The Best External Hard Drives to Expand Storage or Backup

Best External Hard Drives – An external hard disk or external HDD is a device that can help you store important data. This product is useful for those of you who have a lot of data and devices that are frequently used. External Hard drives have different capacities, compatibility, and features, so it might be confusing for you to choose.

Well, we will share tips on choosing a good external hard disk. The best external HDD products from the Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital, and Seagate brands are in our recommendations. This article has been reviewed by a software engineerus, Yosua Surojo. Listen to the end, okay?

Best External Hard Drives

What Is An External Hard Drive?

External hard disk is a hardware component that functions to store data in the form of digital files that are integrated in a computer. External hard disk which is also called external hard disk drive was first introduced in 1956.

External Hard drives are useful for storing secondary data when the internal storage memory on the computer is getting smaller. This device is portable and can be installed on a computer system to be accessed.

Currently, devices that can be installed are increasingly diverse as technology develops. Not only PCs, external Hard drives can now be installed on PS4 to TV to support large data storage. The current external hard disk capacity can accommodate up to 20 TB of data.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose An External Hard Drive

Below, we will describe the points that you should pay attention to when choosing an external hard driveDevice, OS, USB connector, shock resistance features, and warranty period are some of the things to look out for. Check out our explanation below so you can find the best external hard drive that suits your needs.

① Select the device you want to connect

An external hard drive is a tool that can be connected not only to a PC, but also to a PS4 and TV. Different devices to be connected, also different needs on the external hard disk. For details, please check the explanation below!

PC or laptop, requires a compatible format for data security

In general, external Hard drives or external HDDs are made for PCs or laptops. The external hard disk functions to store data such as documents, pictures, videos, music, and so on if the internal HDD capacity is insufficient.