The Best ASUS Motherboard to Build PC Editor and Gaming – Best ASUS Motherboard: As one of the world’s leading computer brands, ASUS has its own uniqueness in every product it creates. There is no doubt about the quality of the ASUS brand, so it is not surprising that this brand has many loyal customers.

Well, this time we will give tips on choosing a good motherboard for you ASUS customers. We will also review recommendations for ASUS motherboards, starting from the ROG series, TUF Gaming, to ProArt. 

For information, this article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla. So, watch and follow the discussion of this article to the end, OK? Happy reading!

Best ASUS Motherboard

Why Choose ASUS Motherboard?

ASUS is one of the world’s leading technology brands . We often find the ASUS brand in every list of recommendations for technology goods. This directly proves that ASUS is a brand that has no doubt about the quality of its products. 

So, what kind of quality does ASUS offer in its motherboards? ASUS has a variety of unique features on its products. One of the features is ASUS Q-Design (Q-Code, Q-DIMM, Q-LED, Q-Connector, and Q-Slot). 

This Q-Design feature is intended to make it easier for you to disassemble components so that no damage occurs. There are also AI features that automatically adjust the condition of your PC components under certain circumstances, such as AI overclocking.

Apart from features, ASUS also has a good product design. This is supported by RGB which makes your mobo even more beautiful. In addition, many ASUS motherboards also have Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 installed

This component has a data transfer speed exceeding USB type -C. The materials used by ASUS in their products are also of good quality and durable.

Collaborating With Experts: How to Choose an ASUS Motherboard

After understanding some of the advantages of ASUS motherboard output, now we will explain some tips on choosing one. We will review it in the following points. Listen to the points carefully, OK!

① Get to know ASUS’s various series of motherboards

ASUS has various series of motherboards based on their intended use. This time we review three series that are popular in the market. Let’s listen!

ROG and TUF: Built for gamers

The ROG (Republic of Gamers) and TUF (The Ultimate Force) Gaming series are series aimed at gamers. Usually this series of motherboards has high specifications so that the performance is optimal for playing games.

A must-have feature for this gaming series is overclockingThis feature supports PC components to work beyond their maximum capacity to make gaming more satisfying

This series is also equipped with AI overclocking which automatically adjusts your system’s overclocking performance.

ProArt: For you content creators

If you are a content creator, ASUS has a special series for you. The ProArt series was created for professionals to make your work time more efficient. ASUS also highlights its superiority in terms of connectivity which aims to increase productivity.

ASUS ProArt series motherboards have many advantages. Some of them are producing optimal performance for rendering, 3D modeling, media production, and animation.

PRIME: Maximizes the potential of your components

The compatible series for all people is the PRIME series. ASUS pays special attention to all-round builders by making this motherboard .

The specifications are not much different from the TUF Gaming series, but the features are adapted for daily users only. Even so, ASUS remains committed to providing mobos that can maximize the capabilities of AMD or Intel components through the PRIME series.

② Pay attention to the chipset type and socket shape of your component

Motherboards have different socket shapes. This socket shape must be matched with the type of processor that you will use. AMD’s newest form of socket is AM4, while Intel is LGA 1200.

The difference between AMD and Intel motherboards lies only in the shape of the socket. The main differentiating factor is the processor used. Therefore, we will review the slight differences between AMD and Intel processors. Check out the points, OK!

Intel: Efficient, but less affordable

Processors made by Intel (Integrated Electronics) have the following advantages.

  • Efficient when overclockingIntel has an advantage in overclocking. This is evidenced by the performance obtained is greater than its competitors. Thus, the overclocking mode becomes more leverage.
  • CPU drivers and software are always updatedIntel’s reputation for its drivers and software is unquestionable. Intel is always responsive to  new software updates. That way, you don’t have to worry about processor compatibility anymore.

Even so, Intel still has one drawback. Prices for Intel products tend to be more expensive than its competitors. This is evident from its overclocking performance. 

You have to spend your money to buy a cooling system so that the temperature inside the components is maintained.

AMD: More productive, but not easy to overclock

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has various advantages in its products which we review as follows.

  • More productive. This is evidenced by the large number of cores, threads and caches that allow AMD to share the workload easily. That way, a job can be completed lightly and can be done simultaneously with other work.
  • Prices are more affordableThe price of AMD products is more affordable than its competitors so it can be an option on a budget. Even though it’s affordable, AMD still guarantees the quality of its products.

One of the drawbacks that we can summarize is its overclocking performance. AMD motherboards can generally overclock, but they don’t perform as well as their competitors

AMD is still suitable as an entry-level PC because the system is not that complex, but the performance is not optimal.

③ Try to choose a large size so that it has more features

Generally there are four types of motherboard sizes, namely mini ITX, micro ATX, ATX, and Extended ATX. The thing that distinguishes one size from another is its capacity. The larger the size of the mobo, the greater its capacity to accommodate components.

The size of the motherboard also affects the size of the casing that can be used. It’s fine to install a small mobo in a large casing. However, this would be a waste because there is a lot of unused space.

④ Consider expansion slots

Expansion slots act as additional slots that can be filled with expansion cards. The most common expansion slot is PCIe ( peripheral component interconnect express ). PCIe functions to add graphics cards, modems, network cards, and sound cards.

PCIe can be distinguished according to its capacity, namely PCIe x16 to PCIe x1. The multiple number indicates the number of lanes in the slot. The more lanes, the faster the data transfer.

⑤ RAM and SATA are also important to know

You also need to consider RAM ( random access memory ) when choosing a motherboardUsually motherboard performance is affected by RAM capacity and speed. 

The number in MHz units on the RAM speed indicates the speed of reading and writing data in one cycle.

Meanwhile, the RAM capacity in GB indicates the amount of temporary data that can be accommodated. Therefore, choose a motherboard that supports the capacity and speed of your RAM.

SATA ( serial advanced technology attachment ) is a slot that is used as a place to install storage and optical drives. Storing data, media, or games requires a large storage capacity. 

Therefore, if you plan to install a lot of hard drives, you should choose a motherboard with a lot of SATA slots.

⑥ Also consider the quality of VRM

If you are a gamer who wants a motherboard with good overclocking quality, you also need to consider VRM quality. VRM ( voltage regulator module ) is the component that has the power to regulate the CPU voltage power.

When overclocking, the system will require a larger power supply so that the VRM must work extra to provide this power. A good VRM will keep your system’s electricity stable to avoid damage.

Best ASUS Motherboard Ranking

The following are the most popular and best ASUS Motherboard. The products and services in the article are ranked independently by our Editorial Team based on their popularity in the marketplace.


If you are looking for a micro ATX mobo at low prices, this mobo is the answer. The price is not up to one million rupiah! The quality is sufficient for a standard gaming system. The quality of this mobo VRM is also very good for overclocking

In addition, this product is equipped with an overvoltage protection feature which is very useful if the voltage in your home is unstable. 

However, some of the components of this product are not as good as gaming mobos  in general. This is evident in the RAM which can only be installed up to 64 GB.


Motherboards with this relatively new chipset are compatible with Ryzen Zen 3. The quality of this chipset almost rivals the X570 at a lower price. When paired with the Ryzen 5000 series, these motherboards can support PCIe 4.0 installation. 

The quality of this motherboard’s VRM is good, namely Digi+. Digi+ supports your system’s convenience for overclocking. In addition, there is an AI noise canceling microphone feature that makes your recording sound clearer and smoother.


This PRIME series micro ATX mobo has a very cheap price. Even though it’s cheap, this motherboard from ASUS already provides basic needs for gamers. 

There are 2 solid RAM and VRM DIMM slots to guarantee system overclocking performance. There are also AURA RGB headers that make your system even more beautiful.

4. ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

If you plan to build a system based on AMD, you should consider this mobo from ASUS ROG. This mobo has 8 SATA slots with a speed of 6 GB/s. Coupled with the performance of its 16 phases VRM which reaches 90A, overclocking mode becomes more controllable.

This ASUS product also has a BIOS Flashback button. In addition, the connectivity of this product is good because it is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

As a control, ASUS also provides voltage monitoring that is connected directly to the system. So, notifications will appear immediately on your monitor screen. The performance is worth the price, right?


In the best mobo category for Intel, we recommend this ROG product. This Mobo has a quality VRM that is equipped with AI features. The cooling system is also equipped with AI so that it guarantees the temperature level in the system. 

This Mobo also has complete connectivity, namely Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), Bluetooth v5.1, and Thunderbolt.

6. ASUS ProArt B550-Creator

If you are a creative professional, this is the best ASUS motherboard for you! This motherboard offers a Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation feature which functions to smooth audio quality when communicating online. 

There is also a ProArt Creator Hub as a control system. This Mobo is equipped with powerful I/O, one of which is dual Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports. The features offered can certainly help you create content.


You don’t need to worry if you have a limited budget to buy a sophisticated motherboard because ASUS provides a solution for you. 

This ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E GAMING product is set at a low price, starting from just 4.7 million! At that price, you can already have the latest chipset in a feature-rich mobo. Very interesting, isn’t it?

8. ASUS ProArt Z490 CREATOR 10G

ASUS ProArt, which is aimed at creators, has a calm design with mostly dark colors. However, don’t be fooled by the design! Even though it looks calm, this mobo still shows a powerful performance. 

One of its strong features is AI Overclocking which automatically tunes your system when overclocking. Performance is not very calm, huh? This product is also equipped with the Crystal Sound 3 feature which can reduce noise. 

In addition, this feature can drive high-power headphones without affecting sound quality. This feature is useful for content creators who need detailed sound quality to manage their audio content. 


Simple and to the point is a suitable characteristic to describe this mini ITX motherboard. There is only one expansion slot for this product, which makes this mobo very space-saving.

The RAM slots are only 2 DIMM slots . Although small and simple, this product is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Complete connectivity is also supported by installing Thunderbolt 4 on the I/O ports on the back. 

Not only that, this product is also equipped with AI cooling and AI networking which makes work more efficient. There is also the AIDA64 application with a 60-day subscription package that you can use to test PC hardware. 


This PRIME series product is intended for all groups. Gamerscontent creators, and professionals can use this product. The performance is fine for media production, but not bad for gaming either

Its large size allows this mobo to be upgraded according to your wishes. So, for all-rounders, this product is for you!


ASUS motherboards with all their uniqueness provide an experience that is different from other brands. Maximize the experience by choosing the right motherboard according to your interests.

Make sure the selected mobo matches the components in your list , okay! Also consider the features and size. The most important thing is to match the motherboard with your processor. Happy choosing a motherboard!

5 Best ASUS Motherboards Recommendation

  1. ASUS |PRIME A320M-K
  2. ASUS |TUF GAMING B550M-Plus
  3. ASUS |PRIME H510M-A
  4. ASUS |ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

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