The Best Bluetooth Keyboards (Wireless) Reviewed & Tested – Bluetooth keyboards, also known as wireless keyboard, helps the typing process to be more efficient. Bluetooth keyboards are becoming popular due to their portability and practicality. 

In addition to laptops or computers, you can also use this tool on smartphones and tablets. In the market, there are many brands of Bluetooth keyboards, such as from Logitech, Microsoft, and Fantech.

We will provide information on important points in choosing a Bluetooth keyboard. We will also review recommendations for the ten best Bluetooth keyboard products. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Let’s find a good Bluetooth keyboard for you!

Best Bluetooth Keyboards

Get to Know Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth keyboard is one type of wireless keyboardsThis keyboard is connected to the device using a Bluetooth connection. Although both include a wireless keyboard, the Bluetooth keyboard is different from the 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboards use radio waves and require a USB receiver to work.

Bluetooth keyboard, practical for Android, iPad and all gadgets

Bluetooth technology is a standard system that is widely used by gadget makers for wireless devices. This technology was developed by a Swedish telecommunications company, Ericsson, to connect various types of wireless equipment. That way, Bluetooth-compatible devices can be connected even if they come from different manufacturers.

For example, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard with an Android smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet or iPad. You can also connect it to a smart TV or game console. Because it is compatible with various gadgets, you can use your favorite keyboard for various purposes.

Connection on the Bluetooth keyboard

Apart from Bluetooth keyboards, there are also wireless keyboards which can be used by inserting a receiver terminal into the USB slot. The connection can only be used on one device connected to the receiver. In addition, the connection range is shorter than that of a Bluetooth keyboard, which is only about 2–3 meters.

Meanwhile, a Bluetooth keyboard requires connection (pairing) settings with the device to be connected. Thus, the keyboard can be used immediately after connecting the receiver. If you only use it on one devicekeyboard types that require a receiver are suitable for use.

Collaborating with experts: How to choose a Bluetooth keyboard

Before buying, you need to pay attention to important points when choosing a Bluetooth keyboard. Apart from the shape and size, the performance and comfort of the keyboard are also important things to note. Come on, see our tips on choosing a Bluetooth keyboard below.

① Adjust the shape and size of the keyboard according to your needs

The first thing to consider when choosing a Bluetooth keyboard is the size of the unit. This is because a keyboard with a certain size is easier to type on. For example, a large keyboard is easy to use, but not portable, which makes it suitable for on-site use. On the other hand, a small keyboard is easy to carry around.

If you want a keyboard that is easy to use and portable, choose a keyboard that folds or rolls. However, keyboards like these are usually hard to press and don’t last very long. In addition, the comparison between the satisfaction level of use and product prices is relatively low.

In addition, make sure you check the power source of the Bluetooth keyboard that you will choose. Typically, Bluetooth keyboards use AAA batteries or built-in rechargeable batteries. Please specify based on your preferences.

② Choose a keyboard key that is comfortable to press

In addition to the overall dimensions of the keyboard, you also need to pay attention to the size of the key pitch and key stroke.

  • Key pitches

Key pitch is the distance from the center of one key to the center of the next keyKey pitch is generally around 19mm. Keyboards that havestandard key pitch are usually called full-size keyboards.

If the key pitch is small, the buttons will be tightly packed and close together, making the operation feel tight. If you have large hands, it is recommended to choose a keyboard that is close to full-size.

  • Keystrokes

Key stroke is a measure of the depth of the keyboard (actuation distance) when pressed, generally around 3 mm. The deeper the key stroke, the harder you need to press it. This can usually reduce the incidence of typing errors. Conversely, a shallow key stroke is usually better suited for high-speed input.

The best way to choose one is to try it for yourself. However, you can also check the specifications printed on the product. The shallow key stroke has an actuation distance of 1–2 mm. Meanwhile, the deep key stroke has an actuation distance of 3–4 mm. However, not many sellers include this key pitch and key stroke description.

③ Pay attention to the type of button mechanism

The keyboard has four types of key mechanisms that determine the response of the keys when used for typing. Let’s look at the explanation below, then choose based on your needs.

Membrane type, the price is affordable and widely used

The production cost of membrane type keyboards is relatively low. In addition, the structure is simple so that it is used quite often. When the button is pressed, the rubber cup-shaped part bends. That way, the contact sheets touch each other and detect the input (input).

If you press it where it is not curved, sometimes the keyboard cannot detect the received input. However, the cost of replacing damaged keys because they don’t bounce back (wear out) on this keyboard is relatively cheaper.

Pantograph type, the shape is thin and light

The pantograph type is similar to the membrane type, but the support button structure is “X” shaped so that the force transmission is more even. The shape can be thinner than the membrane type and is often used on computers or laptops.

This type is recommended for women because it requires little force when typing and the keys are very sensitive. However, because of its thin shape, this type of keyboard is less durable and the rubber wears out easily. Unfortunately, pantograph keyboards are rarely found in Indonesian e-commerce.

Mechanical type, for durable use

On a mechanical type keyboard, each key has a mechanical switch and a metal spring. The keyboard features a unique click and keystroke sound when you press the mechanical switches.

The metal springs are more durable than rubber and are suitable for heavy -duty applications. However, this type is not recommended for those of you who are looking for an economical keyboard because the price is quite expensive.

Contactless type, suitable for professionals

This type works when the metal parts inside the button move closer to each other to detect input. Because the switch parts are not in direct contact, this type of keyboard will not experience wear and tear.

The part that causes the repulsion is a combination of rubber cups and springs that have reliable durability. Therefore, the contactless type is suitable for professionals who spend hours typing every day. This type is usually used on keyboards that are very expensive.

④ Check availability of multipairing and switching features

One of the advantages of a Bluetooth keyboard is that it can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible device. However, the settings when you want to connect it from one device to another may be a pain. Well, to solve this, check the availability of multipairing and switching features.

  • The multipairing feature allows you to store setup information for multiple gadget connections on a single keyboard.
  • The switching feature allows you to change the destination of the keyboard connection at the touch of a button.

That way, you can switch the destination of your keyboard connection from one device to another easily. That’s why we recommend that you choose a keyboard that has multipairing and switching features.

⑤ Ensure keyboard compatibility with the operating system used

The last thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a Bluetooth keyboard is the compatibility of the operating system. Choose a product that is compatible with the operating system on the device or gadget you are using.

The latest models of Bluetooth keyboards are usually compatible with most operating systems. The majority of Bluetooth connections are compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and other operating systems.

The 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards Recommendation

Next, we will recommend the ten best Bluetooth keyboards products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Giime 10 Inch Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard from Giime is perfect for accompanying you on the move. In addition to its compact size, it weighs only 300 grams. So, you won’t feel bothered if you have to carry it everywhere. The price is relatively affordable so you can buy it right away when you suddenly need to bring a keyboard to get work done on the go.


  • Compact design and light weight making it easy to travel with
  • Relatively affordable price


  • The build quality is not that good and not very sturdy
  • The Bluetooth range is quite short

2. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

The K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard is a multi-platform and cross-platform keyboard you can rely on. This product is suitable for those of you who have many devices with different operating systems. This keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Therefore, you can switch devices easily by simply turning the knob on the left side of the keyboard. The Bluetooth connection on this keyboard can also reach up to 10 meters.


  • Keyboard with high compatibility
  • Multipairing of up to three different devices
  • There is a knob to switch devices easily


  • The build quality is not that good for a keyboard in its class

3. Robot Portable Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard KB10

This minimalist keyboard from Robot is designed with round keys to support a cool appearance and comfortable use. You can choose a feminine pink variant or a neutral bCons color. This product is also equipped with an integrated stand to support the device used.

Well, for those of you who often type using a tablet or smartphone, this product will be very useful. Your tablet or smartphone will be at the right angle for easy reading while typing.


  • Has an integrated stand for a tablet or smartphone
  • Dual connection, namely Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless


  • The button is not so silent

4. Philips Bluetooth Keyboard + Wireless Multi-Device K624 SPK6224

Do you like to work while listening to music? If so, this Philips keyboard is for you. This product has easy shortcut keys to control media playback. You can adjust the volume, change music, pause and play music with just one tap. Working also becomes more enthusiastic with the ease of media control on the keyboard.


  • Has shortcut keys for easy media control
  • Multipairing of up to three different devices
  • Dual connection, namely Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless


  • Has no backlight for typing in low light

5. Logitech Pop Keys

For those of you who often surf social media or chat on the internet, you need to try this keyboard. Logitech Pop Keys have a unique emoji button on the right side of the keyboard

You can add emojis instantly by pressing the dedicated button while chatting. There are eight choices of emoji that can be replaced and installed. What’s more, you can also set the emoji you want using the Logitech Options application.


  • Has emoji button for instant emoji typing
  • Using mechanical keys with a typewriter-like design
  • Long lasting battery up to three years


  • Not equipped with a backlit lamp for typing in low light rooms
  • Not recommended for gaming due to poor latency

6. Altec Lansing ALBK6268 Wireless/Bluetooth Dual Mode Keyboard

This product from Altec Lansing is suitable for those of you who are often bothered by loud button sounds. This keyboard has keys that are fairly quiet and don’t make too much sound.

Typing becomes quieter and you don’t have to worry about disturbing your surroundings. In terms of connectivity, this keyboard has a dual connection using Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless. You can also connect up to three different devices.


  • Dual connection, namely Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless
  • There is a stand holder for a smartphone or tablet


  • Not so silent space key
  •  The rather low typing angle makes your hands tired quickly

7. Hall Keyboard QQ 300 Series QK300

The QQ 300 Series keyboard comes in three colorful color choices, namely yellowpink and blue. All options are designed with a combination of colorful and soft keycaps. Therefore, this keyboard is suitable for those of you who want a feminine themed desk setup.

In addition, this keyboard is also equipped with an automatic power saving feature. This feature allows the keyboard to automatically go into sleep mode when it is not used for 10 minutes.


  • There are three colorful and stylish color choices
  • Has an automatic power saving feature


  • Still using Bluetooth 3.0
  • The sales package is not equipped with cables and chargers
  • The charging connector uses an older version of the micro-USB connector

8. Fantech MAXFIT67 Modular Mechanical Keyboard

Looking for a gaming keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity and RGB lighting? This product is the answer. MAXFIT67 Modular Mechanical Keyboard has three connection modes at once. You can connect devices with 2.4 Ghz wireless, Bluetooth, and wired connections.

This keyboard can easily connect and pair up to five devices. In addition, this product made by Fantech is also equipped with an adjustable RGB backlit lamp. Playing games is even more fun!


  • Gaming Bluetooth keyboard with RGB lighting
  • Has three types of connection
  • It has a multi-function knob for adjusting volume and macro functions


  • Keycaps are a bit blurry and not easy to read

9. Dux Ducis Keyboard with Protective Case for iPad Air 4 / 5 / iPad Pro 11

We recommend this keyboard for those of you who have an iPad. This keyboard by Dux Ducis is compatible with iPad 4, iPad 5, and iPad Pro 11 (2018, 2020, 2021). This product is also equipped with a protective shell in the form of a flip cover with anti-scratch and dirty-resistant materials.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the keyboard is equipped with a magnet that can be attached to the case. That way, you can plug in or unplug it easily.


  • Equipped with a flip cover for iPad protection
  • Has a dedicated iPad shortcut key
  • Adjustable screen viewing angle


  • Only suitable and recommended for iPad
  • According to some reviews, the Bluetooth connection sometimes turns off
  • Some users say the back support comes off easily

10. Microsoft Desktop Bluetooth Designer

If you want a product with a complete package, namely the keyboard and mouse at the same time, this product is the choice. In the sales package, you will get a slim full -size keyboard and a comfortable mouse.

That way, you don’t have to bother looking for additional devices to pair with your keyboard. The battery life of these two devices is also quite reliable. Each can last up to 12 months for the keyboard and 6 months for the mouse.


  • The complete sales package includes a mouse
  • Modern, sleek, and minimalistic keyboard design


  • The dimensions are large so it is less portable

How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Laptop or PC

Some people may find it difficult to connect the Bluetooth keyboard because it requires pairing first when using it for the first time. Here are the steps to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a laptop or PC.

  • Make sure the keyboard is ready to be paired. Usually, this is indicated by a blinking indicator light on the keyboard. You can long press the reset or pairing button on the keyboard to initiate it.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device, then search for Bluetooth keyboard. Then, connect and pair the device to the keyboard. At this step, you will be asked for a pairing code for the verification process, then enter the code.
  • The indicator light will stop flashing after the keyboard is successfully connected. Bluetooth keyboard is ready to use.


Keyboard is a computer accessory that can help you in your typing work or playing games. After listening to how to choose and product recommendations for Bluetooth keyboards, have you decided which product to buy?

Instead of just choosing a keyboard at a low price, you should ensure the efficiency and comfort of the keyboard you buy. Also make sure the Bluetooth keyboard you choose suits your preferences and needs.

5 Best Bluetooth Keyboard Recommendations

  • Gime |10 Inch Portable Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Logitech |K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard
  • Robot |Portable Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard |KB10
  • Philips |Bluetooth Keyboard + Wireless Multi-Device K624 |SPK6224
  • Logitech |Pop Keys

Other recomendations: