The Best Headphones AKG – Reviewed by Sound Engineers – Best Headphones AKG: For music lovers and sound engineersa Headphone is something that cannot be left behind. The AKG brand is one of the Headphone manufacturers that has been in the audio field for a long time. 

AKG is also known for paying attention to sound quality and the comfort of the Headphones it makes. This time, we will review the best AKG Headphones  for you. 

We will also provide eight recommendations for good AKG Headphones, such as the K361-BT, HSC 15, Galaxi Buds, and N20 U. This article has been reviewed by our sound engineer, Dennis Novriandi. For more details, read this article to the end, OK! 

Best Headphones AKG

The Advantages of AKG Headphones

Established since 1947 in Vienna, Austria, AKG continues to expand its market expansion to all corners of the world. The brand started as a manufacturer of technical equipment for cinemas, such as loudspeakers, film projectors and light meters. 

However, under the auspices of Harman International Industries, now AKG has developed its products so you can have them to support your daily activities.

Musicians, DJs, and interpreters often come into contact with AKG’s sophisticated audio technology. Headphones and headphones from AKG are fairly pricey when compared to some similar products. 

However, the high price is offset by powerful technology that will enhance your experience when using it.

AKG is also compatible with many mobile devices. Some of them even collaborate to produce a more stable sound quality. AKG products cover the needs of pro users to end users.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose An AKG Headphone

A Headphone is a headphone equipped with a microphone as an input device. Before buying a Headphone, it would be better if you know how to choose the right one. This time, we will share tips on how to choose an AKG Headphone for you.

① Select by Headphone series

If you want to buy an AKG Headphone , at least you have to know first about the Headphone series owned by AKG. Below, we have summarized the Headphone series owned by AKG. Understand the advantages of each series in advance to find the right product for you.

Professional Headphones, perfect for those of you who work in the audio sector

Are you someone who works in the audio sector and are looking for a comfortable Headphone for work? You can add this series of AKG Headphones to your list . AKG has carefully crafted this Headphone to produce the most accurate and precise sound possible. Because of this dedication, AKG’s Professional Headphones series has been widely trusted by music engineers, musicians, and DJs.

AKG headphones are available in various types for recording, mixing, mastering, DJing, and even monitoring. The price also varies depending on the frequency response

Although headphones are generally not equipped with a mic, there are products from the AKG Professional Headphones series that are equipped with a built-in mic. One of its products is AKG K361-BT which podcasters can rely on.

Professional Headphones, equipped with high-quality microphones

AKG’s Professional Headphones are Headphones that are combined with a dynamic microphone or a powerful condenser. This series is widely used by various professions, such as ENG/EFP, recording, video production, conferencing, VOIP, assisted hearing, and schools.

When doing work from home, this Headphone can help maximize your work or activities. The AKG Headphone is light in weight and comfortable for long hours of use, such as video conferencing or streaming

The design of the earcups which are comfortable and made of premium materials also make AKG Headphone products worthy of your choice.

Earbuds, lightweight and practical to carry anywhere

AKG’s Earbuds series Headphone is suitable for those of you who like simple things and want a Headphone that is easy to carry around. Even though it has a small size, the products of this series do not lose the distinctive sound of the AKG Headphone

These products have an ergonomic design and are generally made from a combination of aluminum and soft silicone.

AKG Headphones are suitable for daily driver and end user activities. In addition to its wide frequency response, the bass also sounds clear. The ear tips are also very comfortable. For this quality, the price is quite affordable.

One example of the AKG earbuds series Headphone is the N30 which has a design that prioritizes comfort and is made of premium materials. The N30 provides 4 different sizes of ear-tips made of super soft silicon for comfortable use in the ears. Therefore, you can also choose the right ear-tips to use in your ears.

② Consider the connectivity offered by the product

Like the majority of other brands, AKG also provides connectivity options for its Headphone products. You can choose a product with a cable or one without a cable. Your choice will be influenced by your mobility and how often you use the Headphone.

  • Wired connection

Products with a wired connection, or with a cable, are generally equipped with a 3.5mm or 6.3mm audio jack. With a wired connection, you don’t have to worry about battery problems because your device will always be on as long as the cable is connected.

The weakness of wired Headphone products is their low portability. Wired products are a little difficult to carry around so they will be more comfortable to use at home or office. However, this product is highly recommended for professional purposes, such as recording mixing and monitoring to avoid latency and frequency loss.

  • Wireless connections

If you are an end user  with a need to listen to music or watch movies, we recommend the AKG Headphone with a wireless connection

Many products from the Earbuds series are equipped with a Bluetooth connection, making it more comfortable for those of you who have high mobility to use. Because wireless devices run on batteries, don’t forget to check the battery life, okay!

③ Check the specifications of the Headphone

To get the sound and durability you want, you should check the Headphone’s specifications. Here are some things about the specifications that you should pay attention to when choosing a Headphone

For comfort and sound quality, check the audio specifications of the Headphone

The other most important thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a Headphone is of course the quality of the sound it produces. To know this, you have to check a few things. Such as frequency response, sound sensitivity, and the impedance that is owned by the Headphone

  • Frequency response, serves to determine how broad the ability of a Headphone to capture sound frequencies. The lowest number indicates the catchable bass sound and the highest number shows the catchable treble sound. You can find out the frequency response by looking at the Hz/kHz listed in the product specifications table.
  • Sound sensitivity, to find out how loud the Headphone can produce. To find out the sensitivity on the Headphone, you can find out how many decibels (dB) SPL on the Headphone. The bigger the number, the louder the sound produced.
  • Impedance, the obstacles we usually encounter in audio devices, such as speakers, Headphones, and others. Impedance is measured in ohms (Ω). The greater the impedance on a Headphone, the sound it produces will be more dynamic.

For a wide soundstage, you can choose 25 ohm impedance. Products with this spec are usually expensive. However, for some headphones at some average mid and mid high frequencies, this spec will stand out more because the frequency curve at the highs is more boosted.

Consider the type of microphone

The type of microphone attached to the Headphone can affect the quality of the sound it produces. The choice of microphone type is important, especially if you use a Headphone for work purposes, such as interpreting, voice over, or recording sound for podcasts

For the Professional Headphone series, you can choose one of the two types of microphones offered, namely condenser and dynamic microphones.

If you want a microphone that is sensitive and can pick up sound from a distance or in a crowded environment, a condenser microphone is for youCondenser microphones on several AKG products can even capture sound well from a distance of 5 meters. In plain view, the size of a condenser microphone is generally smaller than a dynamic microphone.

On the other hand, dynamic microphones can produce sound with medium bass. Despite its larger size, this type of microphone is less sensitive, so you need to bring the sound source closer to the microphone. Apart from these two types of microphones, AKG also has a built-in mic which is generally found on devices from the Earbuds series.

The average built-in mic is more prominent at its mid frequency. However, the latest products can already be heard more clearly on the bass frequency and they don’t sound hongky.

If you have high mobility, check battery life

Wireless Headphone definitely requires a battery for its use. Therefore, you must know the battery capacity to know how long the Headphone can be used. Of course, each product has a different battery capacity, so you have to adjust the Headphone to the activities you do. 

If used for a long time, it would be better if you choose a battery with a large capacity. In addition, if you choose a wireless Headphone, you should always provide a power bank.

8 Best Headphones AKG Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Headphones AKG product that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. AKG Over-ear, Closed-back, Foldable Studio Headphones with Bluetooth K361-BT

AKG designed the K361-BT Headphone to produce natural, balanced audio with incredible detail. This can help you when mixing and editing audio. 

AKG also delivers the deepest bass and highest in its class with an amazing frequency response. If you are an artist, engineerpodcaster or songwriter, this Headphone will be of great help to you.

2. SAMSUNG x AKG Galaxy Buds Pro

If you are a fan of smart gadgets , you will definitely love this Headphone. This Headphone has several smart features that are very helpful for everyday use. These features are ANC (active noise canceling), ambient sound, and smart assistant. When using these features together, you can also use live sound detection. 

Live sound detection has a function to switch ANC to ambient mode just by hearing your voice. When you speak, it automatically lowers the volume and turns off ANC. That way, you don’t have to bother taking off your Headphone to chat with the person next to you. 

3. AKG Canal Hi-Res in-ear Headphones N30

You want to adjust the sound produced by the Headphone yourself? If so, you can consider having this Headphone. The AKG N30 is equipped with two sound filters that you can change according to your taste.

This Headphone has Hi-Resolution audio equipped with a hybrid driver made of balanced armature and dynamic drivers. As a result, you can enjoy comfortable thumping bass, as well as clear mids and high-ranges. So, what kind of sound output do you prefer?

4. AKG Canal Earphones N20U

The Headphone  is equipped with a universal 3-button remote/mic that is compatible with Android and iOS. Therefore, this one product is the right choice for those of you who are looking for a Headphone that is easy to operate.

The remote allows you to easily control your phone, sound player and volume. In addition, the Headphone has a cable made of cloth that makes it difficult to tangle and convenient for traveling.

5. AKG HSD171-Professional On-Ear Headphone with Dynamic Microphone

The current situation that requires many people to work from home does not prevent you from remaining professional at work. To support the convenience and smooth running of your online conferences or meetings, this Headphone is worth choosing.

The noise insulation feature on this product effectively blocks background noise so it is safe to use, even in noisy areas. In addition, the auto mute feature on this Headphone will work automatically as soon as your Headphone is removed. 

Because the headband is adjustable, you can also give this product to your little one to support their online school activities, you know!

6. AKG Y100 Wireless

Of course it’s very annoying, yes, when you’re listening to music, but your Headphone battery suddenly runs out. With this one product, you don’t have to wait long when you have to charge it. With just fifteen minutes of charging, you can use it to play songs for an hour.

The battery itself has a resistance of up to eight hours until it has to be recharged. We recommend this product for those of you who like to exercise while listening to music. You can take it for a bike ride or jog without worrying about the battery running out quickly.

7. AKG Professional Over-Ear Headphone with Condenser Microphone HSC271

This professional Headphone is perfect for use by gamers who often play for hours. The over-ear design effectively blocks outside sounds, coupled with soft and comfortable leather earpads.

The microphone on this Headphone can be muted by simply picking it up. You are also more free to talk to people around you without worrying that your voice will be heard by other players in the game. Most importantly, with a sound sensitivity of up to 104 dB, you can hear even the tiniest footsteps in the game quite clearly!

8. AKG Conference Headphone HSC15

Do you work as an interpreter or work in a field that requires clear sound results? This Headphone is the right choice for you to use because it is made with a thin omni directional condenser. This allows it to produce excellent sound quality.

In addition, this Headphone also has a soft cable covered with TPU. The coating helps reduce noise generated by the air or building structures. How? Are you interested in having this Headphone to help you produce clear sound?


AKG offers Headphones with unrivaled quality. So, when choosing a Headphone, you must know what kind of Headphone you need. You can check it by first finding out which series is suitable, then the features and connections that the Headphone has. 

Of the eight recommendations we have provided, have you found the right Headphone for your needs? If not, you can look for it online by applying the tips we provide.

5 Best AKG Headset Recommendations

  1. Harman International |AKG Over-ear, Closed-back, Foldable Studio Headphones with Bluetooth |K361-BT
  2. HARMAN International |SAMSUNG x AKG Galaxy Buds Pro
  3. HARMAN International |AKG Canal Hi-Res in-ear Headphones |N30
  4. HARMAN International |AKG Canal Earphones |N20U
  5. HARMAN International |AKG HSD171-Professional On-Ear Headset with Dynamic Microphone

Other recomendations: