The Best Survival Games Free to Play on Android & iPhone

Best Survival Games – Survival games are games that require you to survive in the game. This game belongs to the action and adventure game genre. You can download this very adrenaline-pumping game genre on PC, Android or iOS. This time we will discuss survival games for smartphones.

This War of Mine, LifeAfter, and Last Day on Earth are some examples of the best multiplayer survival games Zombie- themed survival games are also the most popular. You can also find good offline survival games. Come on, just take a look at our review this time!

How to Choose a Survival Game

So that you can find and download interesting survival games, consider the following points first. We will share tips on choosing a multiplayer or offline survival game.

① For those who like hunting together, look for multiplayer survival games

Playing survival games when hunting for enemies or food sources will be more exciting in multiplayer mode. The advantage of playing games with multiplayer mode is being able to connect with other players and strategize to win the game. Playing activities together like this is also called mabar alias playing together. 

A number of game genres are very suitable to be played in multiplayerFor example, the action genre requires speed, foresight, and compactness. There is also the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) game genre that requires many players to complete missions.

Don’t forget, you need to be connected to an internet connection to play multiplayer mode. Make sure your internet connection is good enough so it doesn’t interfere with the game. If necessary, use Wi-Fi for a more stable connection.

② Choose offline games if you want to play anytime and anywhere

You may experience an unstable internet connection. This condition makes your game cut into pieces. For that, you can consider offline games that don’t require an internet connection.