The Best Gigabyte Motherboards to Build PC Editor and Gaming – Best Gigabyte Motherboards: Gigabyte is one of the gaming motherboard brands that you can choose from. This brand has not only good performance, but also affordable prices. No wonder Gigabyte is able to compete in winning the hearts of gamers.

As one of the best brands , Gigabyte has many sophisticated products. This time we will help you choose a good motherboard from Gigabyte, as well as provide recommendations for the best products.

We will also discuss the B450m gaming and B460m Aorus Pro series products. Listen to the article until it’s finished, okay! This article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla.

Best Gigabyte Motherboards

What Are The Advantages Of Gigabyte Motherboard?

The motherboard from Gigabyte is one of the components worth considering when assembling a gaming PC. This motherboard has a high performance quality for playing AAA games

Not only that, the features offered are also many and have their own uniqueness. For example, Gigabyte motherboards are generally equipped with Thunderbolt ports and Ultra Durable features.

In addition, Gigabyte motherboards also have a good cooling system. This is because Gigabyte focuses on releasing products for gaming

Another advantage of this motherboard is that the price is quite affordable compared to motherboards from other brands .

However, before buying a Gigabyte motherboard, first check the components you have. This is because the socket on the Gigabyte motherboards only supports one brand of processor.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Gigabyte Motherboard

After explaining the advantages of Gigabyte, this time we will provide several ways to choose the product. Come on, let’s see!

① Recognize the Gigabyte motherboard series by performance

Gigabyte motherboards have several series with their own uniqueness and performance. Here’s the review.

Aorus Gaming, for high-end setup performance

If you are a hardcore gamer who needs high-end performance, it is certain that the Aorus Gaming series is what you are looking for. This series has great specifications with a capacity of up to E-ATX. 

Not only that, the types of ports available are also complete. Armed with many expansion slots, you can upgrade components more freely. For its newest product, Aorus Gaming has prices in the range of 5 million to 7 million rupiah.

Gigabyte Gaming, for mid-range setup performance

The Gigabyte Gaming series is suitable for those of you who are looking for mid-range performance. This is because the Gigabyte Gaming series has quite high specifications. 

The Gigabyte Gaming series is very comfortable for gaming in general. With capacities up to ATX, the Gigabyte series is designed to meet the needs of standard gamersFor its newest product, Gigabyte Gaming has a price range of 3 million to 5 million rupiah.

Ultra Durable, for lower-end and entry-level performance

The Ultra Durable series is the lowest series compared to the other two series. However, the performance remains comfortable for playing games

This series has mini-ITX capacity. Ultra Durable has its own charm with the tough steel that protects the components. 

That way, you don’t have to worry about your components being quickly damaged by impact. For its newest product, Ultra Durable has a price range of 3 million rupiah.

② Consider the size of the motherboard

You also need to consider the size of the motherboard before buying it. Motherboard size can affect the performance quality of your setup. Here’s the review.

E-ATX, can accommodate many components on one board

The largest Gigabyte motherboard sizes are Extended ATX or E-ATX. This size can accommodate various components thanks to the large number of expansion slots available. 

But it should be noted, E-ATX motherboards only fit into large CPU cases as well. Usually gamers rarely use E-ATX because it is considered too much. E-ATX is generally more often used as a server because of its qualified specifications.

ATX, suitable for use by gamers

The size commonly used by gamers is ATX. This size is considered fit to run a quality performance. ATX usually has a size of 12 inches x 9.6 inches with a capacity of 8 RAM slots, 4 graphics cards and 12 storage

ATX-sized CPU cases are also widely available in the market with various prices. You can adjust it according to your needs.

micro ATX, can maximize the limited capacity

Another size option that is no less interesting is micro ATX or mini-ITX. This mini size is enough for lower-end performance. In general, mini-ITX has a size of about 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches and is equipped with 4 expansion slots. 

This sized Mobo can be paired with a mini-sized CPU case at a very affordable price. However, even though it is small in size, the quality of micro ATX is not much different from the version above it.

③ Select the port type according to requirements

The point that you also need to consider is the port type. The port is the place that connects the computer to the components on the board which have their respective functions and types

Port availability also affects the price of the motherboard. For that, choose the type of port according to your needs. If you plan to connect your computer with ethernet, you will no longer need the WiFi port

The USB 3.2 gen 2 connection type and Thunderbolt availability can also be overridden when you don’t need them. This is so that the available ports are not left in vain.

10 Best Gigabyte Motherboards Product Recommendation

Next, we will recommend the ten best Gigabyte motherboards that we determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Gigabytes B450M GAMING

For the Micro-ATX category, the Gigabyte B450M Gaming motherboard has its own charm. The reason is that this mobo has the right specifications with enough additional slots. That way, limited space can be maximized properly without wasting space in vain. 

The specifications are also not too exaggerated. This is indicated by the availability of only 4 SATA slots. This Mobo is quite multifunctional thanks to the VGA port behind it. That way, this simple mobo is perfect for those of you who need lower-end performance.

2. Gigabytes H310M DS2

You need a mobo that is simple and not adventurous? This product is the answer. The H310M DS2 series mobo has very simple specifications. However, it can still be used for gaming. This is evidenced by the availability of three PCIe slots.

This product is suitable if you prefer to spend on other components because the price is very affordable compared to other products. Don’t forget to add this product to your wishlist!

3. Gigabytes B550M DS3H

Gigabyte B550M DS3H is a mobo that has many features. One of its unique features is AMD StoreMI Technology. This feature is directly related to PC storage performance.

With this feature, your storage becomes like a combination of SSD and HDD. That is, the storage has the speed of an SSD, but the capacity is as big as an HDD. You can have this feature at a very affordable price, you know! 

For those of you who really need quality storage, come on, check out this product right away!

4. Gigabytes B460M AORUS PRO

The Gigabyte B460M Aorus Pro motherboard is one of the most featured Micro-ATX mobos. One of the features is Lower RDS MOSFET. MOSFET is a useful component as a transistor to regulate voltage. 

This feature can keep the temperature on the VRM lower than usual. Not only that, the size is also smaller than the MOSFET in general. 

This ensures that the supply of electrical power to the motherboard is more awake. If you frequently use your PC for a long time, we recommend this product for you!

5. Gigabytes A520I AC

Even though it looks small and simple, this mobo cannot be underestimated because it is equipped with specifications that are suitable for entry-level gaming setups

This product has overclocking capabilities with the XMP/DOCP profile feature. This can improve component performance for gaming. Another aspect to consider is the availability of an M.2 connector like that of luxury motherboards in general. 

Not only that, even though it’s small, this mobo has three fan headers. This part can keep the temperature inside the component cool even if it is used for a long time.

6. Gigabytes X570 AORUS ELITE

This Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE motherboard has a very large number of USB ports. There are 8 USB 2.0 slots available on the back port 

In addition, this mobo is equipped with USB 3.2 Gen 1 and Gen 2. USB 3.2 Gen 1 is available in 4 slots on the rear port of the mobo, while Gen 2 is available in 2 red slots. This mobo is suitable for those of you who really care about connectivity to multiple USBs!

7. Gigabytes Z590I VISION D

Even though its main focus is mobo gaming, Gigabyte still has products aimed at creators. This Vision series is made specifically for creators so that its performance leads to quality video rendering

This is evidenced by the mobo specifications that already support Intel’s 11th generation.  The I/O ports are also equipped with Thunderbolt 4. That way, the process of transferring media files is faster. 

The ports are also equipped with various types of connections to make it easier for you to connect with various types of devices.

8. Gigabytes Z390 AORUS ULTRA

Are you still using an 8th or 9th generation Intel processor? Don’t worry, there are still mobos we recommend for you! The Z390 Aorus Ultra is your best choice because this mobo has attractive specifications. 

One of them is the M.2 storage slot which is available in three slots.The RAM also supports up to 128 GB in 4 DIMM slots. The design is also quite striking which is decorated with RGB LEDs. This can add to the aesthetic value of your setup.

9. Gigabytes Z590 AORUS TACHYON

If you are a hardcore gamer who wants to find the best mobo quality for overclocking, this product is the right choice. This Mobo with Extended ATX size has an overclocking kit that contains many features.

Some of them are overclocking trigger switches, voltage measurements, and BIOS switches. This very large capacity Mobo has a more affordable price compared to its competitors. 

Thus, you will not regret spending your money to get a mobo with this myriad of features.

10. Gigabytes Z690 AORUS PRO

Are you a tech -savvy gamer? If so, this mobo should be added to your shopping cart. The Z690 Aorus Pro series motherboards are compatible with Intel’s 12th generation processors. 

Not only that, the VRM performance reaches 90A so that the overclocking mode is more controllable. So, you can overclock your games without worrying about the processor being damaged.

Even though the specifications are luxurious, this gaming mobo is set in an affordable price range. The RAM also supports DDR 5. Of course, this is a plus point offered by Gigabyte. So what are you waiting for? Immediately get the latest product from Gigabyte!


We’ve outlined a few things you need to look out for when choosing a Gigabyte motherboard. In addition, we also provide some product recommendations to help you. Have you decided on the product of your choice?

You can choose a motherboard based on the series, size, and accessories for each. Also make sure the mobo you choose matches other important components. Congratulations on choosing your dream Gigabyte motherboards!

5 Best Gigabyte Motherboards Recommendations

  1. Gigabyte |B450M GAMING
  2. Gigabyte |H310M DS2
  3. Gigabyte |B550M DS3H
  4. Gigabyte |B460M AORUS PRO
  5. Gigabyte |A520I AC

Other recomendations: