The Best Scented Cat Litter – Reviewed & Tested by Veterinarian

Best-Scented-Cat-Litter – Best Scented Cat Litter: Fragrant cat sand is a must have item if you decide to have a cat. This sand will absorb the pungent smell of cat litter or urine. Thus, the house will feel comfortable not only for the cat, but also for you. 

Kong Irae, Maxi, Markotops, also Kit Cat are examples of good brands of cat litter on the market. In this article we have prepared tips on how to choose the best cat litter. We have also included various recommendations for the best products. This article has been reviewed by our vet, drh. Doel.

Collaborate With The Experts: How to choose a Scented Cat Litter

Scented cat litter is made from a variety of materials and has a variety of scents. What kind of scented cat litter is right for your needs? Here are the things you should pay attention to when choosing cat litter that smells good. 

① Pay attention to the material

Fragrant cat litter that isn’t only made of materials like zeolite. There is also cat litter made of wood and even soybean dregs. Each type of fragrant cat litter material has its own advantages. Therefore, get to know the characteristics of the various types of cat litter material before you buy it.

Zeolite, able to bind the source of unpleasant odors

This type of cat litter is made from crushed zeolite rock. Usually zeolite sand is available in several sizes of sand, ranging from coarse to soft. Zeolite sand has the advantage of being able to bind ammonia which is a source of bad odor. Zeolite sand is also easy to obtain and the price is relatively affordable

Bentonite, easy to agglomerate with high absorption

Bentonite sand is a type of material that is widely used for scented cat litter. Bentonite is generally a small grain of sand that feels comfortable on a cat’s feet

Before use, this sand should be filtered first to separate it from dust that disturbs the cat’s health. Bentonite sand easily clumps when exposed to cat urine. In addition, this type of sand has good absorption. 

Wood (wood pellets), natural and environmentally friendly

This type of cat sand is made from environmentally friendly materials, namely wood fiber (wood pellets). This sand is suitable for those of you who are concerned about the environmental impact of using regular cat litter. Even though it is made from natural materials, the absorption capacity of this material is not inferior to other sand materials