Best Razer Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast

Best Razer Keyboard

Onboard memory, stores button settings

Do you have a preference for programming buttons or macros for a specific purpose? Choose a Razer keyboard that is equipped with an onboard memory feature. Macros for work are certainly different from those for playing games. You may even use different devices for certain purposes. With this feature, you don’t need to set the macro repeatedly every time you use it.

Products with onboard memory can store up to five different settings. Not only macro, you can set the function of the media keys and Chroma RGB. You can even choose the macro settings on different devices. Please note, setting Razer keyboard keys can generally only be done via the Windows OS (operating system).

10 of The Best Razer Keyboard Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Razer keyboard products, which we determined based on the voting method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Cynose V2

No need to worry if you want a quality gaming keyboard, but your budget is limited. Razer Cynosa V2 is a solution for budget gamers. This product is even equipped with media keys for an economical price. Plus, the cord can be pulled back so your desk looks tidier.

The switches from Razer’s keyboard are membranes that are claimed to be quiet and soft. Another feature of this product is that it has a lighting effect on each keycap. Thus, you can get a more beautiful Chroma RGB effect. If you want to immediately replace the standard keyboard with a gaming one, don’t hesitate to buy this product immediately.

2. Huntsman Tournament Edition

High durability does not need to be paid a high price anyway. This Razer keyboard proves it for you. This product offers an aluminum body and PBT keycap. Therefore, this product is suitable for those of you who want a long-term keyboard. The position of the cable on the top left also makes it easier to find a comfortable angle for typing without pulling or bending the cable.