The Best Wireless Routers for Better Internet Conection Speed

Best Wireless Routers

The higher the price, the better and the latest specifications. The following communication standards and wireless router frequency bands can help you make a choice.

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Communication standard Wi-Fi 5 (11ac) and later is recommended

Wi-Fi has communication standards that define its connection speed. The most widely used standard today is Wi-Fi 5 which is marked with the label 11ac.

The latest is Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) which is claimed to have a connection speed of 1.4 times that of Wi-Fi 5. Wi-Fi 6 is claimed to be able to produce super-speed connections. However, make sure the device you use to access Wi-Fi is also using Wi-Fi 6 to be compatible.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 5 is compatible with most terminals and the communication speed is quite good. You can watch videos and play online games without any problems. If possible, check the communication standards and maximum connection speed of the router on the product packaging.

For maximum speed, consider a tri-band router

Most routers today use dual-band technology that can broadcast a 5 GHz signal and a 2.4 GHz signal. The 2.4 GHz band tends to be strong against interference and does not interfere with radio waves. It can even go through walls. On the other hand, the 5 GHz band has high communication speed, but is weak to interference.

Now products that support tri-band are starting to appear, which can use the 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands. Products that support tri-band are quite interesting because they can use three frequency bands to prevent connection congestion

In fact, even if several handsets are connected at the same time, the connection speed can be kept from decreasing.

③ For more convenience, pay attention to the additional functions available

If you’re looking for convenience in use, such as speed and stability of communication, check out the additional features as well. However, make sure the device you are using is compatible with these features. The following are some of the additional features commonly found on wireless routers.

Mesh Wi-Fi: Can connect with Wi-Fi throughout the house

Mesh Wi-Fi can reduce blind spots by combining multiple compatible routers and extending the Wi-Fi coverage area. This connection is likened to a net or net that stretches throughout the house.