The Best Printers for The Home Office or Photo Printing All in One – A printer is a machine for printing documents, photos or stickers. There are even multifunction all-in-one printers from HP that can printcopy, and scanPrinters are made for different purposes, such as home printers, offices, to printing.

This time we will give tips on choosing a good printer. We will also share product recommendations from the best printer brands, for example Epson L3210 and Canon IP2770. 

You can also find printers with Wi-Fi, ink-efficient ink tank printers, and color printers for printing photos. Check out the printer reviews in this article before you buy, OK!

Best Printers

How To Choose A Printer

Before choosing a printer, you should get to know the functions and features offered. This will help you choose the printer that suits your needs.

① Select the type of printer based on your needs

There are two types of printers that are commonly used, namely inkjet and laser printers. We will explain the difference below.

Inkjet printer, prints text and images with high quality

Inkjet printers are small printers that are commonly used in homes. This printer has smooth printouts with sharp colors when printing photos or images. The price of this printer is quite friendly and easy to get.

Even so, this printer ink consumes more so it runs out faster. You need to compare ink prices before choosing an inkjet printer. This is because each brand has its own ink with different prices.

Laser printer, print large quantities faster

Laser printers are full-featured printers that can print in large quantities like copiers. The price of this printer is higher than inkjet printers, but the operational costs are much cheaper. If you often print large amounts of documents, this type of printer will be more profitable for long-term use.

There are two types of laser printers, namely monochrome and color. Although there are laser printers that can print in color, the resolution is still inferior to inkjet printers. For best results, use a special inkjet printer for color printing and a laser printer for printing documents.

② Look at the characteristics and functions of the printer

There are various printers with various functions, ranging from simple to complex. We will introduce to you three types of them.

Home printer: Single function for printing only

Compared to other printers that offer various functions, this printer can only be used for printing. You can print photos, greeting cards, documents and more with this printer.

Its small size and simple design allow it to be placed anywhereThis printer is suitable for home use, which generally only prints and does not require a lot of space.

Photo printer: Print directly from cameras and smartphones

Can you print via a cellphone or smartphone? The answer is of course yes. Photo printers can print photos directly from your smartphone and camera without the need for a computer or laptop. Now there are even many manufacturers that make mobile printers intended for smartphones.

If you only use the printer to print photos or images, we recommend that you choose this type. Unfortunately the size that can be printed is limited. This printer generally cannot print A4 and B5 sizes.

Multifunction printer: Able to copy, scan, and fax

Apart from printing functions, multifunction printers are equipped with features for copying, scanning and sending faxes. No wonder this printer is quite popular for use at home or in offices.

Now there are even multifunction printers that can be directly connected to smartphones and cameras to print photos or documents. Even so, its large size takes up enough space, especially for the home.

If you use it frequently and need the three additional features above, a multifunction printer is the best choice. The scan feature on this printer can even change documents or photos in PDF formatThis printer really makes it easy for you when you want to save documents in soft copy form.

③ Check the type of cartridge in the printer

Also take into account the cost of using the printer in the future, especially for purchasing cartridges. Here we will review several types of cartridges and their advantages and disadvantages.

Ink tank, filling easier and cheaper

Ink tank filling system is easier and cheaper. You just buy the ink and don’t need to buy a new cartridge. The way to fill it is also easy because there are no cartridges or ink tanks that need to be removed. You simply pour ink into the ink tank according to the color.

Integrated inkjet, the amount is small and easy to replace

Integrated inkjet is a cartridge that contains a combination of 5-6 colors and bCons. Because of its small number of cartridges, this type is easy to set up and replace. The drawback of this cartridge is that other inks cannot be used if one color runs out. You must replace all colors even if other colors remain.

You need to consider the drawbacks of this cartridge if you want to print large quantities of color photos or documents. If the frequency of printing color documents is not too frequent, this cartridge can be an option.

Split inkjet, more economical because it can be purchased individually

This cartridge has a separate ink container for each color. If one color of ink runs out, you can exchange it for new ink which can be purchased individually. Because it is enough to replace the color that runs out, the use of this cartridge can save operational costs.

If you frequently print images in the same color or print in moderate quantities, use a split inkjet cartridge. However, do not let the colors change when you replace them, as you will need to clean the printer if this happens. The installation process is also more time consuming than integrated inkjet.

Toner, for laser printers that print on a large scale

Toner is a special cartridge for laser printers. The price is indeed higher because this cartridge is usually used to print in large quantities. However, operational costs become cheaper if you do the math because one toner can be used for multiple printing.

For those of you who regularly print in large quantities, choose a printer that uses a toner cartridge. However, you’ll also need to budget for the drum unit, which should be replaced every three toner changes.

④ Know the different types of printer ink

Ink on inkjet printers is divided into two, namely dye-based and durabrite pigment. The type of ink that can be used on each printer is different, depending on the model.

Dye based, bright for printing photos and pictures

This ink is soluble in water so it seeps into the paper when printed. Its characteristic is a brighter color with a glossy finish. So, this ink is recommended for those of you who often print pictures or photos.

The drawback of this ink is that it requires a longer drying time. In addition, this ink is not waterproof and easily fades when exposed to splashes of water. So, be careful when using it.

Durabrite pigment, for printing documents

Durabrite pigment ink has larger particles and does not easily penetrate paper. With this ink, the writing on your document will be printed clearly. This ink is suitable for those of you who print documents more often than pictures or photos.

Because this ink is not easily dissolved in water, the color will not fade even if you mark the document with a highlighter. However, this ink is not suitable for printing photos or pictures because the color quality is not as good as dye-based inks.

⑤ Consider the other features of the printer

Apart from printing, some printers have other additional features. For example, printing on both sides, printing directly from the SD card, and controlling via smartphone. Let’s look at the explanation below.

Multiple connections: Connect printers with various devices

Currently, there are many printers equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. That way, you can print photos or documents directly without having to go through a PC.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth let you wirelessly connect and print via your phone or camera. Even so, we recommend that you choose a printer that has a USB connection. When the Wi-Fi network is unstable, you can use a USB cable as a backup.

Duplexing: Prints and scans on both sides of the paper

Printers that have a duplexing feature are able to print or scan from both sides of the document at once. You don’t need to turn the paper manually every time you want to scan a document. The use of paper can also be more efficient because you can print back and forth. This feature can make your time and energy more efficient.

Slot memory, PictBridge, and cloud-based support: Facilitate the data transfer process

If you often print documents from a smartphone or digital camera, pay attention to this feature. You can choose a printer with a memory slot, PictBridge, or cloud-based. This feature makes it easy to transfer documents or images so they can be printed immediately. Here are the benefits that you can get from each feature.

  • Memory / USB slot: documents or photos can be printed directly from the memory card
  • PictBridge: can connect the camera to the printer via a USB cable
  • Cloud-base: to send scanned or copied results to cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Cloud Print, and OneDrive

10 Best Printers for Home or Office

Next, we will recommend the ten best printers product that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Epson EcoTank L3210 A4 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Do you need a recommendation for a multifunctional and affordable home printer? If so, choose this product. The Epson L3210 printer is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan and photocopy. 

So, the activity of managing various documents can be fulfilled properly. It’s no wonder that this product is the best Epson printer for those of you who work from home.

This Epson L3110 printer replacement also has good printing capabilities. Once filled with ink, you can print up to 4,500 pages in bCons and white and 7,500 pages in color. You can even print borderless photos up to 4R size. This printer ink tank is equipped with special nozzles to ensure that the ink refill does not spill.


  • The printer can be used to printscan and photocopy
  • Easy filling due to spill-free and error-free refilling


  • There are reviews that say that full color prints are striped in cyan

2. Canon PIXMA iP2770

The Canon IP2770 printer is one of the best products from Canon. This printer has been released since 2005 and is still being produced today. The advantages of this product lie in its professional print quality and print speed.

Equipped with the A4 borderless feature, you can create photo albums, menu images, and more. In addition, the spare parts on this printer are quite sturdy and durable. The price of this printer is also economical, making it suitable for students or home businesses.


  • Can print borderless A4 photos
  • There is a FINE Print Head feature for detailed printouts


  • Limited functions and features

3. Canon PIXMA TS307

Forgetting to bring a laptop or flash disk containing important data to print is indeed a hassle. Don’t worry because the Canon Pixma TS307 offers convenience for you. With this printer, you can print documents or photos from your smartphone with one touch. 

You can also copy documents or photos using a smartphone via the Canon PRINT Inkjet or SELPHY applications.


  • Easy wireless connection to smartphones with just one touch
  • Easily copy documents or photos using a smartphone via the app 
  • Print borderless photos up to 4R size


  • Ink cartridges for all colors must be installed, the printer will not work if one is not installed
  • Its weight is almost 3 kg, not suitable for those of you who have high mobility

4. Epson EcoTank L5290

Epson EcoTank L5290 is one of the best ink tank printer recommendations for those of you who work as secretaries. This Epson printer has complete features and functions, including scanning, photocopying, and faxing.

This product also has a Wi-Fi network so you can print documents directly from your HP. This printer can certainly be relied upon for urgent matters, so it is suitable for those of you who need documents quickly.


  • There is a fax feature
  • Easy ink filling system without having to remove the cartridge


  • There is no duplexing feature for the price yet

5. Brother DCP-T720DW

The advantage of this product is that the paper input tray capacity is quite large, which is 150 sheets. The tray can also be adjusted according to various paper sizes. In addition, there is a manual feed slot to accommodate one sheet of various types of paper. 

So, printer performance will be more efficient. Brother DCP-T720DW is certainly one of the best multifunction printers for those of you who print on various types and sizes of paper.


  • Durable and long lasting


  • There are users who complain that using the application is complicated

6. HP Laser Printer 107a

If you are looking for recommendations for a monochrome laser printer for everyday use, this product can be a good choice. The monthly duty cycle number of this product is relatively high so it can be used to print in large quantities. 

The existence of mobile printing support also makes your work more efficient. The price of this HP printer is also friendly for its performance.


  • Equipped with mobile printing support, printing is even easier
  • Relatively light weight, ready to support your high mobility


  • Only for printing
  • Can only print bCons-and-white documents

7. HP Printer Smart Tank 500 All-in-One

Choose this product if you are looking for good HP printer recommendations for printing photos, stickers, brochures, and the like. The HP Smart Tank 500 All-in-One printer is claimed to be able to print with high color quality. Prints from one of the best color printers are even claimed to be fade-resistant and can last for years.

Maintenance and filling of ink on this product is also easy because it is equipped with an ink tank system with a spill-proof bottle. The tank can also be sealed again so that ink does not spill after being filled.


  • Good printing results
  • Easy ink refill


  • Some Mac users have trouble installing drivers

8. Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3

Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3 has a high resolution that can display more detailed gradations so that the photo results are stunning. Not only that, the results of the photos are also optimized using the Fujifilm Intelligence Filter. So, it will automatically brighten the photo so that the print results are better if the photo you want to print is a little dark.

This product can also print photos from social media easily. You can print photos complete with social media icon templates, the number of likes, to the time when the photo was uploaded. You can rely on this product to capture moments stored on social media, right?


  • High resolution photo prints
  • There is a Fujifilm Intelligence Filter feature to maximize photo prints
  • Can print photos directly from social media or Fujifilm X-Series cameras


  • To use print, you need to download the application first
  • There are buyers who complain that refill paper for photo printing is often limited

9. Brother DCP-L2540DW

If you are looking for recommendations for an all-in-one printer that can print documents in a short time, this product is the right choice. The print speed of this printer reaches 30 ppm. Thus, your work will become more efficient.

In addition, this ink-efficient printer provides a variety of connections. You can connect it via USB cable, Ethernet, and even wireless. Unfortunately this printer can only print in bCons and white.


  • Figures printing speed is relatively fast, saving you time
  • There are various connections that make it easy to use


  • Can only print bCons-and-white documents

10. PANTUM M7100DW

Usually office printers for printing lots of documents have a noisy sound. If you want to avoid that, we recommend this product. This good mini printer and copier for the office is claimed to have a quiet voice. Thus, you can focus more when working.

The features and technology offered by the PANTUM M7100DW are also qualified. Because it uses a toner type cartridge, this printer can print up to 12 thousand sheets of paper. There’s even a USB port that lets you save scan results directly to a flash drive.


  • The functions offered are various


  • Toner refilling and drum replacement is quite complicated, it requires professional personnel


In this article, we have reviewed tips on choosing a printer and explained the important details to pay attention to. Have you found the best printer to choose from? If not, you can refer to the recommendations we provide.

There are many types of printers on the market, for example, those that have modern features, are multifunctional, have stylish designs, and are affordable. Make sure you choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

5 Best Printer Recommendations

  1. Epson |EcoTank L3210 A4 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer
  2. Canon|PIXMA iP2770
  3. Canon|PIXMA TS307
  4. Epson|EcoTank L5290
  5. Brother|DCP-T720DW

Other recomendations: