The Best Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast – The keyboard becomes an important device when you use a PC. Today, there are many types of keyboards available, for example wireless keyboards are handy and wired keyboards are responsive. The use of the keyboard also varies. Apart from typing, there is a gaming keyboard and there is also a keyboard for graphic design.

If you are still confused about choosing a suitable keyboard, pay attention to the points for choosing the best keyboard which we will explain below. We will also provide some good keyboard recommendations such as those from Logitech and Razer brands. This article has been reviewed by our keyboard enthusiast, Agi Tiara. Read to the end!

Best Keyboard

How To Choose A Keyboard That Is Easy To Use

First of all, we will explain the things you need to pay attention to in choosing the best computer keyboard. Read and understand each point so you can find the right keyboard.

① Determine the keyboard connection type: Wired or wireless keyboard

Based on the connection system, the keyboard is divided into wired keyboards and wireless keyboards (wireless). Both have their respective advantages. Understand the characteristics of each and choose the one that suits your needs.

Wired keyboard: Smoother typing without delay

If you are annoyed by the slow response of the keyboard, a wired keyboard may be the right choice. This type of keyboard is more responsive, so it is recommended for playing games, both offline and online. Its responsiveness makes fast typing more comfortable and no longer a problem.

Installation of a wired keyboard is also easy as it only needs to be connected to a PC before it is ready for use. Wired keyboards do not require batteries so they can be used for a long time

However, the workplace looks untidy due to the presence of cables, especially if you use a small desk. This type of wired keyboard is also quite inconvenient if you want to travel.

Wireless keyboard: Workspace looks neat without wires

Keyboards without wires (wireless) fit for you who want to make your desk look tidier. Without disturbing cables, cleaning the table becomes easier. In addition, the wireless keyboard is not a problem when it is put in a bag, so it is more practical when traveling.

There are two types of wireless keyboards based on the connection method, namely USB receivers and Bluetooth. For use on personal computers, the keyboard with the USB receiver method is not a problem. However, if you want to use it on various devices, such as tablets or smartphones, choose a keyboard with a Bluetooth connection type.

② Choose by type of keypad used: Membrane and pantograph, mechanical, or capacitive non-contact

Based on the type and construction of the keypad, there are several types of keyboards that you can find, such as membrane and mechanical keyboards. Here’s a brief explanation!

Membrane and pantograph types: Produce a quiet, low-noise sound

One of the characteristics of membrane and pantograph keyboards is that they sound quiet. Therefore, this keyboard is suitable for use in offices so as not to disturb other workers. You can also focus more on work.

This type of membrane keyboard has rubber on the bottom that acts as a spring. When pressed, the button returns with a quiet sound. However, there are also gaming membrane keyboards that still produce a loud sound. This type of keyboard has quite a variety of prices so you should consider it.

Meanwhile, pantograph keyboards are usually used on notebooks and the likeThis keyboard has a smoother spring force so fingers don’t get tired as quickly. 

Because the emphasis is shallow, the pantograph type has a quieter sound than the membrane type. However, the components behind the keyboard keys tend to be more fragile, so you have to be careful when using them.

Mechanical type: Strong buttons for long term use

Mechanical type keyboards have a greater number of keystrokes so they can be used longer. Compared to keyboards that use a rubber dome which can stretch and break, this type is known to be more durable.

In addition, there are different color switches for the mechanical keyboard keys, such as red, bCons and blue. The feel and sound of the keys from this keyboard are also slightly different, depending on the color of each axis. If you want to experience this difference in sound, we recommend trying it yourself at a computer store.

Please note that most of these types make a loud sound when pressed. Therefore, this keyboard is not suitable for those of you who work in an office. However, there are also mechanical type keyboards that have a silent switch. So, don’t forget to double check, okay!

Capacitive non-contact type: Faster response and less wear-resistant

This keyboard combines strong key character and quiet sound. This is because the keyboard does not make physical contact when the keys are pressed so that the internal components are not easily worn out. 

The sound produced is not a crackling sound, but a low key tapping sound. There are capacitive type switches that are categorized as mechanical keyboards and some are not.

This type of keyboard has a fairly high price and the products are also not many. Even so, buying this keyboard is like investing in the interests of your work. The more efficient the work, the more things you can get. Unfortunately, this type of solid keyboard is still hard to find in Indonesia.

③ Pay attention to the type of pitch and keystroke on the keyboard

Pitch and keystroke determine the ease with which the keyboard is pressed. The level of durability and comfort in using the keyboard is also determined by these two things. So, don’t forget to check it too, OK?

Pitch: Typing is more comfortable and minimal typo if it fits the character of the finger

The pitch or distance between the keys is the distance from the center of each key to the other keys. Generally,standard (full-size) keyboards have a pitch of 18–19 mm. If you have trouble typing on a standard keyboard, choose a product withwider pitch.

 The wide -pitch keyboard makes typing easier and avoids typos even if you have big fingers. However, a keyboard witha wider pitch makes the size of the main body of the keyboard also bigger.

On the other hand, a keyboard with a narrow pitch makes the product size more compact so that it is practical to carry on mobile. This type of keyboard is not recommended for those of you who have big fingers. So, first consider the type of keyboard pitch that will facilitate your work so that productivity can increase.

Keystroke: Affects typing speed and keyboard durability

Keystroke is the depth of the keyboard key when pressed. Do you often miss the button you should press or accidentally press the button next to the target button? If so,deep keystrokes are suggested for you. The keystroke makes you have to press the key hard so that it minimizes typos.

However, the deep keystroke is not suitable for fast typing. If you want to type fast, a product with a shallower keystroke is the best choice. Shallow keystrokes leave fingers freer and faster when typing. The drawback is that there is a possibility that you will often make typos because even with a weak press the keyboard will react.

If you want to type quickly, easily, and with minimal typos, choose isolated keyboard. The wide distance between the keys on this keyboard can minimize the occurrence of salts. 

On a mechanical keyboard, each switch has its own actuation force. The lighter the actuation force, the shallower the keystroke. If you really like a flat keyboard, you can choose a low profile keyboard.

④ Check the type of keypad available on the keyboard

Keyboards circulating in Indonesia generally use a QWERTY layout. This is the most popular keyboard layout in the world. However, in using the keyboard, you will not only deal with the letters and number buttons. 

In addition to checking the normal function of the keyboard, also check the type of keypad provided. This keypad will make it easier for you to operate the computer.

  • Alphabet keypad and alphanumeric keypad

There is a keyboard with an alphabetic keypad only, there is also a keyboard with an alphanumeric keypadAlphanumeric keypad is a combination of an alphabetic keypad and a numeric keypad on the right side. For those of you who often type and process number-based data, having a numeric keypad will help a lot.

  • F- pad and multimedia pad

Also check the availability of other function keys, for example F- pad and multimedia padThese two buttons make it easy for you to make computer settings, such as brightening and dimming the screen, or raising and lowering the speaker volume. Some multimedia pads are integrated with the F- pad, some are separate. So, don’t forget to check it, OK?

⑤ Check the spill-resistant feature to make the keyboard safe and easy to clean

If you often place drinks near the keyboard, choose a keyboard with a spill-resistant feature. This feature allows the keyboard to function properly even if it is exposed to spilled drinks. Cleaning the keyboard is also easier.

There are two types of keyboards that have this feature, namely waterproof and waterproof keyboards. The waterproof keyboard has drainage or drain holes on the back so it stays safe if you accidentally spill a drink. However, this keyboard cannot be washed using water.

On the other hand, the waterproof keyboard can be completely washed using water. You can clean a dirty keyboard easily. However, even an optical keyboard that can be washed with water still has a risk of seeping into the printed circuit board (PCB). So, you have to be careful when cleaning the keyboard by washing it.

10 Best Keyboards Recommendation That Are Easy To Use

Next, we will recommend the ten best keyboards that are easy to use, which we determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Aula F2058 Multimedia Full Mechanical

Are you looking for a keyboard with customizable lights? If so, this mechanical keyboard from Aula is one that we recommend. You can change the keyboard lighting according to your mood and desk setup.

To change the lighting, you just need to press the knob on the top right of the keyboard. This multifunction knob can also brighten and dim the keyboard lighting, as well as raise and lower the PC volume.


  • Has adjustable RGB lights
  • There is a wrist rest to make typing more comfortable


  • The use of the blue switch makes the keyboard make a noise when typing

2. Fantech HUNTER PRO K511 Membrane Gaming Keyboard K511

If you are worried that the keyboard is not compatible with your device’s operating system, choose this product. Fantech manufactures keyboards that are compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS operating systems. You can also connect the keyboard with your device without a hitch.

In addition, this keyboard also has an anti-ghosting keycap feature. This feature allows the keyboard keys to function properly even if they are pressed at the same time. Then, the cable uses braided nylon so it is more flexible and strong. There is also RGB lighting illumination which makes the sensation of pressing the keycaps even more exciting.


  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • Has an anti-ghosting keycap feature for up to 19 keys


  • The dimensions are quite large so that it requires a large space

3. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard

For those of you who have a smart TV at home, this product is suitable to choose from. Thanks to the integrated touchpad feature, you can easily control your computer and TV pointers. 

You can also make this product the best external laptop keyboard option for your laptop. The wireless connection can reach up to 10 meters so it can be used in large living rooms.


  • Equipped with an integrated touchpad to move the pointer
  • Wireless connection can reach up to 10 meters


  • Not equipped with backlit keys

4. Robot Portable Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard KB10

This minimalist keyboard from Robot is designed with round keys to support a cool appearance and comfortable use. You can choose a feminine pink variant or a neutral bCons color. This product is also equipped with an integrated stand to support the device used.

Well, for those of you who often type using a tablet or smartphone, this product will be very useful. Your tablet or smartphone will be at the right angle for easy reading while typing.


  • Has an integrated stand for a tablet or smartphone
  • Dual connection, namely Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless


  • The button is not so silent

5. Altec Lansing ALBK6268 Wireless/Bluetooth Dual Mode Keyboard

This product from Altec Lansing is suitable for those of you who are often bothered by loud button sounds. This keyboard has keys that are fairly quiet and don’t make too much sound.

Typing becomes quieter and you don’t have to worry about disturbing your surroundings. In terms of connectivity, this keyboard has a dual connection using Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless. You can also connect up to three different devices.


  • Dual connection, namely Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless
  • There is a stand holder for a smartphone or tablet


  • Not so silent space key
  •  The rather low typing angle makes your hands tired quickly

6. Logitech Pop Keys

For those of you who often surf social media or chat on the internet, you need to try this keyboard. Logitech Pop Keys have a unique emoji button on the right side of the keyboard

You can add emojis instantly by pressing the dedicated button while chatting. There are eight choices of emoji that can be replaced and installed. What’s more, you can also set the emoji you want using the Logitech Options application.


  • Has emoji button for instant emoji typing
  • Using mechanical keys with a typewriter-like design
  • Long lasting battery up to three years


  • Not equipped with a backlit lamp for typing in low light rooms
  • Not recommended for gaming due to poor latency

7. Keychron K3 Ultra-Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) 

This mechanical keyboard is a low profile type that has optical switches and is hot-swappable. Its low profile size makes the Keychron K3 easier to carry around because of its flatter shape. This is a suitable product if you have high mobility. In addition, this keyboard also has a spare keycap for the MacOS layout.

There are two types of connections in this product, namely wireless (Bluetooth) and wired USB Type-C. The types of devices that can be used are also more diverse, ranging from computers, laptops, Macs, to smartphones. In fact, the keyboard can be connected to three devices at once!


  • Equipped with a spare keycap for the MacOS layout
  • The compact design makes the keyboard easy to carry anywhere


  • The tilt angle of the keyboard cannot be adjusted or adjusted

8. Apple Magic Keyboard MLA22ID/A

If you are an Apple enthusiast, of course you won’t miss using the Apple keyboard either. Therefore, you must have this product. This thin keyboard has a sleek shape with a luxurious design. Combine it with your Apple device, so the workspace will look classier.

Magic Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for typing. Using the best keyboard for typing is also very easy because it can connect automatically with Mac devices. Don’t forget about the incredible battery life. In one chargethe keyboard can be used for about a month or more.


  • It has a sleek and luxurious design
  • Soft keyboard with a comfortable typing sensation


  • Its features can be used to the maximum only in the Apple ecosystem

9. Logitech MX Mechanical

Working in the field of graphic design often requires shortcut keys to make work easier. With these shortcut keys, your work becomes more efficient and fast. Fortunately, Logitech has come out with a keyboard that is perfect for the task.

MX Mechanical has a Logi Options+ feature that allows you to add custom functions to the buttons. You can adapt it specifically to the design application you use. Apart from that, you can also use this feature to check battery capacity, change the backlight, switch devices, and so on.


  • Has a Logi Options+ feature to add special functions to buttons
  • The battery can last up to 10 months


  • Not recommended for gaming due to high latency

10. Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless

If you are a gamer looking for a responsive and comfortable keyboard, this product is for you. The Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless is a wired keyboard with optical switches. This combination makes input faster, even with almost no latency. Playing games that require dexterity like FPS is no longer a problem.

In addition, you can also choose the type of switch according to your preferences. There is a Linear Switch that is soft, smooth, and silent. The switch makes the keyboard comfortable for typing. There is also a Clicky Switch which has a feedback sensation when pressed.


  • Responsive keyboard with 8000 Hz polling rate, perfect for competitive gaming
  • There are two choices of switch characteristics


  • The wrist rest is not attached to the d keyboard so it is prone to shifting

Frequently Asked Questions About Keyboards

After reviewing how to choose and product recommendations, we will answer popular questions about keyboards. Maybe your question will be answered after reading the brief explanation below.

  • How do you clean the keyboard?

Cleaning the keyboard can be done using a mini vacuum or keyboard cleaning gel. For mechanical keyboards, you can simply remove the keycaps, then clean them with cold water and soap. For the plate or keyboard body, it is enough to clean it so that dust does not get into the switches or PCB.

  • Any tips on using the keyboard comfortably?

Look for a keyboard that is ergonomic and has a hand rest for comfort when used. If necessary, add a wrist rest so you can type more comfortably. Also make sure the type of switch is according to your needs. Using a switch that is too light or heavy can make typos or hands ache quickly.


After reading our review, have you decided which keyboard you want to buy? Deciding on the right keyboard is tricky. You need to know the features that will help your work.

Therefore, don’t forget to check the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Also adjust to the budget that you have prepared. That way, you can find a suitable keyboard at a price that suits your pocket. Hope this review helps you!

5 Best Keyboard Recommendations

  1. Hall |F2058 Multimedia Full Mechanical
  2. Fantech |HUNTER PRO K511 Membrane Gaming Keyboard |K511
  3. Logitech |K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard
  4. Robot |Portable Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard |KB10
  5. Altec Lansing |Dual Mode Wireless/Bluetooth Keyboard |ALBK6268

Other recomendations: