The Best M.2 SSDs – Reviewed by Expert Gaming Content Creator – The M.2 connector type SSD is here to provide better convenience compared to using a HDD on a PC. However, M.2 SSDs come with different standards, such as PCI Express 3.0 x 4 or SATA 3.0. 

The following article will review how to choose a good M.2 connector type SSD. Not to forget, we will also recommend the best M.2 SSDs from various well-known brands, such as Western Digital, PNY, and Samsung. This article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla. Happy reading!

Best M.2 SSDs

What is M.2 Connection Type?

Solid state drive (SSD) is computer hardware that functions to store data. There are many types of SSD, one of which is the M.2 connector type SSD. The M.2 SSD has arrived as the successor to mSATA. 

This M.2 SSD is widely used because of its faster data transfer capabilities and slim shape. Not surprisingly, this type is the latest standard of data storage for computers and laptops. 

While M.2 SSDs are very popular today, the SATA standard is unlikely to disappear for the foreseeable future. Of course, if you are familiar with SATA SSDs, now comes the SATA-based M.2 SSD. 

There are also M.2 SSDs based on NVMe which are more popular in today’s computers. SSDs with M.2 connectors are typically compatible with SATA 3.0 and PCI Express 3.0 connections.

Collaborating with experts: How to choose an M.2 connector type SSD

We will review important points on how to choose an SSD with an M.2 type connector. There are several things you need to consider when choosing an M.2 connector type SSD. However, we have summarized them and only reviewed certain points that you need to pay attention to below. Please read it!

① Know the type of M.2 connector type SSD and its connection standard

In choosing the right M.2 SSD, you must first know the type and connection standard. M.2 SSD itself generally has two types, namely SATA and NVMe. Both types have different connections and speeds depending on your usage. Therefore, you need to check the default first. 

SATA, stable and can be installed on almost all types of motherboards

Serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) is a type of interface used to store data on an SSD. M.2 SATA SSDs have a maximum data transfer rate of 6 Gb/s. Although a little slow, M.2 SATA SSDs are classified as having better performance than SSDs or HDDs with a similar interface.

In addition, this type of SSD has three to four times higher bandwidth than HDD. Not only that, the M.2 SATA SSD uses a SATA 3.0 connection that is compatible with all computers, especially older computers. So, if you’re looking for a perfect M.2 SSD for your old computer, you should consider an M.2 SATA SSD.

NVMe, high performance and speed

Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is the latest type of SSD M.2 which is famous for its data transfer speed. When connected to your computer, this M.2 NVMe SSD offers up to 32 Gb/s performance. This is certainly faster than other types of SSD. Therefore, it is not uncommon for this type of M.2 SSD to be used for editing or playing games.

Utilizing a PCIe 3.0 x 4 connection, the M.2 NVMe SSD has multiple lanes so that the effective data transfer speed is up to 985 MB/s on each lane. However, the M.2 NVMe SSD requires a PCIe connection which is compatible only on the latest PCs or laptops. This connection also generates quite a bit of heat so you’ll need a heat sink in your PC. 

② In order to install on the computer, please select the appropriate size

M.2 SSDs have a notation in the specification indicating their physical size. Before you buy, there are several M.2 SSD sizes that you should know and adjust to your needs.

  • Type 2280 

M.2 SSD type 2280 is the mainstream type and can be used without problems if using a compatible motherboard. As the type notation suggests, this SSD is 22 mm wide and 80 mm long. However, be warned that this SSD may not fit for a small computer.

  • Types 2260 and 2242 

You can choose M.2 SSD types 2260 and 2242 if the motherboard you have is small. The size is just right and slimmer when included in a barebones computer kit. However, the product type 2260 and type 2242 are in smaller quantity and the price is higher than type 2280. 

③ Adjust the storage capacity according to the application to be used

The capacity of an M.2 SSD is directly proportional to its price, so the price increases as the capacity increases. Therefore, you need to consider choosing a product that suits your usage. 

  • 128GB 

M.2 SSD with 128GB capacity is enough size if you only install light OS or software. In addition, this size is also suitable for storing various kinds of data, such as documents or small jobs

  • 256GB to 512GB

If you like work and life balance, M.2 SSD with a capacity of 256 GB and 512 GB is suitable for all your needs. You can download software for work, also for playing light games

  • 1TB or more 

If you need a large storage capacity for various software and data, a capacity of 1 TB or more can be your choice. Even though the price is quite high, you can store various videos and photos on your computer.

The Best M.2 Connector Type SSDs Rating

The following are recommendations for the best M.2 Connector Type SSDs. These products are sorted independently by mybest based on their popularity in the marketplace.

1. V-Gen SSD Turbo SATA M.2

For those of you students who want to upgrade HDD to SSD, products from V-GeN can be used as an alternative. This product is equipped with the SM2258XT controller chipset which has a read speed of up to 540 MB/s. Of course, this speed is very sufficient for online class needs. 

This M2 SSD has a SATA connection that can be used on various laptops. In addition, the price of this SSD is also pocket-friendly. Plus, you don’t need to worry if the product is damaged because V-Gen provides exchange services due to product defects. 

2. XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Solid State Drive

This product from XPG is suitable for those of you who need a high-speed M.2 SSD. This connection standard with the PCIe Gen3x4 interface is the right choice when it comes to game rendering and overclocking. In addition, 3D NAND Flash results in high capacity, robustness, and efficiency compared to previous technologies.

This product is also equipped with the E2E Data Protection feature which makes data more secure. There are also apps that allow you to monitor capacity, temperature and remaining life. In addition, you can also use this M.2 SSD for PCs that use Intel or AMD.


For those of you who don’t want to bother adding capacity to your laptop, choose this M.2 SSD. The RX7 M.2 SATA SSD is a favorite for beginners because it is easy to set up and can be used directly on any computer. With a read speed of up to 550 MB/s, your data will be opened and stored easily. 

The capacity is also quite large to put the operating system on the laptop. In addition, booting the computer will be faster and easier without having to wait long. If you are still a beginner, choose this M.2 SSD as a solution to upgrade your computer. 

4. Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2

The Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 is able to increase bandwidth through the NVMe interface combined with the Polaris controller. In addition, intelligent TurboWrite technology is able to accelerate the ability to write speed.

The presence of a dynamic thermal guard will protect data and guarantee responsive performance. Meanwhile, special software ensures that the firmware you use can be updated automatically. So, this product is suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother updating firmware. In addition, this product also comes with a five-year warranty.

5. Midasforce SSD M.2 SATA3 Hyper Lightning

Are you confused about choosing the SSD size for your laptop? If so, choose this Midasforce product. This Midasforce Hyperlightning product has a shape that can be cut according to your needs. 

Not only is the size flexible, the specifications are also okay for use in everyday work. You can boot Windows and install some applications without lagging. Of course, this product is suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother with a laptop before buying an SSD. 

6. PNY SSD M.2 2280 NVMe Gen3x4 CS1031

This M.2 SSD from PNY is equipped with non-volatile NAND which makes it 30 times more powerful than HDD. In addition, this product is also claimed to be 3 times faster than ordinary SATA SSDs. Interestingly, this product is also compatible for Mac desktops, you know! Therefore, for those of you who have a Mac laptop and want to upgrade it, choose this product.

7. Western Digital WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe SSD

This product is made for those of you who need an M.2 SSD for gaming purposes. The latest NVMe PCIe® Gen4 transmission interface delivers incredible speeds of up to 3600 MB/s. Of course, with this SSD, you will definitely have more fun playing with friends. 

This M.2 SSD also has the added advantage of consuming less power than a regular SSD. This allows you to play games longer without worrying about your electricity bills swelling up. Plus, this SSD has a warranty of up to five years which can give you peace of mind in the event of a product failure.

8. TeamGroup MS30 M.2 SATA SSD

This product supports smart response technology that allows users to use it as cache memory between the HDD and the computer. This SSD is suitable for those of you who want a large storage capacity. Choose a product from this Team Group if you want your PC HDD to function like an SSD.

Smart technology SSD M.2 provides solutions for good performance, efficiency and uptime. This can happen because this product supports advance garbage collectionwear levelingTRIM command, and power saving functions. You can use this product if you are looking for an M.2 SSD with good performance and long usage.

9. Western Digital WD Green SATA SSD M.2 2280

You can increase performance for daily use by using WD Green SATA SSD. This includes some standard tasks, such as browsing the web, playing games, and starting the system immediately. 

This product is available in 2.5-inch and 2280 types with a simple model that makes it easy to upgrade. Thus, you can choose this product from Western Digital for the security of your data.

10. Transcend M.2 SSD 830S MTS830S

If you have a slow laptop, of course you can consider replacing your SSD. The Transcend M.2 SSD 830S product is here to answer your problem. This product has a high IOPS, which reaches 90000 IOPS. Therefore, your laptop will be faster without lagging. 

High transfer speeds make this product qualified to handle daily work or multimedia applications. Its read speed capability reaches 560 MB/s and its write speed reaches 520 MB/s. Therefore, this product is suitable for those of you who want to overcome a slow laptop. 


We’ve covered the key points on how to choose an M.2 SSD that has high processing speed. We have also provided our top ten recommendations for M.2 SSDs. What do you think?

Choose a product according to your needs that requires an M.2 SSD. You can save energy in addition to fast performance if you choose the right M.2 SSD. Therefore, you need to choose your M.2 SSD carefully. good luck!

5 Best M.2 Connector Type SSD Recommendations

  1. V-Gen |SSD Turbo SATA M.2
  2. XPG |SX8200 Pro PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Solid State Drive
  3. RX7 |SSD M.2 SATA
  4. Samsung |SSD 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2
  5. Midasforce |SSD M.2 SATA3 Hyper Lightning

Other recomendations: