The Best Netbooks – Reviewed & Tested by a Software Engineer

Best Netbooks – Best Netbooks: Netbook is a type of laptop with a smaller size and lighter and has an affordable price. This electronic device is in demand because it is easy to carry anywhere. Therefore, a netbook is perfect for those of you who travel a lot.  This product is also suitable for those of you who want to have a laptop variant … Read more

The Best All In One PC – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best All In One PC – All in one PC is in great demand because they are practical. You can choose the specifications based on your needs. For light work, choose a Core i3 processor. Meanwhile, Core i5 or Core i7 are suitable for gaming to graphic design. We will review how to choose an all in one PC and share good brand recommendations. ASUS, HP, and Lenovo bring you … Read more

The Best Samsung Monitor That Are Good for Gaming & Work

Best Samsung Monitor – Best Samsung Monitor: Samsung is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Not only HP and television products that are widely known by the public, but also monitor products for computers.  This brand offers a variety of monitors with varying specifications for home & business, gaming, to professional needs. This time we will explain how to … Read more

The Best Curved Monitor to Enhance Your Gaming Experience!

Best Curved Monitor – Best Curved Monitor: Nowadays you can find a variety of curved monitors for various needs, such as gaming and editing. Size options also vary, ranging from 24 inches and 27 inches to 34 inches which are ultrawide.  Cheap curved monitors are even available in the market. This time we will share the best curved monitor recommendations. Samsung and LG are good brands of curved monitors.  You can find products with 4K resolution or 144 … Read more

The 10 Best Cute Dress Up Games for Girl Free on Android & iPhone

Best Dress Up Games – Dress up games or fashion games are one of the favorite games for young women and adults. You can download the dress up game for free on Google Play or the App Store. In this game, you can do OOTD styling, makeup, and create characters offline or online. There are several good dress up games, such as Love Nikki with romantic diary, Barbie Magical Fashion, and Frozen. You can act as a fashion stylist and fashion designer in world famous fashion shows. Read … Read more

Asus Claims the Performance of the ROG Ally Handheld Console Approaches the PS5

Asus Claims the Performance of the ROG Ally Handheld Console – Asus Indonesia claims that the performance of its newest portable (handheld) gaming console, namely the ROG Ally, is close to one of the newest game consoles today, namely the PlayStation 5 (PS5).  This was conveyed by Technical Public Relations of Asus Indonesia, Riandanu Utomo, at the introductory event for ROG Ally in Indonesia which was held at the Alila SCBD … Read more

The Best Power Supply for PC – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best Power Supply for PC – The power supply is an important part of a PC (personal computer). This device provides power supply for the computer by converting AC current (alternating current) to DC current (direct current).  You can find power supplies with a variety of power, from 400 watts to 550 watts. This time we will provide recommendations for the best PC power supply and review … Read more

The Best Uninterruptible Power Supply for PC

Best Uninterruptible Power Supply – An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that functions to secure data on a computer when a power failure suddenly occurs. When the power goes out, the UPS becomes a temporary power source so you can back up your data. You can also turn off the PC normally so that it will minimize damage. This time we … Read more

The Best DDR4 RAM – Reviewed by Gaming Content Creator

Best DDR4 RAM – Best DDR4 RAM: Random access memory (RAM) functions as a temporary storage area to access the data needed quickly. RAM affects the speed of a PC or laptop system in running various programs.  To keep up with programs or software that are increasingly developing, the quality of RAM must always be upgraded. This time we will recommend the best DDR4 RAM … Read more

The Best RAM for Gaming – Reviewed & Tested by Gamers

Best RAM for Gaming – Best RAM for Gaming: As temporary data storage, RAM helps lighten the performance of your laptop and PC. Qualified RAM capacity can optimize work when opening software with heavy computing, for example gaming or video editing. You can find lots of good RAM brands, such as G.SKILL, CORSAIR, and V-Gen. Therefore, we will share the best RAM recommendations for gaming. However, we will explain … Read more