The Best USB Headsets – Reviewed by Gaming Content Creator

DaBestDay.comUSB headset is a product commonly used by gamers or music lovers. The reason, USB headset has a good ability to reduce noise. There are many products on the market with various specifications, including USB headsets for gaming.

On this occasion, we will review how to choose the best USB headset . There are also several recommendations for USB headsets, such as those from the Logitech, Rexus, and Razer brands. 

This article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla. Peruse it and find a good USB headset that suits your needs.

Best USB Headsets

The Difference Between a USB Headset and a Headset Jack

You are certainly familiar with the 3.5mm headset jack connector, right? This headset is very easy to find on the market. However, along with technological developments, now USB headsets are also present as a substitute for the 3.5mm jack. 

The basic difference between a USB headset and a 3.5 mm headset jack lies in the audio transmission method. For more details, let’s look at the following explanation:

  • USB headset transfers audio data using digital signals so no sound card is required. The headset also has its own system for cleaning noise in the audio signal. So, the sound quality is better without the need for additional processing. Therefore, this headset is suitable for those of you who want a better audio experience or for gamingUSB headsets have more power intake than a 3.5 mm jack so they have enough power to turn on the RGB LEDs like most gaming headsets. However, not all devices are compatible with USB headsets.
  • Headset jack 3.5 mm, quite reliable because it is more sturdy and not easily damaged. Unfortunately, the 3.5 mm jack headset still uses analog signals. Therefore, a 3.5 mm headset jack requires a sound card on the device you are using. For those of you who want to use a headset for casual needs such as listening to music while working, this headset is sufficient.

Collaborating With Experts: How to Choose a USB Headset

First of all, we will explain the points that can be taken into consideration when choosing a USB headset. Read each point carefully so you can find the right product.

① Choose according to the shape of the headset

USB headsets have various shapes and models. We will explain the characteristics of each shape. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, determine the type and character of the headset that suits your usage needs.

Headband, not easy to get off because it is firmly attached to the head

Headband type headsets are the most common product and you probably already have one. This headset is comfortable to use because it is firmly attached to the head. Not only that, the headband type headset also doesn’t make you tired quickly when wearing it.

By using this model of headset, your ears can hear the sound clearly. However, the weight tends to be heavier than other types of headsets.

Earhook type, how to use it is light and practical

The earhook type is liked by many people because it is light, easy to wear, and doesn’t burden the ear. You simply hook it directly in your ear and the headset can be used immediately. Because of its light weight, many of these headset products are claimed to be able to reduce ear strain.

Earphone type, light weight and already has a mic

As the name implies, this type of headset has the same shape as earphones in general. The difference is, this headset has an additional microphone that allows you to talk like using a headband type headset.

This USB earphone headset is suitable for those of you who don’t like wearing a headset on your head or neck. However, make sure you don’t turn up the volume too high when using it as this may increase the risk of hearing damage.

② Pay attention to the USB cable type

In choosing a USB headset, paying attention to the type of USB connector is an important point. This is because the type of USB connector is related to the compatibility of the device you are using.

  • The USB A connector is often found in headsets specifically for computers and laptops. The USB A connector cannot be used on smartphone devices. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this headset is better known as a laptop USB headset. The USB A connector has a few extra features and buttons that can usually be set up through the device.
  • The USB C connector is a replacement for a 3.5mm jack on a smartphone. Type- C headsets have better quality than 3.5 mm jacks. However, this headset cannot be used simultaneously when you charge your smartphone.
  • Lightning connector for Apple products. Currently, several brands make earphones with lightning connectors to make it easier for Apple product users so they don’t need to use converters.

③ Check the performance of the microphone on the headset

Don’t forget to check the performance of the microphone on the headset so you don’t regret buying it. You can check in more detail the specifications listed in the product catalog on the official website. You can also read or view video reviews from reviewers on the internet.

The direction of the microphone sound, measures the range of sound that can be captured

The sound direction on the microphone is used to measure the range of sound that can be captured. There are three types of directional sound in microphones:

  • Cardioid: Picks up sound in one direction only

This microphone detects sound from the front only so it doesn’t pick up sounds around it. This microphone is suitable for those of you who don’t want to hear other sounds besides your voice. Unfortunately, this microphone will find it difficult to capture sound if you speak far away or deviate from the microphone. You need to bring the microphone closer to your lips so that your voice sounds clearer. 

  • Bidirectional: Picks up sound from the front and back

Two-way microphones often pick up sound both front and back and don’t pick up sound from the sides. This microphone is suitable for recording voice between two people who are face to face.

  • O mnidirectional: Picks up sound from across the range

This type of microphone can capture sound with a 360° angle range. That way, you don’t have to think about the direction of sound anymore. You also don’t need to think about the right angle of the microphone so that your voice sounds clear. However, this microphone is not recommended if you do not like other people’s voices or surrounding sounds to be heard.

Microphone sensitivity, sound can be heard clearly according to the character of the voice

You also need to pay attention to the sensitivity level of the microphone sound input on the headset you want to buy. If you are the type of person who has a low voice, you should choose a microphone with high sensitivity. However, a mic with high sensitivity risks making the surrounding sound captured by the microphone.

Conversely, a microphone with low sensitivity is suitable for people with high voices. This type of microphone with a low sensitivity level is also suitable if you don’t want noise from around you.

The 10 Best USB Headsets

Next, we will recommend the ten best USB headset products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Rexus Thundervox HX9

The Rexus Thundervox HX9 headset comes with an oval-shaped earcup design and a suspension headband. This design allows the ear to fit perfectly into the earcup. and the head does not feel depressed. With a flexible design, you can adjust the mic position according to your needs.

Of course, you will be more comfortable even if you use it for a long time. We recommend this product for those of you who prioritize comfort. Moreover, this headset also has a modern and elegant design. RGB LEDs in the earcups add style and accent to the look.

2. Logitech H340 USB Computer Headset

We recommend this product for those of you who need high quality audio. With this headset, you can listen to music, make calls, and play games with super audio quality. This headset is also equipped with a noise canceling microphone to minimize surrounding noise.

The position of the microphone can also be adjusted so that it can capture sound better. Not only that, the flexible boom allows the microphone to be tucked into the headband. When not in use, the microphone will not interfere.

3. DigitalAlliance Delta Art Series Silver Edition

If you’re looking for a USB headset with a different look, consider the Delta Art Series Silver Edition from Digital Alliance. The art painting pattern on the earcups makes you more confident and different. In addition to the unique pattern, this headset is also equipped with RGB LEDs which make it even cooler.

Not only the appearance, the performance is equally good. This is thanks to the Digital Surround Sound 7.1 technology used. In addition, the cushions on this headset are also soft. That way, even if you use it for a long time, your ears won’t feel tired.

4. Baseus Handsfree GAMO C18 Type-C Wired Earphone Gaming Mic Gaming

For those of you who have a hobby of playing games and listening to music, this product can be the right choice. Thanks to technology from Bongiovi Acoustic Labs, you can enjoy stunning 360⁰ surround sound.

This feature will provide a 3D effect when you play games or listen to music on your smartphone. The RGB LED light on the headset housing also adds a cool impression. The LED light will automatically change according to the game you are playing. Interesting right?

5. Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset

Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset will be suitable for those of you who frequently conduct virtual meetings. Thanks to the laser-tuned driver, the sound produced by this product is clear. So you don’t have to worry about missing important information at meetings anymore.

Meanwhile, on the headset cable there are in-line control buttons. These buttons make it easy for you to adjust the volume and mute without interrupting calls.

6. Baseus Encok C17 Headset Handsfree Type-C Wired Earphone Mic

Do you often use a headset for phone calls? If so, consider this headset. Encok C17 made by Baseus offers a high sensitivity microphone. Therefore, information from you will be conveyed properly.

This headset is also equipped with three multifunction responsive buttons. You can use these keys to answer or hang up calls, as well as lower and raise the volume. However, because of its high sensitivity, this microphone is not suitable for use in areas that are too crowded.

7. Razer Ultimate Kraken

For those of you who want to experience a better and competitive game experience, this headset can be an option. The Razer Kraken Ultimate offers a THX Spatial Audio feature that makes sound more real. This feature produces 7.1 surround audio in a 360⁰ environment.

On the mic, there is an LED indicator and a mute button. In addition, there is an ANC feature that filters out noise well. This headset provides long-lasting comfort while you play games. This is thanks to the soft earcups with cooling gel. The earcups are also designed to reduce heat build-up and put minimal pressure on the head.

8. DigitalAlliance Gaming Audio Pro Earphones – Type C

This headset from the Digital Alliance has two types of microphones at once, namely built-in and detachableThe built-in microphone is located on the headset cable, while the detachable microphone is located in the housingThe microphone can be removed and reattached.

With a detachable microphone, you can use USB earphones more practically.When you don’t need it, for example when listening to music, you can take it off. Those of you who often use headsets for various needs seem to be compatible with this USB headset.

9. Fantech HG11 Captain 7.1 Sakura Edition

Are you a female gamer ? If so, this headset might be for you. The HG11 Captain 7.1 Sakura Edition headset has a dazzling cherry blossom pink color. In addition, this headset also has a lightning effect. These lights can beautify the headset when you play games. You can adjust the seven color choices of the lights to your taste.

10. Onikuma X20 RGB Gaming Headset Noise Canceling

The X20 RGB Gaming Headset Noise Canceling from Onikuma is a shame you shouldn’t miss it. This headset has a 3.5 mm input plug type with an additional USB to turn on the RGB LED. Therefore, this product is suitable for those of you who want a headset with RGB LEDs.

This product can be used on PCs, laptops, game consoles and smartphones.Besides having high compatibility, this headset is also equipped with noise canceling. Thanks to this feature, the sound produced by the microphone becomes clear without outside noise.


We have provided tips on choosing as well as product recommendations for USB headsets with various specifications and prices. Have you found a USB headset that fits your needs?

Don’t forget, you should check whether you need to install the software first. Then, also make sure that the OS that you have is as recommended by the headset manufacturer. Thus, you can use the USB headset smoothly and comfortably. Hope this review helps you.

5 Best USB Headset Recommendations

  1. Rexus |Thundervox HX9
  2. Logitech |H340 USB Computer Headset
  3. Digital Alliance |Delta Art Series Silver Edition
  4. Baseus |Handsfree GAMO C18 Type-C Wired Earphone Gaming Mic Gaming
  5. Logitech |H390 USB Computer Headset

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