Best Razer Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast

Best Razer Keyboard

If you want your desk to look tidier, choose one that uses a USB wireless dongle because it doesn’t require a wired connection. The product is not sensitive enough to be used to play games, but it is sufficient for daily use.

If you’re even more practical, go for the Razer keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity. The product is suitable as a keyboard for mobile needs. Combined with a compact size, you will get a product that is easy to travel with.

Razer has a hyperspeed line that offers fast Bluetooth connections with more stable latencies. By using the Razer Synapse Bluetooth pairing interface, using the keyboard feels easier and without lagThe keyboard that uses this line is the Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro. 

④ Check out Razer’s full range of keyboard features

Generally, Razer keyboards are equipped with Chroma RGB features. Its products can emit light in 16.8 million colors. However, there are still many other features offered by Razer, you know. In the following, we will detail them one by one for you. Listen carefully, yes.

Wrist rest, wrists don’t get sore quickly anymore

Do you often feel sore wrists after using the keyboard for a long time? Make sure the product is equipped with a wrist restWith a soft wrist rest, your wrists can rest while using the keyboard

The wrist rest is usually a part that can be put back together and taken apart from the keyboard. However, keep in mind, adding a wrist rest will make the product size bigger so that a large area is needed.

Gaming mode, play games without interruption

Pressing the wrong button can be very annoying when playing games, especially if you accidentally press the Windows button. The game will be minimized and can make you miss decisive moments.

If you don’t want to experience this, choose a Razer keyboard that features a gaming modeThe gaming mode feature essentially turns off the function of the Windows key when you play games. For information, the indicator light on the keyboard will light up when you are in this mode.