Best Aquarium Cleaner Tested & Reviewed by Aquascaper

Best Aquarium Cleaner

DaBestDay.comAquarium cleaner is a very important tool, especially for those of you who like to keep fish. By keeping the aquarium clean, your fish will also be healthier and happier. The many models of aquarium cleaners on the market can make it difficult for you to make a choice.

We will share tips on choosing an aquarium cleaner as well as provide good product recommendations for you. You can also find quality aquarium cleaners from SUNSUN or Nikita Star brands. This article has been reviewed by our aquascaper, Alfitrah Hanif Saragih. 

Read this article till the end and find the best aquarium cleaner.

Best Aquarium Cleaner

Collaborating With Experts: How to Choose an Aquarium Cleaner

When buying an aquarium cleaner, you need to check the type, size, and accessories in each purchase package. We will explain it in more detail for you. 

① Select by type

Based on the type, aquarium cleaners are divided into four, namely manual, electric, liquid, and powder. We will briefly describe the characteristics of each type. 

Manual: Can clean in more detail

Manual type aquarium cleaners are usually in the form of magnets or sponges. Cleaning the aquarium manually can reach all the dirty corners. If it’s in the form of a magnet, you just stick the bottom of the magnet into the aquarium and the handle on the outside. Then, all you have to do is move the handle that is on the outside of the aquarium so that the inside moves with it.

Meanwhile, sponge-type aquarium cleaners are box-shaped and usually have a long handle. So, you just rub the sponge to clean the aquarium. Because it is operated by hand, you can adjust the strength of the scrubbing yourself and it’s easier to reach tight areas.

Electricity: More time saving

In contrast to the manual type, this electric aquarium cleaner moves automatically and the process is easier. So, you only need to turn on the engine and direct this tool to the target area to clean the aquarium. You can adjust this electric aquarium cleaner according to your needs.

Generally, this type of electric aquarium cleaner can also be used to drain water at the same time. If you don’t have much time to clean your aquarium, opting for an electric type cleaner is the way to go.