The Best Digital Voice Recorders – Reviewed by Sound Engineer

Best Digital Voice Recorders – Digital voice recorders, also known as voice recordersaudio recorders, or sound recorders, have many uses. This voice recorder can be used for interviews, recording sound and songs, recording meeting results, and learning languages. 

Different capacities, file formats, prices and sizes may make you confused when choosing one. This time, we will review how to choose a good and sophisticated digital voice recorder. 

We will also recommend the best products from various brands, such as Sony, TASCAM, and ZOOM. This article has been reviewed by our sound engineer, Dennis Novriandi. Please pay attention!

Best Digital Voice Recorders

Table of Contents

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorders have different recording quality, memory, power supply, and models. The more sophisticated the function, the more expensive the price. Well, we will introduce how to choose the best voice recorder for you.

① Choose according to its use

The performance shown by a digital voice recorder depends on the technology and its use. Next, we will provide information about the voice recorder function for you.

Recording music: Products that support LPCM to produce high-quality recordings

If you want to record a song, concert, or live music performance, choose a recorder that supports linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM). The word ” linear ” itself means that the data is not compressed. Therefore, a digital voice recorder with LPCM will record the original sound without compression so that the recording results are clearer.

By recording without added polish, the LPCM format can reproduce the original sound. This format is very similar to an analog signal and is represented directly in digital form. Audio data used on CDs usually uses this LPCM format.

In addition, there are models with an overdubbing function that can be used when editing the recording. There is also a reverb effect that creates a reverb sound as well as specific functions such as a tuner and metronome. Models that support high-resolution recordings have also appeared recently. If possible, choose this model for recording music.