Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – Reviewed by Sound Engineers – The Bluetooth audio transmitter is the solution for those of you who value sound quality. When you want to enjoy the sound from your TV or PC via Bluetooth headphones or speakers, the product can help. 

So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy a wireless audio device. However, product specifications vary. There are also products that can be used as receivers. Therefore, we will share how to choose the best Bluetooth audio transmitter for you. 

We’ve also prepared product recommendations from great brands, such as Anker, FiiO, and others. This article has also been reviewed by our sound engineer, Dennis Novriandi.

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

What is the Function of the Bluetooth Audio Transmitter?

TVs or PCs that do not support Bluetooth can be connected to wireless devices with a Bluetooth audio transmitterThe product converts wired audio signals to wireless. That signal will be read by your wireless device. 

In short, your device is given the ability to transmit Bluetooth signals. The form of Bluetooth audio transmitter varies, from a dongle to one equipped with a battery. So, the compatibility is different. Some use cables, some are plug & play

However, basically the working principle of each product is the same. You only need to connect it to the device that is used as the audio input

Product specifications also vary. Each product is equipped with a different Bluetooth version and codec type. 

So, not all of them are compatible with your device, even though the products can improve the experience of listening to music to watching movies, you know. Therefore, we will help you find the right product.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

It’s easier to choose a product when you already understand the specifications. In the following, we will break down the points one by one for you. Listen carefully, yes.

① Select the product according to the usage situation

The best product can be determined from your needs in daily activities. Therefore, make sure whether the product offers the functions you need.

For use at home, choose a connection distance of 10 meters and above

When used at home, we recommend the product with a connection distance of at least 10 meters. The product is intended to allow your sound-producing devices to be connected remotely. 

Therefore, a short connection distance will eliminate the essence of a Bluetooth audio transmitter. Bluetooth version 5.0 has a long range of up to 400 meters and a max range of 1,000 meters in open spaces. 

Connection distance can affect ease of use. Choose a product with a long connection distance if you want to connect it to the TV in the living room

Thus, you can still enjoy the audio when pacing around the house. On the other hand, outdoor use does not require a long connection distance.

For use by two people, select the number of connections that support it

If you want to enjoy music or movies with other people, choose one that can connect to two headphones at the same time. That way, you can watch movies or play games with friends or family quietly at night. 

Bluetooth version 5.0 allows users to pair two devices at the same time. However, not all manufacturers provide this feature.

② Customize its Bluetooth profile with your device

Basically, Bluetooth audio transmitters use the A2DP and AVCRP profiles. If you only want to send audio, A2DP is sufficient. Instead, you need AVCRP support to change the connected device with the remote control.

Bluetooth audio devices can only communicate with devices with the same profile. Keep in mind, you will not be able to connect devices when different supported profiles.

③ Know your preferred product codec type

If you care about audio quality or want to get the most out of games and movies, check the product’s codec type. There are several types that you need to understand first to get the maximum audio experience.

SBC, for all types of devices

Standard audio quality from SBC can be selected if you don’t prioritize sound quality. SBC is the most common codec type for Bluetooth audio devices. Thus, you can still enjoy audio on all types of devices. 

Even so, there is a possibility that the picture and sound are out of sync because there is a 220 millisecond delay

Also, this codec is not suitable for listening to high quality audio because the priority is transfer speed. So, you should not use this type to watch TV or movies.

aptX, for Android users and devices with high quality audio

This type of codec is recommended for high-quality Android or audio-video devices. The aptX delay is only 70 milliseconds. The compression ratio is also low. Thus, you can enjoy the same audio quality as a CD, even when using Bluetooth. 

Those of you who prioritize audio quality will be satisfied with the sound produced by this type. You can also choose aptX HD to get clearer audio quality.

aptx LL, for playing games and watching movies

Delays between video and audio are commonplace in wireless ecosystems. Well, if you want to keep things to a minimum, we recommend aptX LL. 

 The aptX LL type codec offers the lowest delay, which is only 40 milliseconds. The sound quality is close to CD level. So you can enjoy the picture and sound to the fullest. You really need these specifications to play games.

④ Make sure the Bluetooth version of the product is compatible

If you want to maximize the performance of the Bluetooth audio transmitter, make sure your devices have the same Bluetooth version. For example, a product with Bluetooth version 3.0 is recommended if your device supports that version.

Currently the products on the market support various Bluetooth versions, from 1.1 to 5.0. Each version has its own characteristics. There are products with advantages in terms of power consumption, there are also products with a high level of security. 

So, make sure you check the version to maximize the performance of each product. Please note, every product will be compatible with lower Bluetooth versions as long as the prefix is ​​the sameSo, version 4.2 is compatible with 4.0

What if there are version differences between devices? Products with the “ Bluetooth SMART READY ” logo can generally connect with older versions.

⑤ Pay attention to the output offered by the product

If sound quality is your concern, make sure the product is equipped with an output that is compatible with your device. Please note, there are differences in the sound quality produced by products with AUX, RCA, and optical outputs.

Its products don’t always just plug into TVs, but other devices as well. If your device has an optical cable input, make sure the product of your choice offers the same output.

⑥ Understand the difference between receiver and transmitter

The Bluetooth audio transmitter is a product that is easily interchangeable with a receiver. There are still many people who confuse the difference between the two. 

You certainly don’t want to bother buying a new one because you have already chosen a receiver, do you?

The product you need is affected by what device you want to add Bluetooth support to. For example, receivers are used for audio output devices such as speakers and headphones

Meanwhile, the transmitter provides Bluetooth support for devices used as input, for example TVs and PCs.

Please note, there are products that can be used as transmitters and receivers. However, the specifications may differ when used in certain modes. So, double-check the completeness of the specifications to match the mode you need.

10 Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Bluetooth audio transmitter products that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Ugreen Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter

Give your PC the ability to transmit Bluetooth signals with this handy product. Ugreen Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter is just a dongle that you can always connect to your PC. 

Not only for Bluetooth audio devices, this product can also be connected to other wireless devices.

Controllerskeyboardsmice, to printers, all of which can be connected to this product. Very practical product, right? For information, this transmitter is only compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista operating systems.

2. Kebidu 2-in-1 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver KN320

Despite its small size, this product offers great functionality. This Kebidu product can be a transmitter or receiver. Given its small size, it should be taken into account. You don’t need a special place to apply it.

This product is suitable for those of you who are looking for an economical transmitter because the price is very pocket-friendly. 

For information, this product emits a red LED in transmitter mode. Meanwhile, the blue LED will light up in receiver mode.

3. Anchor Soundsync A3341

While enjoying a movie or playing a game, suddenly the Bluetooth connection drops because the transmitter power runs out? The taste is certainly not pleasant, right? Avoid those issues with this product. 

Anker Soundsync A3341 is equipped with a battery with a power of 20 hours of use. So, you don’t have to worry about the Bluetooth connection being lost when using it for a long time. For information, the power lasts for 17 hours of use in receiver mode.

4. PX BRX-3600 Audio Transmitter Bluetooth Receiver

Looking for a remote transmitter to support large indoor events? This product will be the solution for you. 

With a connection distance of up to 100 meters, you don’t need to be close to your audio device. This product is flexible for all types of cables with various compatibility.

You don’t need to worry about its power because this product’s battery can last up to 15 hours. You can still use it as long as the product is charged. It can be used at home too, you know. This product supports multiple codecs and can connect with two devices.

5. GuliKit Water Routes

Nintendo Switch users may have a hard time finding the right transmitter. If you are one of them, this product is the answer. GuliKit Route Air is specifically designed to follow the body of the Nintendo Switch. 

You will not feel bothered at all when using this product. The height is only 5 mm when connected to your device.

The Nintendo Switch does have Bluetooth, but it can only connect with one headset and one Joy-Con. 

Now, with this product, you can connect it to two headsets at once plus eight controllers or four Joy-Cons! Playing games anytime with friends will not be a problem.

6. Flang Transmitter & Receiver Bluetooth Adapter GS2

If you are not looking for a transmitter with a conventional design, this product is the choice. The GS2 flanges can also be receivers. The product will look sweet when you use it. Moreover, this product has a choice of colors. 

You can choose a color that matches the audio device used. This product is equipped with a clip on, you know. Thus, you will have no trouble when using it while on the move. When used as a transmitter, it doesn’t need a lot of space. 

The power of this product only lasts 4 hours, but you only need to charge it for 30 minutes so that it can be full again.

7. RHA Bluetooth Adapter

This product will be the perfect companion for those of you who fly a lot for various purposes. This is because the RHA Bluetooth Adapter is specifically designed to be easily connected to a TV on an airplane. 

Just connect this product, then you don’t have to bother adjusting its position anymore. Power that can last up to 16 hours allows you to enjoy entertainment in peace throughout the trip. You can even still enjoy the audio when you need to go to the restroom.

8. MPOW Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver BH390B

You need a transmitter that remains simple when used as a receiver? This product is the answer. MPOW BH390B has a compact design so it won’t be difficult for you to use it as a receiver for headphones. Even if you use it while doing activities, it won’t burden you.

The price is also quite friendly for the features offered. This product is equipped with a battery so you can take it on the go. So, those of you who still want to save a budget while enjoying a variety of features can choose this product.

9. Fiio BTA30

Those of you who use Sony audio devices should not miss this product. The FiiO BTA30 features the LDAC codec specially developed by Sony. 

This Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified codec supports 24 bit/96 kHz sampling rate. So, you can enjoy high-resolution wireless audio quality.

Not only that the specialty of this product, you know. Apart from being a receiver, this transmitter can be used as a DAC. So you can get high quality audio from various devices. You can even manage this product through an application from a smartphone.

10. Avantree Audikast Plus

One of the issues with the Bluetooth audio signal is low volume. Those of you who like depth of sound may not be able to enjoy it. However, you don’t need to experience this with this product. 

Avantree Audikast Plus is equipped with a button that can increase the sound volume to a higher level! Enjoying movies or playing games with this product with other people will also be satisfying. 

The aptX LL codec in this product can be enjoyed via two different devices at the same time. Please note, because it does not include a battery, this product must be continuously connected with a USB cable to work.


Have you found a Bluetooth audio transmitter that fits your needs? Don’t let the product of your choice not be compatible with your device. For that, you need to check the specifications, including the Bluetooth version and output type.

You can choose the product codec type if you prioritize audio quality. Also check the functionality so that it can be adapted to your habits. 

Definitely don’t get confused with the receiver, OK? Besides satisfying the sound quality, the Bluetooth audio transmitter will make your daily activities easier!

5 Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Recommendations

  1. Ugreen |Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter
  2. Kebidu |2-in-1 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver |KN320
  3. Anker |Soundsync |A3341
  4. PX |Bluetooth Transmitter Audio Receiver |BRX-3600
  5. GuliKit |Air Route

Other recomendations: