Best Razer Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast

Best Razer Keyboard
  • Green switch: Perfect for those of you who want to feel and hear each button. This type produces the loudest sound among the other types. Green switch is a type of clicky switch which has a clear clicking sound. 
  • Yellow switchMechanical switch with the quietest sound among the others. This type is also the fastest to send commands so it is suitable for successive key presses. Yellow switch is a type of linear switch that has a lighter click sound and no click sound. The button will soon lose like a keyboard in general when pressed.
  • Orange switch: Meeting between green switch and yellow switchThis type will make you feel each button while listening to a quieter sound. Orange switch is a type of tactile switch that has a tactile bump sensation like typing with a clicky switch. However, the sound it produces is minimal.

For information, a product can be available in three different types of mechanical switches. So you can sort Razer keyboards based on the type of switches that best suit your style.

Optical, for faster response

The optical type Razer keyboard sends commands faster than mechanical switches. This type is smoother when pressed, and does not produce reflections like the mechanical type. In contrast toa fully mechanical switch, an optical switch uses a laser with a shorter signal distance.

The reflection produced by the key is more influenced by the color or type of switch. Therefore, the clicky optical will still give reflections like other mechanical switches. The difference is only in the sensor. 

Linear switches are also generally lighter than clicky switches depending on the color of the switch. As a comparison, you can refer to the weight or actuation force of each switch

Because it is easier to press, the chance of accidentally pressing a button other than the one intended is greater. You may need time to master it when you are used to using mechanical ones. This type also consists of several types of switches that can be selected. Check out the explanation of each variety from us below.

  • Linear optical: Suitable for those of you who prioritize speed. This type is very easy to suppress and has the shortest signal distance.
  • Clicky optical: Offers not only ease of pressing, but also certainty. This type gives a clicky feel like a green switch.

Just like Razer’s mechanical type keyboardsome products of this type may be available with two kinds of optical switches. Choose a Razer keyboard with a variety of optical switches that best suit your style.

③ Make sure the connectivity meets your needs

For gaming, it is highly recommended to choose a Razer keyboard connected to your device with a cable. The product does not cause latency so that the level of precision is high. However, a keyboard with a cable feels less flexible because the usage distance must match the length of the cable. Plus, your desk tends to look untidy due to the cables.