Best Razer Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast

Best Razer Keyboard

Whether for zero-latency gaming or enjoying media while relaxing on the couch, this product is the choice. This product is even equipped with media buttons which are very practical to use.

Not only that the specialty of this product, you know. This Razer keyboard has a high build quality because the body uses aluminum material. Aluminum is widely used in premium keyboards because it is lightweight, yet sturdy. Plus the keycaps of the doubleshot ABS are tougher, this product offers extraordinary durability for you. Interesting offer, right?

9. BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

Although not the newest product, the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 keyboard still has a lot of fans. As long as your work doesn’t require you to input numbers a lot, this product can be considered as an all-rounder keyboard. Not only for gaming as its main function, this product is also comfortable to use for typing.

The tenkeyless size certainly makes it easier to travel with and adapt to a table that isn’t too large. The Razer BlackWidow series keyboard is also equipped with a detachable cable so it’s easier to store. If you are looking for a Razer keyboard that is comfortable to use for gaming or work, prioritize this product.

10. Ornata V2

The Razer Ornata V2 is equipped with a Hybrid Mecha-Membrane type switch which is a cross between mechanical and membrane (semi-mechanical) types. This switch has the feel of a mechanical type, but is softer because it uses a silicone membrane. 

The button needs to be pressed deeper so that it is suitable for those of you who prioritize accuracy. Such accuracy is suitable for easy typo users.

This Razer keyboard is worth considering because it has interesting deals. This product is equipped with media buttons at an affordable price. This feature allows you to manage media via the keyboard, such as playpauseskip to adjust the volume. In addition, you can manage and save macros, although they must always be accessed via Razer Synapse.