The Best Fighting Games of All The Time for Android & iPhone

Best Fighting Games – Of the many Android and iOS game genres, fighting games are one of the genres that you must try. The thrill of setting up a strategy to attack and avoid enemy attacks is enough to drive adrenaline. The target to win the battle also provokes curiosity to finish the battle immediately.

This time we will share how to choose a good Android and iOS fighting game. Apart from that, we will also present ten of the best fighting game recommendations especially for you. Keep reading the article and find exciting fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat and Shadow Fight 4: Arena. Happy reading!

How to choose a Fighting Game

To find a fighting game that is fun and not boring, you need to know several aspects that are needed in choosing one. In the following, we will explain several points on how to choose an exciting fighting game for you.

① Pay attention to the modes in fighting games: Versus or story

Fighting games require you to focus on fighting until you become a winner. However, not only fighting, some games also offer an interesting and challenging storyline. The fighting game has two modes that you can choose according to your preferences. What are they? Immediately scroll down, come on!

Versus: Focus on fighting to win

A fighting game that only has a versus mode only focuses on fighting with opponents. Because of this, players generally need good graphics in gamesThe drawback of fighting versus games lies in the mode which is so-so and over time will make players feel bored.

So, so you don’t get bored when playing versus mode, try to choose a game with a character graphic that you like. A fighting game with an attractive battle arena can also be a solution, you know! Mortal Kombat is a game that has impressive graphics and an interesting battle arena.

Story: The storyline is intriguing

Apart from the versus mode, there are also fighting games that have a story mode. In this mode, you can enjoy battles spiced up with interesting and intriguing storylines. This curiosity makes players excited to continue the game to find out the continuation of the story.