Best Anime Games on Android & iPhone Online/Offline Free Play

Best Anime Games – Everything related to anime is interesting, including anime- themed mobile games. Anime games are games adapted from anime, such as Naruto or One PieceGames whose visualization is made in the style of anime are also included in it.

To discuss more about anime games , please read this article till the end. We will discuss how to choose a good anime game for you. There are also ten recommendations for the best anime games on Google Play and the App Store. We also review famous anime games, such as Bleach, One Piece, and Dragon Ball here. 

How to Choose an Anime Themed Game

In choosing anime- themed games, there are three things you need to pay attention to. Please read the following presentation. 

① For those of you who value story and character, consider anime simulators or RPG games

Role playing game (RPG) is one of the game genres that are mostly designed with anime- themed concepts. This type of game requires players to play certain characters or characters in a game. 

Players will be faced with a complex storyline, and must complete quests or missions to raise the level. An example of an anime themed RPG is Love Live! and Azure Lane. Besides that, there is also the Genshin Impact game which is an Open World RPG game. 

② Want to train your hand and eye coordination? Choose an anime action game

Action games require players to have good eye and hand reflexes, as well as precise timing accuracy. This type of game is also usually used as the basis for other types of games. An example is Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game. 

This game is an action game that also involves elements of role playing and open world. Action games are usually also closely related to adventure genre games.  

③ Do you want to enjoy kawaii music and voice overs? Look for rhythm genre anime games

As the name implies, rhythm genre games are games related to rhythm and music. This game can be used to sharpen the sensory abilities of your listeners. The players are usually required to memakan certain buttons according to the existing rhythm. Some examples of anime rhythm games are BanG Dream! Girls Band Party and Ensemble Stars Music.