The Best Keyboards for Gaming and Typing (Cheap Under 50) – Best Keyboards for Gaming and TypingGaming keyboard is an indispensable item if you are a gamerThere are many well-known gaming keyboard brands on the market, such as Logitech, Corsair, and Digital Alliance. 

However, there are many terms and features in a gaming keyboard that can confuse beginners, especially when choosing a product.

For that, we will explain how to choose and recommend a good gaming keyboard. This article has been reviewed by our tech enthusiast, Joshua Pandu. Choose the right gaming keyboard and improve your gaming skills with the right keyboards for gaming!

Best Keyboards for Gaming

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Gaming Keyboard

First of all, we will explain how to choose a gaming keyboard based on the axis, button type, connectivity, and features on the keyboard. Read it thoroughly so you can choose the right keyboards for gaming.

① For mechanical keyboards, note the color difference of the axis keys

Axis is a mechanical button (mechanical switch) that works with a spring force on a mechanical gaming keyboardAxis on a mechanical keyboard has four main colors, namely red, blue, brown, and bCons. Axis feels heavier when pressed with the following color sequence: red, brown, bCons, and blue.

Red axis, suitable for playing in long duration

Red axis is recommended for those of you who like to play for a long duration. This axis color is also the right choice if you are looking for a keyboard that doesn’t tire your fingers easily.

When you press it, you get a light tactile feel that makes it feel like you’re not pressing a button. The sound produced is quiet. On the other hand, for those of you who usually type by pressing the keyboard hard, maybe the sensation will feel less.

Blue axis, more satisfaction when pressing the button

If you want a satisfying tactile feel when typing, choose a keyboard with a blue axis. When the button is pressed, this type will bounce strongly so that the feel of the response is more satisfying. In addition, you can feel the satisfaction when pressing and typing.

However, the sound produced from a keyboard with a blue axis tends to be louder. This makes it less suitable for use in quiet environments. The keyboard with the blue axis is perfect for environments where you don’t have to worry about loud noises.

Brown axis, balanced and easy to use for beginners

If this is your first time using a gaming keyboard, we recommend choosing a keyboard with a brown axis. The sequence of the brown axis is right between the red and blue axis. So, this type has a firmer tactile feel than the red axis, but is quieter than the blue axis.

If you are unsure about choosing the red axis or blue axis, you can try the brown axis first. If you want a lighter tactile feel, choose the red axis. On the other hand, choose the blue axis for a more stable typing sensation.

BCons axis, fast response for high speed typing

When playing games, reflex speed when typing is very important and needed. Keyboards for gaming with bCons axis have a fast response and sound that tends to be quiet.

This keyboards for gaming really answers the needs of players who want to type fast. However, you will tire more quickly when using the bCons axis keyboard. Therefore, this keyboard is suitable for advanced level players who are used to playing and recognize the rhythm of the game.

② Select by keyboard type

Generally, keyboards for gaming are available in three different types. So, to make it easier for you to choose, you should first identify the type of keyboards for gaming. That way, you can find a gaming keyboard that fits your needs.

Membrane keyboard: Affordable and perfect for novice users

The membrane type is recommended for those of you who usually use a keyboard to type work on a computer. The membrane type is the type of key commonly used on a regular computer keyboard. For those of you who want a familiar feel when playing games, we recommend using a keyboard with this type of button.

Even though the tactile feel is less comfortable, the price is quite affordable. This type of membrane can be your initial choice if you want to try a gaming keyboard. Apart from that, the membrane keyboard is also one of the popular keyboard types used in Indonesia.

Pantograph keyboard: Quiet, thin, and easy to store

You who play games at night, use a pantograph type keyboard. You don’t need to worry about disturbing your family or neighbors’ rest because the sound produced tends to be quiet. The keys on a pantograph type keyboard don’t sink too deep when pressed so the sound produced isn’t too loud.

The pantograph type keyboard is also easy to store because of its thin size. Apart from that, what’s interesting about this keyboard is its good resistance. However, the pantograph keyboard is less popular as a gaming keyboard in Indonesia.

Capacitive keyboard: Can be customized as needed

If you want to customize and arrange the keyboard keys according to your preference, choose capacitive keyboardCapacitive keyboards have sensitive keys. Only with light pressure, the keyboard is responding to your commands. You will not tire quickly when typing using this type of keyboard.

In addition, you can adjust the feel and strength when pressing the keyboard to make it easier and more comfortable to use. However, like pantograph keyboards for gaming, capacitive keyboards are less popular in Indonesia.

Capacitive keyboards tend to be more expensive than other types of keyboards for gaming. However, isn’t this price commensurate with the freedom of typing that you get?

③ Customize connectivity with devices and games

Connectivity on the keyboard is very important because it affects the response speed that can be sent from the keyboard to the PC. Below, we will explain the various types of keyboard connectivity and their transmission capacity. Choose the connectivity that matches your game and device!

USB: Can be used for PC and PlayStation

We recommend using universal serial bus (USB) connectivity if you are going to use the keyboard on multiple devices. USB connectivity can not only be used on personal computers (PCs), but also on other game consoles such as the PlayStation. 

The operation is also very easy, plug it in when you are going to use it, then unplug it when you are not using it.

However, there are limitations to USB connectivity. USB connectivity can’t capture multiple commands simultaneously. For this reason, it is very rare for a keyboard with USB connectivity to capture many commands at one time.

Generally this connectivity can only read six buttons when pressed together. If the game you’re playing doesn’t require a lot of commands collectively, using a USB keyboard isn’t a problem.

Bluetooth wireless: Convenient to use when relaxing

If you want to play games while lying on the couch or bed, choose a keyboard with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You can play casually and freely without worrying about the transmission speed sent.

However, this connectivity is not suitable for FPS games because there are delays that can hamper the game. This wireless keyboard is perfect for relaxed massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

④ Check other excellent features

To experience an immersive gaming experience, you need a gaming keyboard with excellent features. So, here are some excellent keyboard features that can support your game.

N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting, for games that need speed

In games that require speed, errors when pressing or typing are fatal. To prevent this from happening, choose a keyboard that has N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting features.

  • N-Key Rollover or abbreviated as NKRO is a feature so that the keyboard can send multiple messages simultaneously to a PC.
  • Anti-Ghosting is a feature to prevent the keyboard from mistakenly recognizing commands.

In other words, NKRO and Anti-Ghosting features will benefit you as a player. Your game will be faster and more accurate.

Macro, shortening the time for skill activation

Playing games becomes easier if the keyboard is equipped with a macro feature. You can register frequently used commands or skills on macro buttons with one touch. If you want to experience an easier playing sensation, consider a keyboard model with this feature.

Sometimes typing ID and password when logging in is a bothersome job. By using the macro keys, you can even register an ID or passwordLogging in is even easier and faster.

Tenkeyless, suitable for games with the help of a mouse

Tenkeyless keyboard is a keyboard without numeric keys which are usually on the right side of the keyboard body. This type of keyboard is suitable for games that require a mouse

This keyboard is easy to carry around because it has a small size. Plus, tenkeyless keyboards take up very little space, making it easier for you to switch from keyboard to mouse.

Backlight, so the keyboard is easy to see even when the room is dark

For those of you who often play in a dark room, we recommend using a backlit keyboardThe backlight that illuminates each button makes it look attractive, especially in dark places.

In addition, this model is also perfect for use in dimly lit rooms. Another plus is that the buttons are not printed with printing so they don’t fade quickly when they’ve been used for a long time.

10 Best Keyboards for Gaming and Typing

Next, we will recommend the ten best keyboards for gaming and typing that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. NYK Nemesis K-01 Legion TKL K-01

Not a few players are engrossed in playing games while enjoying their favorite food or drink. Are you one of them? So, if you are looking for an affordable keyboard that is resistant to splashing water, this product is worth considering.

This product has holes to drain water that spills on the keyboard. Now you are less worried because the drink splashed on the keyboard. However, it’s a good idea to dry it before using it again.


  • Has the advantage of a splashproof design that makes the keyboard splash-resistant
  • The price is relatively affordable for a gaming keyboard


  • Not so good build quality
  • Limited RGB backlight settings

2. Rexus Battlefire K9E Gaming Keyboard

Are you looking for a stylish keyboard to complement your gaming rig setup? If so, you can choose this product. This Rexus keyboard offers four cool color choices, namely Bubblegum Pink, Blushing White, Leather BCons, and Licorice BCons. All color choices have a dual-tone style with a combination of two contrasting colors.


  • There are four stylish dual-tone color options
  • Equipped with rainbow backlight and keylight


  • There is no feature for saving RGB backlight settings
  • Not so good build quality

3. Sades Saber Tenkeyless RGB Backlight Keyboard

As time passes, the letters on the keyboard will start to fade a little. This is due to friction, sweat, or too often used for a long time. If you want keycaps that don’t fade easily, try this product.

Saber Tenkeyless RGB Backlight Keyboard has gone through finishing processing with double injection on the keys. This way, your keyboard will always look great even after you use it for a long time.


  • It has a bright RGB backlight
  • There is a braided cable so that the cable is not easily tangled and damaged
  • It is equipped with 25 Anti-Ghosting buttons


  • The build quality is not that good, some buttons may not work smoothly when pressed

4. Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keyboards with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity experience frequent lag issues. However, it will not be felt when you use this product. Logitech G embeds LIGHTSPEED technology to address lag, stability, and connectivity issues.

Manufacturers even claim that the performance of this product is like a keyboard with a cable! The use of power can be said to be very economical. The AA-type battery can last for 18 months. With the quality of a wired keyboard in a wireless keyboard, now you can play games more freely.


  • Suitable for gaming and everyday productivity
  • The wireless connection is fast which makes the game more fun
  • Easy default application setup


  • There is no backlight lamp making it difficult to use in dim rooms
  • The armrests cannot be removed

5. Fantech MAXFIT67 Modular Mechanical Keyboard

We recommend this keyboard made by Fantech for gamers who like to play music. On the far right of the keyboard there is a multifunction volume knob. You can easily change the volume and change songs in just one turn. 

In addition, these knobs can also be programmed like macro buttons. You can use the knobs to change weapons in FPS and action games.


  • It has a multi-function knob for adjusting volume and macro functions
  • Programmable RGB backlight


  • Keycaps are a bit blurry and not easy to read
  • Too much lubricant in the stabilizer so that sometimes it feels sticky

6. Redragon K530 60% RGB BCons Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Limited table space sometimes interferes with a comfortable playing experience. Mouse movement is usually often disturbed by the presence of a large and long keyboard. For those of you who have narrow desk space, this product from Redragon can be the best choice.

This keyboard has a tenkeyless design (TKL) with 61 keys. The body is very compact with a size of 60% of the full-size keyboard. That way, you can move the mouse more freely while playing.


  • The size is concise and compact
  • Switch or axis can be replaced according to taste


  • Only supports switches from Outemo
  • Programming options are limited

7. DigitalAlliance Meca Warrior RGB

Playing games with fellow gamers in one place certainly gives its own pleasure. However, carrying around gaming devices certainly feels inconvenient. So, if you are looking for a lightweight keyboard to carry everywhere, this product is the answer.

Its full plastic body makes it weigh only 805 grams. Even though the main body is made of plastic, the build quality is solid and feels solid. Moreover, this keyboard is a local product. There must be pride when using it!


  • Light weight, but still sturdy
  • It has ten RGB light modes and can be adjusted via the application


  • The quality of the caps is not neat in the finishing section
  • There is no caps lock indicator light

8. ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL

Want to increase your precision and accuracy when playing FPS games? This product can offer a solution. It can be seen, this keyboard offers a different design on the keys. This ASUS product has a CTRL key that is twice as wide in size in order to reduce errors when pressing. 

In addition, this keyboard also provides a Stealth Key which can mute and hide all applications in one press. Also enjoy the RGB Aura Sync backlighting which adds to the visual coolness!


  • The CTRL key is twice as large, thereby increasing accuracy and precision in FPS games
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable
  • The RGB backlight can be adjusted through the application


  • Its size is not as compact as a similar tenkeyless keyboard
  • It may be a little uncomfortable for some people because there is no armrest

9. Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For those of you who are professionals in the world of e-sports, this product is the right choice. This Corsair keyboard has powerful performance thanks to AXON Hyper-Processing technology. This feature allows input to be processed eight times faster than a regular gaming keyboard. The playing experience becomes more intense and exciting.

In addition, there is also a detachable magnetic armrest.The armrests have a soft texture and memory foam padding to keep you comfortable while playing.


  • Fast and responsive keyboard performance
  • There are armrests with comfortable memory foam pads
  • The keyboard can be customized and can store up to 200 profiles


  • The price is relatively expensive compared to other products
  • The dimensions of the keyboard are large so it is not so portable

10. Razer BConsWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed

If you have multiple gaming rigs and don’t want the hassle of changing setups, this product is the solution. Razer ‘s BCons Widow V3 Mini HyperSpeed ​​comes with three connection modes. 

You can connect the device via USB Type-C, wireless dongle, or Bluetooth. What’s more, you can also connect and switch up to three devices easily when in Bluetooth mode.


  • Good and sturdy build quality
  • It has three connection modes, namely USB Type-C, Bluetooth, and wireless dongle
  • Responsive tactile keys


  • When turned on, the backlight is very draining battery
  • The multi-device feature only supports certain types of mice 


Did you find your favorite keyboards for gaming among our ten recommendations above? Choose a gaming keyboard according to the game you are playing so that it can support game performance. 

Adjust the choice with the budget you have so that your hobby does not interfere with your financial circulation. Use our tips as a reference when you choose a gaming keyboard. Have a good time!

5 Best Gaming Keyboard Recommendations

  1. NYK Nemesis |K-01 Legion |TKL K-01
  2. Rexus |Gaming Keyboard Battlefire K9E
  3. Sades |Saber Tenkeyless RGB Backlight Keyboard
  4. Logitech |G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  5. Fantech |MAXFIT67 Modular Mechanical Keyboard

Other recomendations: