The Best SSD – From Budget SATA to Blazing-Fast NVMe

Best SSDs – As a data recording medium, solid state drives (SSD) are considered to have better capabilities than HDDs. SSD is often used as the main storage medium with a fast level of ability to read and write data. There are many types of SSDs on the market with various capacities and characters. 

So that you are not confused, we will explain how to choose a good SSD product. In addition, we will provide the best SSD recommendations, both internal and external SSDs. There are several well-known brands such as Seagate, ADATA, and WD. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Happy reading!

Best SSDs

What’s the difference between SSD and HDD?

Basically, SSD and HDD have the same function, namely storing data on computers and laptops. The most significant difference between SSD and HDD lies in the construction technology.

  • HDD uses rotating disk platters when processing data. This device works magnetically like a working CD and DVD system.
  • Instead, SSDs use a non-volatile technology chip called NAND flash. This technology is capable of storing data even when the power supply is turned off, so it does not require a large amount of electricity to operate. 

Because SSDs have no moving parts when in use, they are much safer from heat and shock damage. In addition, the electrical system on the SSD can process data faster and is quieter. In fact, SSDs can accelerate data transfers up to 20 times faster than HDDs. You can open the program without waiting for the boot process to take too long. Opening multiple programs simultaneously also becomes smoother without lagging.

How to choose an SSD

Some things to consider when choosing an SSD are the connector type, data capacity, and SSD speed. Check out the full explanation below.

① Customize the connector type: SATA, mSATA, M.2, or portable external

Before choosing a product, you need to check the type of SSD connector that matches your computer device. For more details, please refer to our discussion.

SATA: The standard connector on computers and game consoles

SATA was one of the first SSD models available on the market. This SSD has the same shape, size and connector as an HDD, which is a 2.5-inch form factor. Form factor is simply the physical shape and size of a piece of hardware. If you have a computer, laptop or game console that previously used an HDD, you can replace it with this SSD.