The Best Power Supply for PC – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best Power Supply for PC  The power supply is an important part of a PC (personal computer). This device provides power supply for the computer by converting AC current (alternating current) to DC current (direct current). 

You can find power supplies with a variety of power, from 400 watts to 550 watts. This time we will provide recommendations for the best PC power supply and review tips on choosing one. 

Cooler Master, CORSAIR, and Imperion are some examples of good power supply brands. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo, and our tech enthusiast, Joshua Pandu. Happy listening!

Best Power Supply for PC

What is The Function of The Power Supply on a PC?

You must have heard the term power supply on a computer. However, do you understand what it does? The power supply unit or PSU is a piece of hardware that is square in shape and is usually placed in the PC case.

Basically, the power supply function is to supply power to the computer. The trick is to convert AC current into DC current. Thus, the PC gets the energy to operate all the components in it.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose a Power Supply for a PC

You will probably find a lot of power supply products for PCs on the market. To suit your needs, see our tips on choosing from the following, OK!

① Know the amount of power you need

Each PC has different component specifications. Therefore, the power requirements are not the same. The graphics card and CPU are the components that absorb the most power, followed by the motherboard and hard drive. Therefore, make sure the power generated by the power supply meets the needs of your PC

For example, let’s assume that the total power usage of your PC is 450 watts. Well, you should choose a power supply with power above 450 watts. This can prevent the PC or power supply from being damaged or shorted.

In choosing a power supply based on power, you should choose the most optimal capacity. The optimal conditions in question are not Consing and not overpowering.