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DaBestDay.comLooking for Best Gaming Motherboards? Gaming is one of the most popular activities for many people. Various devices can be used as a platform to play games, from smartphones, laptops, to PCs. PCs intended for playing games must have special hardware, one of which is a gaming motherboard.

The motherboard is the main place where you install the graphics card, RAM, CPU and storage. Now there are many good motherboard brands, such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte. 

We will help you avoid confusion by sharing the best gaming motherboard recommendations and how to choose one. This article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla.

Best Gaming Motherboards

What’s The Difference Between a Gaming Motherboard and a Regular Motherboard?

In general, gaming motherboards are made for high-end performance PCs. It can be said that this motherboard is able to work well when it comes to running heavy programs, especially games. The product also supports the components installed on the device so that it works more optimally.

In addition, gaming motherboards support unlocked CPUs or have overclocked features. This feature is useful for increasing the working power of components so that the PC can work faster than its maximum limit. However, this makes the components heat up faster. To overcome this, gaming motherboards can be equipped with a water-cooling system.

Motherboards or mobos generally only support up to 16 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, gaming motherboards support installing RAM up to 32GB or 64GB. Additional slots for SATA or PCI-e x16 are also usually available on the product. The addition of these slots has the potential to maximize your PC’s performance.

Another advantage of gaming motherboards from ordinary motherboards is that they have added features. You will only find RGB LEDs, game boost buttons, and better DAC quality on gaming motherboards.

How to choose a Gaming Motherboard

After you understand the outline of the difference between a gaming motherboard and a regular motherboard, we will provide tips for choosing the product.Write down our important points below, OK?

① Make sure the socket shape and chipset type are compatible with the CPU type

The first thing you should pay attention to is the type of socket between the motherboard and CPU. AMD and Intel CPUs have different socket shapes. The generational differences in the two types of CPU even affect the shape of the socket.

For example, the 10th Gen Intel Core CPU is compatible with the LGA 1200 socket. Meanwhile, the 8th and 9th Gen CPUs are compatible with LGA 1151. Therefore, first determine the type of CPU you will use. Next, match the motherboard of choice.

Also pay attention to compatible chipsets. Like the shape of the socket, the type of chipset between AMD and Intel is also designed differentlyThe chipsets that are commonly used by AMD today are the X570, B450, and B550.

Meanwhile, the Z590, Z490, Z390, and X299 are several types of Intel chipsets that can be a mainstay. Avoid choosing an older chipset because it has the potential not to support the latest output components.

② Consider these four motherboard sizes

The size of the motherboard affects the size of the case and how many features you will use. Therefore, consider these four dimensions.

Mini-ITX, for simple PCs

Mini-ITX is the smallest of all motherboard sizes. This is evident by the general size which is approximately 9 inches x 7.5 inches. Mini ITX is more power efficient than other sizes. Despite its small size, its performance cannot be underestimated.

Usually this motherboard only has one expansion slot. Slots for other components are also limited, generally only 2 RAM slots and 1 graphics card slot are available. So, you can’t upgrade components unless you replace them with new ones. In addition, this size is still rarely found in Indonesia.

Micro-ATX, for compact medium PCs

Although not as small as mini-ITX, micro-ATX is a fairly small motherboard. The size of these motherboards is usually around 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches and features four expansion slots.

There are also more micro-ATX slots for RAM, graphics cards, SATA, and other components than mini-ITX. This allows you to upgrade your PC system without having to replace the motherboard at a later date.

ATX, for high-end performance PCs

ATX has a larger size, which is 12 inches x 9.6 inches. The large size of the board makes this motherboard able to accommodate more components. This is evidenced by the total expansion slots provided reaching 7 slots.

In addition, this type has 8 RAM slots, 4 graphics card slots, and 12 storage slots. Because so many components can be accommodated, system performance is getting better.

E-ATX for extra performance with multiple expansion slots

The largest size is owned by an Extended ATX or E-ATX type motherboard . As the name implies, this motherboard has more additional slots and larger space. The number of components that can be installed is even more than ATX.

It’s rare for gamers to use this type of motherboard because the specifications seem Prosive. This motherboard is usually used as a server or workstation because it has more than one processor slot.

③ Choose the number of slots according to your system design

After you have chosen the size of the motherboard that matches the PC, now is the time to determine the number of slots on the motherboardIf you plan to upgrade your PC, choose a board that provides additional slots. If you don’t plan that way, choose a mobo with enough slots to save space.

④ Find out which has additional features

Now many motherboard products that provide additional features. Of the many features, we have selected three additional features that are useful for your PC.

BIOS Flashback, to simplify BIOS updates

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a component that is in charge of connecting hardware and softwareDue to frequent software or hardware developments, the BIOS needs to be updated from time to time.

The BIOS Flashback feature makes it easier for you to update the BIOS. This is proven by the need for additional applications to update. You just need to download the latest BIOS file and hit the BIOS Flashback button. Really easy procedure, right?

LED, as an indicator of your system status

When the system is working, there is a possibility that the system will be overworked or other disturbances may occur. To find that out fast, you need to have a product with an LED indicator. This is useful so that you can make the right decision when the indicator is already giving a disturbance signal.

RGB connector, so that the inner setup looks more beautiful

Don’t forget the aesthetic value of your build ! Hardware for gaming usually offers an attractive design and a beautiful mix of RGB colors. Therefore, make sure there is an RGB connector on your motherboard so that the PC interior looks more attractive. This feature is suitable when combined with a transparent case.

⑤ Pay attention to the completeness of the connection port

The connection port on the motherboard is in direct contact with the port on the case. If your case supports the installation of a water-cooling system, also make sure your motherboard supports the installation of these components.

Pay attention to the same for other components, such as the audio jack, SATA, to the Wi-Fi antenna jackThe more components you want to use, the more carefully you have to check the availability of headers on the motherboard.

10 Best Gaming Motherboards Recommendation

Next, we will recommend the ten best gaming motherboard products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller.

1. ASRock B660M Pro RS

ASRock B660M Pro RS is a must-have for gamers looking for a durable gaming PC motherboard. This product uses ASRock Super Alloy whose composition is Sapphire BCons PCB and High Density Glass Fabric PCB. This increases the useful life of your motherboard.

Not only that, each port has been covered with full spike protection which can overcome too drastic current surges. This motherboard also has an 8 Phase Power Design that can smoothly distribute power to the CPU. This will improve its performance in running  heavy games.


  • Made of steel with high quality design so it is more durable


  • Only supports USB with a speed of 5 Gbps so it is not suitable for other types of USB

2. ASUS Prime A320M-K

Becoming a gamer may require large capital. However, this product can be relied upon if you are looking for a good motherboard recommendation for gaming as well as being economical. ASUS Prime A320M-K is a powerful DDR4 motherboard for beginners. This product is even compatible with various PC components.

Even though it’s economical, this cheap gaming motherboard under 1 million is stable and safe to use thanks to its various security features. With its various advantages, this product is suitable for beginner gamers with minimal budget. So you can set aside a budget for the processor, GPU, and other components.


  • The price is economical when compared to other gaming motherboards


  • The total RAM is only 32 GB, so it is not suitable for heavy game players

3. Gigabytes H410M H V2

Gigabyte H410M H V2 is one of the  best Intel Gen 10 motherboards thanks to its speed in accessing the internet. Equipped with a built-in Intel GbE LAN accelerator, your internet connection will be delivered faster than the average motherboard. 

So, choose this product if you need recommendations for the best LGA 1200 motherboard for playing games with fast internet. In addition, this product can be connected to smart fan 5, you know!


  • Complete with Intel GbE LAN accelerator to provide a more stable and fast internet 


  • There are reviews that say that the RAM slots are less flexible

4. ASRock B660M Phantom Gaming 4

This product is one of the best micro-ATX motherboards for rhythm game players who want to experience high-quality audio sensations. ASRock B660M Phantom Gaming 4 comes with the Nahimic Audio feature. This feature can produce sound that is rich and full of details.

You can also rely on the static noise suppression, echo cancellation, and stabilizer features when communicating with friends while playing games. This 1 million gaming motherboard is a must have for those of you who are concerned with fantastic gaming audio.


  • The Nahimic Audio feature improves audio quality


  • There are customer reviews that say that the PCB is not able to conduct heat from the motherboard

5. ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming

Hardcore gamers usually have more than one monitor for a wider view. In order to accommodate this, this motherboard for gaming offers five PCI slots. You can connect it to multiple monitors without fear of overworking the GPU.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F is also equipped with a six-layer PCB that can conduct heat from VRAM. That way, your GPU can work more stably and provide room for overclocking. It’s no wonder this product is one of the best gaming mobos for heavy game players.


  • Already supports multi-GPU CFX so that it can be connected to various GPUs without creating lag
  • There are six layers of PCB that can conduct motherboard heat well


  • The price is higher than other motherboards with the B550 series

6. ASRock B460 Steel Legend

If you are looking for a budget -friendly gaming motherboard that has RGB, choose ASRock B460. The price is relatively affordable when compared to other products that feature RGB. Nonetheless, this product has enough completeness.

This motherboard has 6 SATA slots and 3 M.2 slots. Your PC gaming inner setup will look more beautiful and quite powerful. With the price, you do have to compromise not to experience additional features like other gaming products. However, this motherboard is enough for gamers who are creating a gaming setup for the first time.


  • There are lots of memory slots so that the PC’s inner setup looks solid


  • Unable to connect with Wi-Fi directly


This product is specifically for you AMD CPU fans. One of the best motherboards for gaming has an AM5 socket that supports AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. Of course, this latest series delivers high performance for gamers who like to do speedruns or endurance tests.

This product also comes with Lightning Gen 4 PCI-4 which provides x16 bandwidth faster than the third generation. So, your GPU performance can be maximized using MSI MPG B650 CARBON WIFI. Therefore, this DDR5 gaming motherboard is suitable for those of you who like to play AMD high-performance games.


  • With an AM5 socket suitable for AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs


  • There is no hotkey to unmount PCIe so it’s a little difficult for beginners to use

8. Gigabytes Z690 AORUS PRO

Are you a tech -savvy gamer? If so, this mobo should be added to your shopping cart. The Z690 Aorus Pro series motherboards are compatible with Intel’s 12th generation processors. Not only that, the VRM performance reaches 90A so that the overclocking mode is more controllable. So, you can overclock your games without worrying about the processor being damaged.

Even though the specifications are luxurious, this gaming mobo is set in an affordable price range. The RAM also supports DDR 5. Of course, this is a plus point offered by Gigabyte. So what are you waiting for? Immediately get the latest product from Gigabyte!


  • Has 90A VRM which can control overclocking automatically


  • There’s no Wi-Fi 6E like other modern motherboards

9. ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 EXTREME

Usually Intel processors cannot overclock. However, choose the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 EXTREME if you want to do overclocking without the hassle. This gaming motherboard has features specific to Intel 12th and 13th Gen. One of its features is AI overclocking which can improve processor performance.

Not only that, this product has AI Suite 3. This feature works to control CPU performance and maintain the stability of the PC system when gaming. With its various AI features, this motherboard is perfect for gamers who like Intel CPUs and want easy CPU settings.


  • Many AI features can help improve CPU performance and maintain PC stability when gaming 


  • The dot matrix LED accents are polarized, which can be a bit annoying for some people


MSI MEG Z690 GODLIKE has a unique design. One of the best PC gaming motherboards is decorated with a customizable LCD panel. So, you can display images of your favorite characters according to your taste.

Not only that, this product has six SSD slots and one of them supports PCIe 5.0. The RAM can also be filled up to 128 GB. This is suitable for streamers who have a lot of games and want to go live on Youtube without a hitch.


  • There is a cool LCD panel that can be customized according to taste 


  • One of the most expensive gaming motherboards, the specifications might be too much for some users


Have you determined the best gaming motherboard yet ? Choosing a motherboard is not easy, especially if you have the build of your dream gaming PC and the components have been prepared.

Hopefully this article can help you in choosing your ideal mobo. Make sure the motherboard has maximum functionality and is compatible with the components on your setup list , OK! Happy gaming!

5 Best Gaming Motherboard Recommendations

  1. ASRock |B660M Pro RS
  2. ASUS |Prime A320M-K
  3. Gigabyte |H410M H V2
  4. ASRock |B660M Phantom Gaming 4
  5. ASUS |ROG Strix B550-F Gaming

Other recomendations: