The Best RAM for Gaming – Reviewed & Tested by Gamers – Best RAM for Gaming: As temporary data storage, RAM helps lighten the performance of your laptop and PC. Qualified RAM capacity can optimize work when opening software with heavy computing, for example gaming or video editing.

You can find lots of good RAM brands, such as G.SKILL, CORSAIR, and V-Gen. Therefore, we will share the best RAM recommendations for gaming. However, we will explain how to choose it first. 

This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo, and our tech enthusiast, Joshua Pandu. Listen to the end, OK!

Best RAM for Gaming

What is RAM?

Random-access memory is a system of short-term memory in a computer. RAM serves to temporarily back up data on the computer. RAM is also used to speed up computer performance in processing information.

That way, RAM makes the computer work lighter when opening two or more software at the same timeThe multitasking process will run smoother as RAM capacity increases. When opening software with heavy data computing, your computer does not hang.

Collaborating with experts: How to choose RAM / random access memory

First of all, we’ll explain a few things you need to understand before buying RAM. This is because not all types of RAM are compatible with your device. Therefore, read this article till the end to find the suitable RAM.

① Select the RAM type according to your device

Even though it has the same function, RAM for laptops cannot be installed on a PC. This is due to the difference in size and type of slot. We will explain it below.

Laptop, SO-DIMM type RAM

If you are looking for RAM for a laptop, choose the SO-DIMM type. SO-DIMM stands for small outline dual in-line memory module. Because it will be installed into a laptop, SO-DIMM RAM has a smaller size.

SO-DIMM RAM has a variety of pin numbers, such as 72 pins, 100 pins, 144 pins, and 204 pins. Each number of pins has varying performance. RAM SO-DIMMs with 72 pins and 100 pins support 32 bit data transfer. Meanwhile, 144 pin, 200 pin, and 204 pin SO-DIM RAM supports 64 bit data transfer.

Desktop PC RAM DIMM and LO-DIMM types

If you want to add RAM capacity to a PC or computer, choose the DIMM and LO-DIMM types. DIMM is short for dual in-line memory module. Meanwhile, LO-DIMM is a large outline dual in-line memory module. 

Usually RAM DIMM types have 168 pins, 184 pins, up to 240 pins. All the number of pins in RAM supports 64 bit data transfer. This type of RAM is also flexible for all PCs. You only need to adjust the number of RAM slots that are compatible with the PC motherboard. We will explain in more detail in the next point.

② Adjust the RAM capacity according to your usage needs

RAM performance is affected by its frequency capacity and speed. The greater the capacity and frequency of RAM, the price will be more expensive. Therefore, you should know the RAM specifications that suit your needs. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Determine your usage needs

For high duty users who need to open many applications with heavy data computing, choose RAM above 8 GB. On the other hand, 4 GB of RAM is enough for light use and not opening a lot of software. Determining RAM capacity based on needs will affect the budget that you have to prepare.

  • Check the program requirements to be used

Instead, make a list of programs or applications that you will use on a daily basis with your PC or laptop. Thus, you can choose the optimal RAM for the needs of the program or application.

  • Meet the specifications required by the program

The next step is to look for recommended specifications, especially RAM for each of these programs or applications. You can choose the highest RAM capacity that meets the recommended specifications for the program or application to be used.

③ Check RAM compatibility with PC motherboard

Each RAM has different characteristics. Therefore, you cannot install random RAM. You have to adjust the compatibility of the RAM that you want to buy with the specifications of the PC motherboard so that it doesn’t malfunction. 

RAM memory type, affects the stability and performance of the PC motherboard

First of all, make sure whether the new type of RAM memory is the same as the old RAM in your PC. In general, the type of RAM memory used by PC motherboards is DDR (double date rate). Currently there are four types of DDR memory available on the market, namely DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4. The newest and more sophisticated type of DDR is DDR4.

However, you cannot install DDR4 RAM if the PC’s motherboard slot does not support DDR4 memory. Therefore, first check the type of memory that is compatible with your PC motherboard. After that, you can only choose RAM with the type of memory that matches the motherboard slot.

Channel RAM, resulting in different PC performance

In addition to the type of RAM memory, also check the number of RAM channels on the motherboardChannels can be likened to workers on the motherboardThe greater the number of channels, RAM and motherboard performance is also getting better. The performance of two RAMs with a capacity of 4GB each is better than one 8GB RAM.

There are several types of channels on the motherboard, namely single channeldual channeltriple channel, and quad channel. You need to adjust the RAM with the number of channels and motherboard capabilities. If the PC motherboard is dual channel compatible, choose dual channel RAM and so on.

Dual channel RAM performance is better than single channel. This is caused by a dual channel RAM configuration that can provide double the bandwidth of a single channel RAM. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a set product when buying more than one RAM. One set of RAM has been tested to work with each other.

RAM frequency, needs to be adjusted to the capabilities of the PC motherboard and processor

Know the level of capability of the motherboard on your PC and match it with RAM. This is indicated by the memory clock speed or RAM frequency. RAM frequency values ​​are indicated in MHz units. Choose RAM whose frequency range matches your PC’s motherboard.

You can see the RAM frequency in the specifications table. Not only the motherboard, the PC processor must also be able to support the memory clock speed of the RAM. You can see the ability of the PC processor through the BIOS the first time the PC is turned on.

RAM latency, determines the time needed to access data

RAM latency is also commonly referred to as CL (column address strobe latency) / CAS latency / timing. RAM latency is the time it takes (clock cycle) for RAM to access specific data in one of its columns (memory). The lower the latency, the less time it takes to access data.

However, the higher the frequency of each RAM, the higher the RAM latency. Therefore, you are advised to fine-tune the RAM to get maximum performance. Also, compare RAM benchmarks against each other.

The 10 Best RAM for Gaming Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best RAM for gaming products that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller.

1. Samsung RAM DDR3L 8GB 1600MHz

Samsung is well known for its reputation as a manufacturer of good laptop RAM. This is because of its various compatibility. This Samsung RAM can be used for various brands of laptops. 

There is no need to doubt the speed because one of the best laptop RAMs has a standard speed for laptops. If you are looking for RAM for multiple laptops at once, consider this product.


  • Can be used with various brands of laptops
  • The speed is standard for modern laptops


  • There are several reviews that say that RAM should be installed by experts

2. Kingston HyperX Fury

Kingston HyperX Fury has a uniqueness that is not shared by RAM in general. This RAM has an automatic frequency overclock system. You don’t need to bother setting the RAM speed manually. 

Of course, this product is one of the best RAM for gaming or beginners who like to play games with high graphics. You can feel the maximum performance from RAM without having to adjust it again.


  • Can overclock automatically so you don’t have to bother making settings


  • Not yet able to support Intel XMP

3. Kingston Memory Upgrade KVR16LS11

In general, laptop RAM will store memory forever. Unlike other RAM SO-DIMMs, this product only retains memory when power is present. This can speed up the performance of your laptop.

Not only that, this RAM has a dual channel configuration. This is of course special because not all RAM SO-DIMMs support dual channels. For those of you who are looking for recommendations for laptop RAM with the speed of desktop RAM, choose this product.


  • The module is unbuffered so it doesn’t save memory when there is no power
  • Can do dual channel configuration


  • Does not have the ability to correct errors so it is not recommended for home use

4. V-Gen PLATINUM SODIMM For Notebook DDR3 4 GB

V-Gen is one of the best laptop RAM brands. One of the best RAM for gaming is V-GEN Platinum which is specifically for student laptops. Student laptops can only hold a limited amount of RAM. 

Therefore, V-GEN produces RAM with a capacity that is not too large. If you want to do a little RAM upgrade for your child’s laptop, this product can be considered.


  • The capacity is not too large so it is suitable for Chromebooks or student laptops


  • There are several reviews that say that RAM is not suitable for old school laptops

5. TeamGroup Delta RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory

For gamers who use ASUS brand PCs, look at this product. This RAM from Team Group has a feature that can be connected with ASUS Aura Sync. You can change the color as you wish through the default ASUS software. Of course, this is suitable for those of you who like to modify PCs or want to make your PC look cool.


  • There are lights that can be adjusted in color using the default ASUS Aura Sync software


  • The performance is not as high as other Team Group products

6. CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Memory Kit CMK16GX4M2A2666C16

This product is one of the best RAM for those of you who have a PC gaming with a small casing. This RAM from CORSAIR has a compact design making it suitable for small PCs as well.

Each VENGEANCE LPX module is made using special PCB materials. That way, the heat spreader function can work effectively while cooling the RAM. Thanks to these features, your PC can run faster than usual.


  • The mini design makes it suitable for small motherboards and cases
  • Made with special PCB material that can spread heat effectively


  • The overclock is limited to 1.35 V


ADATA offers random access memory made using a thick metal heatsink. Therefore, this product has a sturdy, strong, and durable construction. 

This type of RAM is suitable for those of you who want a product for long-term use. Not only sturdy, this RAM has an elegant appearance. This is thanks to the stunning RGB lights on the RAM body.


  • Made with a thick metal heatsink for a sturdy construction


  • XMP timings are sometimes unstable

8. PNY Performance DDR4 2666MHz Desktop Memory

Random access memory is used to temporarily store data on the computer. Therefore, it is very important to find RAM that has high performance and has low voltage. This PNY product has a low voltage, which is only 1.2 volts. 

Even so, this RAM can run up to a frequency of 2,666 MHz. This product will certainly be suitable for those of you who are concerned with PC performance.


  • Low voltage and high performance


  • There is no protector like PC RAM in general

9. G. SKILL Trident Z Neo F4-3200C16D-32GTZN

If you are looking for RAM recommendations with modern performance and appearance, this product can be an option. The G.SKILL RAM design is inspired by the lines of racing cars and supercarsThere is a typical tri-fin design with an asymmetrical tilt so that the RAM looks slimmer.

This RAM is made of brushed aluminum material with contrasting colors, namely bCons and silver. The combination of colors and materials makes the RAM heat spreader feature more effective. We recommend this product for those of you who are looking for recommendations for RAM with high performance as well as a futuristic appearance.


  • The shape is modern so it is suitable for a futuristic look


  • The price is less economical when compared to other RAM with similar features

10. Patriot Viper 4 BConsout Series PVB48G300C6K

U-DIMM RAM works by storing data when there is power and discarding it when there is no power. This makes the performance very high. One of the best RAM U-DIMMs for your assembled PC gaming is the Patriot Viper 4 BConsout Series. 

This RAM is claimed to be compatible with many types of PC builds. Even so, you still have to ensure the compatibility of this type of RAM with your PC.

This product material comes from quality materials that have been tested. This RAM has a high frequency speed, which is 3,000 MHz. This speed is quite high in the 8GB RAM class. So, you don’t have to worry anymore when your PC runs heavy applications.


  • Its high frequency speed makes it suitable for running heavy applications


  • Not much room for overclocking

Common Questions About RAM

After reviewing how to choose and product recommendations, we will answer popular questions about RAM. If you are still curious about RAM, see the answer below!

Can I mix RAM?

Yes, RAM with a faster frequency and lower latency will follow. However, there are situations when mixing RAM can result in incompatibility. This incompatibility makes the computer fail to POST (boot).

Best RAM for Gaming?

Determining the best RAM for gaming needs can be based on the criteria below.

  • Know the recommended specifications of the game you are going to play, especially the RAM aspect. By determining RAM based on recommended specifications, you can play without sacrificing game quality too much. Sometimes the quality of the game becomes a victim because your PC or laptop only meets the minimum specifications.
  • Pay attention to the CPU and motherboard specifications to find out the compatible RAM type and speed designs.
  • Make sure the RAM has a high overclock to improve PC performance when playing games


We have reviewed the things you need to consider before choosing RAM. There is also a line of products that we have recommended for your reference. Have you found the best RAM for gaming you are looking for?

There are many types of RAM with various specifications that you can find on the market. Before buying it, understand the type of RAM you need and adjust it to your needs. After that, choose a product with the appropriate specifications and price. Happy choosing!

The 5 best RAM recommendations

  1. Samsung |RAM DDR3L 8GB 1600MHz
  2. Kingston |HyperX Fury
  3. Kingston |Memory Upgrade |KVR16LS11
  4. V-GeN |PLATINUM SODIMM For Notebook DDR3 4 GB
  5. Team Group |Delta RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory

Other recomendations: