The Best DDR4 RAM – Reviewed by Gaming Content Creator – Best DDR4 RAMRandom access memory (RAM) functions as a temporary storage area to access the data needed quickly. RAM affects the speed of a PC or laptop system in running various programs. 

To keep up with programs or software that are increasingly developing, the quality of RAM must always be upgraded. This time we will recommend the best DDR4 RAM brands, such as Kingston and Corsair. 

You can find products with capacities of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB with frequencies up to 3,200 MHz. Previously, we will explain how to choose good DDR4 RAM. This article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla.


What’s The Difference Between DDR4 RAM and DDR3?

In general, the difference between the DDR4 and DDR3 RAM versions lies in their quality. DDR4 has an upgraded quality from the DDR3 version. This is evident in the advantages of DDR4 performance as follows.

  • The capacity is bigger. DDR4 has a capacity of 4 to 16 GB per chip, in contrast to DDR3 which has a capacity of 512 MB to 8 GB per chip.
  • Faster data processing capabilities. DDR4 can process data from 2133 to 4800 MHz. This is much faster than the previous version which was only able to process data with a maximum speed of 2,133 MHz.
  • Lower power. DDR3 has a power supply voltage of between 1.35 and 1.5 volts. This point is upgraded by DDR4 so that the average voltage is 1.2 volts. Thus, the electric power consumed is lower.

Next, how about the price? Judging from the quality offered, it’s only natural that DDR4 has a higher price than DDR3. However, the cost is well worth it considering that high-end PC and laptop motherboards are also generally compatible with DDR4. Because of that, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little deeper to buy sophisticated DDR4.

Collaborating with experts: How to choose DDR4 RAM

After you understand the quality, now we will explain how to choose DDR4 RAM that is right for you. Listen and note the points, ok!

① Select RAM according to your device type

RAM is the device that you will install on the motherboard. Well, desktop PCs and laptops have different types of motherboards. The difference lies in the number of pins provided by the motherboard. For that, you have to choose the type of RAM that fits the following needs.

  • RAM SO-DIMM: RAM small outline dual inline memory module DDR4 has 260 pins and is commonly used on laptops or notebooks
  • RAM DIMM: DDR4 RAM dual inline memory module has a pin count of 288 which is commonly used on desktop PCs

SO-DIMM RAM cannot be installed on motherboards that support RAM DIMMs because the number of pins is different, and vice versa. Therefore, check your RAM type again based on the device used.

② Make sure your RAM speed is compatible with the motherboard

Once you can differentiate SO-DIMMs and DIMMs, consider motherboard compatibility with the RAM to choose. Usually modern motherboards are definitely compatible with DDR4 RAM capacities. However, you need to further research its compatibility with RAM speed.

RAM frequency, in order to determine the speed of work

The RAM frequency determines its speed in processing data (read and write data) at each clock cycles per second. The size is rated in MHz units. The bigger the number, the more cycles that can be processed in 1 second. Your computer will also work faster.

For normal use, RAM with a speed of 2,400 MHz is sufficient. If you plan to do overclocking, choose RAM with a frequency of more than 2400 MHz. Some RAM from Intel offers easy overclocking with the XMP Profile feature. This feature is useful in automatically configuring your device. Unfortunately this feature is rarely compatible with AMD motherboards.

CAS Latency, assesses how long RAM takes to process commands

Column access strobe (CAS) latency or CL is the delay time needed by RAM from receiving to executing a command. RAM with low frequency and high CL can work faster. The results have been proven when these components are compared with high-frequency RAM that has a low CL.

③ Adjust the RAM capacity according to your needs

Lastly, you need to adapt the RAM capacity to your intended use of the system. We will briefly describe the three ideal usage goals according to RAM capacity.

  • 4GB of RAM for daily use

DDR4 with a capacity of 4 GB is suitable for systems used for daily useThis capacity is large enough and comfortable to run standard programs with maximum performance.

  • 8GB RAM for gaming or editing

DDR4 at 8 GB is perfect for systems that run heavier programs, such as gaming. Judging from the price and quality that is not excessive, 8 GB RAM is the sweet spot for gaming at this time.

  • 16 GB RAM for future use

DDR4 16 GB definitely has the quality of being overpowered so it’s smooth to run any program at this time. This capacity will still be relevant for some time to come along with the growing needs of the system to run more updated programs.

Best DDR4 RAM Rating

The following are the most popular DDR4 RAM. The products and services in the article are sorted independently by the Dogzily Editorial Team based on their popularity in the marketplace. 

1. Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 8GB 2666MHz

This DDR4 RAM is just right for those of you who don’t want to bother overclocking a PC. Kingston HyperX Fury features Plug N Play. This feature allows RAM to do auto-overclocking to reach maximum speed. 

This feature is supported by XMP Profile 2.0 which can also activate overclocking mode. That way, you can more easily do overclocking.


  • The overclock runs automatically thanks to the Plug N Play feature


  • There is no RGB feature so it is not suitable for PC gaming

2. TeamGroup Delta RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory

Usually RAM is in the form of a box. Different from the others, this Team Group product is given a unique curved design. This 16 GB 3,200 MHz DDR4 RAM has a dashing and cool impression with RGB features. 

ASUS brand PC users can even change the color through the ASUS Aura Sync application. It’s no wonder that this product is one of the best DDR4 RAMs to make your PC look even cooler.


  • RGB can be adjusted with the default ASUS Aura Sync software


  • Its performance is less competitive than other RAM Team Groups because the timing is standard

3. KLEVV DDR4 U-DIMM Standard Memory

You need the best PC RAM recommendations for beginners? If so, this RAM can be selected. This KLEVV product is made with SK Hynix Chip which can automatically manage RAM. 

You don’t have to bother installing RAM and fiddling with your PC. Not only that, the chip has high performance and is stable for use on various PCs. This 4GB DDR4 RAM can be owned by beginners who just want to build a PC.


  • Has automatic settings so you don’t have to bother installing and managing RAM


  • Does not support XMP features

4. Corsair VENGEANCE LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Memory Kit CMK16GX4M2A2666C16

H370 and B360 chipset owners will find it difficult to overclock because these processors do not support RAM above DDR4-2666. However, you don’t need to worry because Corsair provides a way out. You can still use high-performance 2,666 MHz RAM with the presence of this product. So, you don’t need to bother changing your chipset.


  • Can be used motherboards with old chipsets


  • There is no second XMP for DDR4-2400 motherboards 

5. Lexar DDR4-3200/2666 SODIMM LD4AS008G-R3200GSST

If you are looking for one of the best laptop 8GB DDR4 RAM, this product can be considered. This Lexar product is claimed to be able to improve laptop performance so you can do multitasking easily.

In addition, this 8 GB 3,200 MHz DDR RAM offers simple installation. You can easily install it on a laptop. So, you don’t have to bother disassembling all the components. It’s no wonder that this product is one of the best DDR4 RAM for laptops.


  • High performance for those who often multitask on laptops


  • Can only work at certain temperatures so it requires good air circulation


You like to play games for a long time? If so, this 16GB 3,200 MHz DDR4 RAM can be relied upon. As one of the best RAM brands, ADATA offers products with thick metal heatsinks. 

This makes the construction strong, strong and durable. This product is suitable if you want RAM that can be used for a long time. This RAM also has an elegant body and looks luxurious.


  • The construction is sturdy because it is made of thick metal


  • XMP timings are sometimes unstable

7. V-Gen Rescue SODIMM DDR4 PC21300/2666Mhz

Maybe you want a slim RAM upgrade for your work. This product is one of the best DDR4 RAM at an economical price. This is because the IC from RAM is produced locally. Even so, its performance is no less competitive than other products.

This product is suitable for those of you who need a laptop DDR4 RAM recommendation for upgrading with a minimal budget. V-Gen also provides 16 GB of DDR4 laptop RAM if you need it.


  • The price is more economical because the IC panels are made in Indonesia


  • The frequency is limited, not suitable for heavy operating laptops

8. Apacer PANTHER DDR4 Gaming Memory Module

Are you worried about components that heat quickly due to prolonged use? Don’t worry, because this Apacer product has a design that resembles a panther’s hollow claws. This can help air in and out of the RAM easily. 

This product has also passed various certifications, such as RoHS, CE, FCC, and RCM. You don’t need to doubt the performance of this 8GB DDR4 RAM.


  • It has a unique design so that air can enter the RAM easily


  • The heat spreader is quite thin so care must be taken to prevent it from bending

9. PNY Performance DDR4 2666MHz Desktop Memory

L-DIMM or Long-DIMM is RAM with a long form. Therefore, this type is suitable for desktop PCs with long RAM ports. 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and above is also suitable for those of you who have a PC with a low PSU voltage. With only 1.2 volts, you can store data on your computer without worrying about your PC crashing.

Even though the voltage is low, the performance of this product is no less competitive than other RAM. The price is also economical for desktop RAM. If you care about PC performance, choose this PNY product.


  • The voltage is low so it won’t burden the PSU PC which has a low voltage


  • Not yet support dual channel RAM

10. G. SKILL Trident Z Neo F4-3200C16D-32GTZN

Some RAM can automatically save and discard data after use. This type is RAM U-DIMM which can work with high performance. If you are looking for a recommendation for U-DIMM DDR4 RAM with a cool and futuristic look, this product can be considered.

There is a distinctive tri-fin design with an asymmetrical tilt that makes the G.SKILL Trident Z Neo look slimmer. In addition, this product is made of black and silver brushed aluminum. This material can make the air more effective in cooling the RAM. This is the best RAM for gaming!


  • The shape is modern, giving the PC a futuristic look


  • The price is less economical when compared to other RAM with similar features

Capacity vs RAM Speed, Which One Should Be Prioritized?

The thing that often makes you confused is RAM capacity and speed. If you have to choose, we advise you to prioritize RAM capacity over speed.

If you have to choose between super-fast 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM at standard speed, choose 16GB. This is because differences in RAM speed do not have as big an effect as differences in capacity. In addition, the difference in RAM speed can usually only be felt in high-end systems.


DDR4 RAM is indispensable for modern computer systems. The quality is very qualified to run heavy and complex programs. Even though it is sophisticated, carefulness is still needed in choosing it so that the costs incurred are balanced and not wasteful. 

Products with a capacity of 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB have their respective advantages. Make sure you choose one that suits your needs and is compatible with your motherboard. Enjoy using the best DDR4 RAM!

5 Best DDR4 RAM recommendations

  1. Kingston |HyperX Fury DDR4 8GB 2666MHz
  2. Team Group |Delta RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory
  3. KLEVV |DDR4 U-DIMM Standard Memory
  4. Corsair |VENGEANCE LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Memory Kit |CMK16GX4M2A2666C16
  5. Lexar |DDR4-3200/2666 SODIMM |LD4AS008G-R3200GSST

Other recomendations: