The Best Curved Monitor to Enhance Your Gaming Experience!

Best Curved Monitor

Because of these characteristics, this type of panel is recommended for content creators and designers. You will be spoiled with colorful graphics and visuals. In addition, the IPS panel offers an exciting gaming sensation.

However, the IPS panel is not suitable for pro-gamers who need high refresh ratesThis panel is more suitable for intermediate users who need a good color display, but can be used to play games. If you can tolerate minor problems, the IPS panel will provide a more real gaming sensation.

VA, a deep bCons with a higher contrast ratio

Vertical alignment (VA) is the most widely used panel type on curved monitors. The VA panel type has a good contrast ratio so it offers good bConss too.

In addition, the VA panel has a pretty good view angle and color, even though it’s still under IPS. This type of panel is also capable of using a high refresh rate. Because of that, VA panels are liked by gamers who play games with various genres.

④ Know the input terminal attached to the monitor

Although it is additional, check the type and number of input ports on the monitor. Usually the main connector port that is often used is the port on the CPU. However, the connector ports on the monitor will help when you use other devices.

In general, monitors are equipped with HDMI ports, DisplayPort, USB-C, and audio jacks. There are also some products that have a USB port. If you frequently use HDMI and DisplayPort, it’s a good idea to check and choose the latest version of the port. So, you can play videos with high resolution.

⑤ See also other features that protect your eyes

When choosing a monitor, you also need to pay attention to features that protect your eyes. So, you can stay focused and your eyes stay healthy even if you look at the screen for a long time.

Flicker-free, reducing monitor screen flicker

Usually LCD monitors flicker very quickly. In 1 second, the monitor blinks 250 times so that it is not visible directly to the eye. If you look at the monitor for 8 hours, your eyes see about 5.8 million flickers. High levels of flicker exposure will have a serious impact on eye health. Eyes will get tired quickly and your performance will decrease.