The Best Wireless Mouse – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best Wireless Mouse – Wireless mouse are widely chosen because they are practical, your movements are no longer limited by the mouse cable. So, the product specifications are very diverse in terms of connections, features, to design, so you might be confused about choosing a good product.

Therefore, we will review how to choose the best wireless mouse for you. We have also prepared recommendations for wireless mouse products from popular brands such as Logitech and ROBOT, both for work and gaming.

Not only that, this article has also been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Can’t wait to choose it? Come on, let’s start the discussion!

Best Wireless Mouse

Advantages of using a Wireless Mouse

As the name implies, the wireless mouse does not require cables. These characteristics make you more flexible to operate it than using a wired mouse.

You also don’t need to worry about the space for movement because the reach of this mouse is quite far. Thus, using a wireless mouse is an advantage for those of you who like to move around while working. Practical product, right?

However, this mouse requires a certain amount of time to charge it. If you choose a battery-powered product, you will need to pay for a new battery. However, this mouse is more compact when carried with your laptop.

Collaborating with Experts: How to choose a Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse specifications determine its effectiveness and comfort level for you. Therefore, you need to check its connection, features and design. In the following, we will describe how to choose a good wireless mouse. Listen carefully, yes.

① Check the connection type used by the wireless mouse

Even without a cable, the wireless mouse still has options for the type of connection. Let’s see the difference, then choose the type that is most suitable for you.

USB receiver, easy installation without special settings

If you are looking for a product that can be easily connected to a computer, we recommend this type. Wireless mice with a USB receiver or USB dongle can connect to your device without the need for complicated setup