The Best Electric Stabilizer – Reviewed by Software Engineer – Best Electric Stabilizer: Have the lights in your house suddenly dimmed and then come back on after a few seconds? If so, this indicates that the voltage is unstable. Voltage like this can interfere with the performance of electronic devices to cause damage. 

To anticipate this, an electric stabilizer or stavolt is needed so that the electric current is balanced. We’ve put together a good range of electric stabilizer brands, such as Matsunaga and Toyosaki. 

Before deciding to buy, you can consider the points on how to choose the best stavolt which we will explain first. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Happy reading!

Best Electric Stabilizer

What Is The Function Of The Electric Stabilizer?

The electric stabilizer is a component that functions to keep the electric voltage stable. This tool can increase or decrease the incoming voltage, depending on the direction of the current. 

By using an electric stabilizer, your electronic devices will last longer because they are protected from damage.

In addition, the electric stabilizer can prevent surges in electric current. Thus, the use of electricity becomes more controlled so that it will minimize swelling electricity bills.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose An Electric Stabilizer

Before reading the product recommendations, first pay attention to how to choose an electric stabilizer for your consideration. Although the function is the same, the product specifications are different. For more details, see the following explanation carefully!

① Adjust the type of stabilizer according to needs: Servo stabilizer, relay, digital control, or ferro-resonant

Electrical stabilizer is divided into several types, including motor or servo stabilizerrelaydigital control, and ferro-resonant. Each type of stabilizer has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we break it down for you.

Servo motor stabilizer, takes time to achieve electrical stability

As the name implies, this stabilizer uses a servo motor as the prime mover. When the voltage increases or decreases, the servo motor will rotate to stabilize the electricity to normal voltage.

Compared to other types, the range of electrical fluctuations from this stabilizer is high. It’s just that the response speed it needs to reach stability is quite long, which is around 2–5 seconds.

To operate the servo stabilizercarbon brushes are needed which can run out over time. Therefore, you need to replace it regularly so that the stabilizer works properly. For the record, this stabilizer is not equipped with a filter.

Relay stabilizer, mainstay if the mains voltage often goes up or down

The stabilizer relay works by utilizing the path switching function on the relay. When electricity experiences a change in voltage, the relay will move the current path towards the ideal voltage. This stabilizer can stabilize the voltage in a matter of milliseconds.

Therefore, this stabilizer is suitable for areas that often experience a large increase or decrease in voltage. Unfortunately the stabilizer relay has a poor voltage range, even below 5%. Just like the type of motor, this stabilizer is not equipped with a filter.

Digital control stabilizer, equipped with a filter to reduce electrical disturbances

Digital control stabilizer combines the use of relays and TRIAC (triode for alternating current ). This stabilizer has a more sophisticated system than the relay system. Unlike the two previous types, this stabilizer is equipped with a filter to filter out various kinds of electrical disturbances, such as spikes, surges, sags, and lightning.

Ferro-resonant stabilizer, the most advanced type of stabilizer

Ferro-resonant stabilizer , also known as line conditioner or power conditioner, is the most reliable type. The reason is, this stabilizer can stabilize the voltage in just 0.04 seconds.

This type of work system uses capacitors and isolation transformers. The capacitor in this stabilizer functions as a filter to reduce noise, spikes, surges, sags, and lightning.

These advantages make the ferro-resonant stabilizer pegged at a relatively high price. The price can reach twice the price of this type of motorbike. Generally this stabilizer is used for machines that require a fast electrical regulatory response.

② Calculate the required stabilizer power

The electric stabilizer has two sizes of power units, namely watts and volt amperes (VA). Watt is a unit for measuring power, while VA measures actual power in an electrical circuit. 

You should pay attention to these two units so that you are not mistaken in calculating the stabilizer power requirements. After knowing the size of the power unit, calculate the power needed for the stabilizer to work optimally.

If you only want to stabilize some electronic equipment, you can buy a stabilizer with a small power. Instead, choose a stabilizer power that is greater than the electricity usage if you want to stabilize the entire power grid.

For example, a stabilizer with 2,000 watts of power can be selected if your home uses 1,700 watts of electricity. To calculate the power requirement to stabilize electricity, use the following formula.

  • Power stabilizer unit watts: 125% x the use of electric power

For example, you want to stabilize a 30 watt fan, a 100 watt refrigerator, and a 50 watt television. Therefore, the total stabilizer power is 125% x (30+100+50) = 225 watts.

  • Power stabilizer unit Volt Ampere: Watt/Cosphi (Cosphi: 0.8)

To find the stabilizer power in VA units, you must find the watt unit first using the first formula. For example, the use of electrical power required is 1,000 watts so that the total power of the stabilizer is 1,000/0.8 = 1,250 VA.

③ Choose a stabilizer with a larger input voltage range

In choosing a stabilizer, you need to pay attention to the input voltage range. If the value is 140–250 volts, the lowest voltage range at 140 volts can be increased up to 220 volts. Likewise, when the highest voltage range is at 250 volts, the stabilizer will lower it to 220 volts.

④ Consider a stabilizer that has protection

Protection serves as a safety stabilizer. Here are four types of stabilizer protection that you should pay attention to.

  • Under voltage protection: protection works when the voltage drops below the lowest range
  • Over voltage protection: protection works when the voltage rises beyond the highest range
  • Overload protection: protection works when the power usage load exceeds the power capacity of the stabilizer
  • Short circuit protection: protection works when there is a short circuit or electric current connection

10 Recommendations For The Best Electric Stabilizer

Next, we will recommend the ten best electric stabilizer products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Samoto Stabilizer 1000VA SVC-1000N

SAMATO presents a stabilizer with a fairly complete security system. Having a dual MCB in it is of course able to provide extra protection from short circuits when there is an overload of electric current. 

Not only that, when overheating occurs the overheat protector system will activate to cut off the electric current to the output. This SAMATO stabilizer can be an economical and safe choice to protect your household electronic devices.


  • There is a voltmeter display to determine the movement of the electric voltage
  • Equipped with a total of four output sockets, three for 220V and one for 110V


  • Its weight is quite heavy, reaching four kilograms
  • According to some reviewers, the sound of this stavol is quite rough

2. AVS Score SC-8860 Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

Some stabilizers have a fairly heavy weight because there is a servo motor component. If you are looking for a lightweight stabilizer, this product can be an option. 

This is because there is no servo motor component because it is replaced with a transformer which tends to be lighter. Because it tends to be light, this tool can be easily moved as desired.

Having two outputs, you can use it for household electronic equipment such as juicers, irons, magic coms, and many more. This Stavolt also has an affordable price, as well as a fairly high capacity, namely 1000 VA.


  • Long warranty up to 12 months


  • There are a number of users who complain that this tool Conss power to stabilize voltage spikes

3. Matsunaga Stabilizer 5000 Watt 5KVA SVC-5000VA

This Matsunaga brand stabilizer is perfect for those of you who are looking for a high-power electric voltage stabilizer. The reason is, this servo motor stabilizer has a maximum power capacity of up to 5000 watts. 

You can use it for powerful equipment such as refrigerators, PCs, air conditioners, laboratory equipment, CNC machines, and many more.

The stabilizer switch section uses a circuit breaker which can simultaneously prevent a short circuit from occurring. This stabilizer is suitable for securing all home electronic devices with electrical power between 450 VA to 3500 VA.


  • Equipped with wheels on four sides of the legs that can be removed as needed
  • The switch uses an MCB for multiple protection from over current and short circuit


  • It takes up space due to its large size and heavy weight

4. Nagasaki Digital Stabilizer SVR-104

If you work on a PC that is very sensitive to changes in electric current, this product is right for you. This is because the stabilizer from Nagasaky has a delay button to provide a time lag until the voltage becomes normal and safe. 

Another function is to protect the device from back surges that could potentially cause damage. If you don’t want to wait, you can press the undelay button. 

This is because when the delay feature is activated, electronic devices cannot be used temporarily due to voltage differences. This Stavol also appears quite concise with dual digital displays to monitor input and output voltages. 


  • Using a digital display for easier reading of input and output voltages


  • There is only one power output plug available, which is on the back

5. Toyosaki Stavol AC Automatic Voltage Regulator SVC-1000N

The servo motor stabilizer has a copper spool or coil to stabilize the voltage. This Stavolt from Toyosaki is claimed to use a motor spool with good materials to make it strong and durable. 

In addition, this stabilizer is equipped with protection from high temperatures and voltages so it is safer. If you are worried that the servo stabilizer will break quickly, choose this product as the solution.


  • Uses two fuses and two 220V plugs
  • Equipped with protection from high temperature and voltage


  • Haven’t used a digital voltmeter yet

6. Stabilizer Matsuyama AVR AVR/L-1GS

Give your best to protect your various electronic devices from voltage instability in Indonesia. Choosing this Matsuyama brand stabilizer can be a wise choice. 

This stabilizer is very responsive in dealing with voltage spikes with a response time of less than one second.

In addition, the capacity efficiency is also high, almost close to 100%. This Stavolt has a solid shape with a neat finish. You can use it for refrigerators, computers, TVs, CCTV, air conditioners, and industrial machines.


  • Very long warranty of up to three years


  • Haven’t used a more modern digital voltmeter yet

7. Prolink Stabilizer AVR Relay Controlled PVR1000D

Prolink offers a modern stabilizer that involves a microprocessor to deal with electrical voltage instability. With a microprocessor, voltage stabilization runs faster, more efficiently, and of course more modern.

The information panel section is also quite complete because there is a voltmeter display and three voltage condition indicator lights. 

This Stavolt is also equipped with a delay time setting function to protect the device from reverse current surges. This product can be the optimal solution for your everyday electronic device protection needs.


  • Complete features and functions as an auto voltage regulator


  • Requires an outlet terminal as it only provides one electrical output plug
  • Several reviews have complained about the unit heating up quickly

8. Matsugawa 500VA Stavolt Stabilizer

Extreme power surges and the use of a stabilizer beyond the capabilities of course have the potential to cause a short circuit. With the fuse, the short circuit can be tamed because the stabilizer will automatically stop working. When a short occurs, the fuse will blow and you will need to replace it.

However, there’s no need to worry because Matsugawa has provided two spare fuses that you can use when you need them. Therefore, this product is suitable for those who want to save on maintenance costs because there is no need to buy spare fuses separately. 


  • Equipped with two spare fuses in the purchase package


  • It only has one type of schuko socket on the back

9. APCs Stabilizer Stavolt 800VA 400W LSW800-ENG

This stabilizer does not use a servo motor when dealing with unstable voltages. As a result, this tool does not make any sound while working. Instead of a servo motor, the stabilizer from APC uses several relays to stabilize the voltage.

The reaction is also very fast in responding to instability, which is at six milliseconds. The form of this stabilizer also resembles a UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply ) which appears concise and at the same time more modern. Suitable for handling various electronic devices from home to office.


  • Works silently as there are no moving parts
  • Equipped with three universal socket type schuko


  • The power cable is only provided as long as one meter, you need an extension cable if needed

10. Minamoto Stabilizer 1000VA SM1000

Minamoto presents a servo motor stabilizer with a high level of efficiency, reaching more than 90%. High efficiency allows the electric power to be stabilized to be greater and closer to maximum capacity. 

In addition, the response speed of the servo motor is also high, reaching 0.5 seconds at a frequency of 50 Hz/60 Hz. The size is also compact so it is suitable for those of you who want a small stabilizer with high efficiency.


  • Offers a high efficiency rate of up to 90 percent


  • Only one jack output is available for 220 V power

Can The Stabilizer Save Electricity?

The advantage of using a stabilizer is not saving electricity, but making electricity bills normal. This is in line with the stabilizer function which works to stabilize the electric voltage, not reduce or increase its use. 

Even so, you can still save electricity by controlling the use of electronic devices so you don’t overdo it.

What Electronic Devices Require A Stabilizer?

Not only for households, offices and large industries need a stabilizer to keep the electric voltage normal. Medical devices in hospitals, laboratory equipment, and printing machines are examples of devices that require an electrical stabilizer.

Meanwhile, electronic devices at home that can use a stabilizer include refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and computers. Dispensers, rice cookers, fans, air conditioners, home audio, DVD playersspeakers, radios and water pumps can also use the stabilizer.


Prolonged use of electronic devices can cause unstable voltage. As a result, electronic devices are more easily damaged and less durable. So, the use of a stabilizer is very important to stabilize the voltage. 

In addition to protecting devices from damage, stabilizers can prevent sudden power surges. So, now the best types of electric stabilizers are easy to find in e-commerce. You can buy it according to your budget and needs.

5 Best Electric Stabilizers Recommendation

  1. Samoto|Stabilizer 1000VA|SVC-1000N
  2. AVS Score |Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer |SC-8860
  3. Matsunaga|Stabilizer 5000 Watt 5KVA|SVC-5000VA
  4. Nagasaky|Stabilizer Digital|SVR-104
  5. Toyosaki|Stavol AC Automatic Voltage Regulator|SVC-1000N

Other recomendations: