung Galaxy S23 Gets 2x Zoom Update – The flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 series finally has a portrait camera mode with 2x zoom. This option complements the 1x and 3x bokeh ( portrait ) photo modes that were present when the Galaxy S23 series was launched. This latest 2x portrait camera comes via an update, aka the OneUI 5.1 update with the firmware version number “S91xBXXU2AWF1”. This update has started rolling out to … Read more