The Best Online PC Game Recommendations to Play

Best Online PC Game – Playing online PC game is one of the favorite activities of many people. Not only as a spare time filler, playing online games is also a way to make money. These activities can be carried out on various platforms, such as consolessmartphones, and PCs. However, the breadth of the target market has made many developers prioritize their games for release on PC.

Online PC games are so diverse that it is quite difficult to choose a suitable game. However, don’t worry! We will help you choose a good online PC game. Not to forget, we also cover  free, lightweight and popular online PC games.

Best Online PC Game

How To Choose Online PC Games

There are several points that you need to consider when choosing an online PC game. Check these points before you download and play with friends!

① Prioritize light games if you want to play smoothly on a PC with low specifications

Currently, not all games can run on every PC specification. PCs with Intel Core i3 processors and below and 2 –4 GB of RAM can only play online PC games with limited graphics. In order to run smoothly, prioritize light online PC games for PCs with low specs. 

Light games generally have low to mid system requirements so they don’t require very large RAM. Some examples of games with low to mid system requirements are DOTA 2, Among Us, Stardew Valley, Point Blank, and Team Fortress 2

② If your PC has high specifications, it’s fine to choose a multiplayer game with good graphics

Different from before, if you have a high spec PC, there are lots of the latest online PC games that you can play. Games with realistic graphics must run smoothly on high-spec PCs, namely those with an Intel Core i5 processor and above and 6-8 GB of RAM. 

Games with good graphics usually have mid to high system requirements. Several online multiplayer PC games that fit these criteria are Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, Phasmophobia, Monster Hunter: Rise, and Minecraft