The Best Aquarium Sand – Reviewed & Tested by Aquarist

Best Aquarium Sand – Aquarium sand is one of the substrates in the art of decorating an aquarium or aquascape. Sand serves as a medium for growing plants and purifying water. Sand is also considered as the cheapest medium for decorating an aquarium compared to soil, wood and stone.

In this article, we will explain how to choose good aquarium sand for you. Various types of sand for aquariums, such as Malang sand, Bali sand, and Yamaya sand appear in our recommendations. This article has also been reviewed by our aquarist, Albert Deil. 

Best Aquarium Sand

Aquarium Sand Function

Before choosing aquarium sand, you should know in advance the function of sand in the aquariumSand is one of the foundations of the aquarium or substrate other than soil (soil) and gravelSubstrate is a medium for growing aquatic plants, a place for plants to stick, a provider of nutrients for plants, and a place for root development.

As a medium that is placed at the bottom of the aquarium, sand has the following functions:

  • As a growing medium for aquatic plants
  • As a medium for growing good bacteria
  • In the world of aquascapeaquarium sand serves as a beauty decoration that can beautify the aquarium

For freshwater aquarium needs, you should not choose sea sand. Sea sand contains mineral salts which can cause the death of aquatic plants, even fish. We recommend that you use sand that comes from fresh water or river waters. You can also use lava sand or kinetic sand as your aquarium substrate.

Collaborating With Experts: How to choose Aquarium Sand

There are several things that you should pay attention to before deciding to buy aquarium sand. You should check the character of the color, grain size, and the type of sand that is suitable for your tank. Check out the explanations one by one below, OK!

① Set the color according to the character of the aquarium

Choosing the color of sand for the aquarium is one of the things you should pay attention to. Wrong choice of color will make the aquarium look less pleasing to the eye. In the market, sold various types of sand with a variety of colors. Some of the color choices of aquarium sand are:

  • Black

This color makes the aquarium seem natural with natural soil colors. Sand is also very easy to find in the market. Black sand is usually a type of lava sand because it is taken from cooled lava.