The Best Survival Games Free to Play on Android & iPhone

Best Survival Games


  • Can be played solo or online multiplayer


  • There is no clear storyline

9. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is an island survival game that will give you the experience of survival in a remote place. You have to collect things, find food and build a house. You will encounter various wild animal attacks that threaten your safety and add to your challenge to survive.

Interestingly, you can explore the entire island freely because this is an open world type game. You will also be equipped with various vehicles to explore from one place to another. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a desert island and open world themed survival game.


  • Open world type, more freely explore various places
  • The game can be played offline


  • There are reviewers who say this game is quite a drain on battery power
  • Can only be played in single player

10. This War of Mines

This War of Mine
This War of Mine
Developer: 11 bit studios
Price: $13.99
‎This War of Mine
‎This War of Mine
Price: $13.99+

Being in a war situation and being forced to survive? That is the background of the survival game This War of Mine. In this game, you act as a civilian caught in an armed conflict. You have to defend your playable character from starving to death. 

This can be done, among others, by improving the condition of the building so that it is livable again, as well as meeting the needs for food and medicine.

With its war-like graphics and atmosphere, it can make you dissolve in a mixed atmosphere in the middle of a war. Lovers of war-themed survival games should certainly feel the tension of playing this game.


  • A survival storyline that challenges humanity in the midst of war


  • There is no auto safe feature


 Survival games provide tension when playing. You need to run or fight enemies to survive. Some survival games require you to strategize in order to survive in the wild, even outer space. 

Not only choosing exciting games, pay attention to game compatibility with your device specifications. We also recommend that you only play for a certain period of time. Don’t let playing games make you forget about other tasks, okay!

5 Best Survival Games Recommendations

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  2. Tencent Games |PUBG Mobile
  3. Mojang |Minecraft
  4. Kefir |Last Day on Earth: Survival
  5. Helio Games |Westland Survival

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