The Best HDMI Splitter & Switcher for 2 (Dual) Monitors Display

Best HDMI Splitter – Want to display pictures and videos on multiple screens? Or do you have to present at a large-scale conference to promote your product? Instead of buying a number of content playback devices, it’s better to just provide the best HDMI splitter

So, you don’t need to store too many things. This time we will explain how to choose a good HDMI splitter and recommend some of its products. There are brands Baseus, Robot, and Mediatech. The price offered also varies. 

Check out the explanation on how to choose it below and find the best product recommendations. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo.

Best HDMI Splitter

Get to Know HDMI Splitters

HDMI splitter takes content from a source and breaks it up into multiple signals. After that, the signal is sent to several screen displays, such as televisions, projectors, and others. 

The existence of this device is very useful for example for presentations in a spacious place. Likewise if you have an electronic business, such as selling televisions, which requires showing pictures on several televisions.

What is the Difference Between HDMI Splitter and HDMI Switcher?

Often people interchange HDMI splitter and HDMI switcher, even though they are different. An splitter divides the signal from one medium across multiple screens. That way, you and your family can watch the same shows in different rooms.

Meanwhile, the HDMI switcheris used when you have a lot of media, but have a limited screen. Instead of having to move the HDMI cable many times, you can simply press the button provided. 

The screen will change to display content from other sources. So, you can display multiple media shows on one screen.

How to distinguish HDMI splitter and switcher? Easy! If the product has one input port and multiple output ports, it is an splitter. Conversely, if the product has one output port with several input ports, you can be sure it is an HDMI switcher.