The Best Bluetooth Keyboards (Wireless) Reviewed & Tested

Best Bluetooth Keyboards – Bluetooth keyboards, also known as wireless keyboard, helps the typing process to be more efficient. Bluetooth keyboards are becoming popular due to their portability and practicality.  In addition to laptops or computers, you can also use this tool on smartphones and tablets. In the market, there are many brands of Bluetooth keyboards, such as from Logitech, Microsoft, and Fantech. We will provide information on important points … Read more

The Best Keyboards for Gaming and Typing (Cheap Under 50)

Best Keyboards for Gaming – Best Keyboards for Gaming and Typing: Gaming keyboard is an indispensable item if you are a gamer. There are many well-known gaming keyboard brands on the market, such as Logitech, Corsair, and Digital Alliance.  However, there are many terms and features in a gaming keyboard that can confuse beginners, especially when choosing a product. For that, we will explain how to choose and recommend a good gaming keyboard. This … Read more

The Best Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast

Best Keyboard – The keyboard becomes an important device when you use a PC. Today, there are many types of keyboards available, for example wireless keyboards are handy and wired keyboards are responsive. The use of the keyboard also varies. Apart from typing, there is a gaming keyboard and there is also a keyboard for graphic design. If you are still confused about choosing a suitable keyboard, pay attention to the points for choosing the best keyboard which we … Read more

Best Razer Keyboards – Reviewed by Keyboard Enthusiast

Best Razer Keyboard – Are you looking for a gaming keyboard? Razer is a great brand to choose from. The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a popular keyboard among Indonesian gamers. Nonetheless, the product is still suitable for daily use. Therefore, we will share how to choose a Razer keyboard by comparing prices and functions. Of course we have prepared product recommendations. There is a Razer … Read more

The Best M.2 SSDs – Reviewed by Expert Gaming Content Creator

Best M.2 SSDs – The M.2 connector type SSD is here to provide better convenience compared to using a HDD on a PC. However, M.2 SSDs come with different standards, such as PCI Express 3.0 x 4 or SATA 3.0.  The following article will review how to choose a good M.2 connector type SSD. Not to forget, we will also recommend the best … Read more

The Best External SSDs for Gaming, Video Editing & Backup

Best External SSDs – External SSD is often a practical choice of storage media. Apart from having fast data transfers, external SSDs are also easy to carry everywhere. Currently, you can easily find economical SSDs with various capacities, sizes, and transfer speeds. We will introduce how to choose a good external SSD that suits your needs. We will also recommend some of the best external … Read more

The Best SSD – From Budget SATA to Blazing-Fast NVMe

Best SSDs – As a data recording medium, solid state drives (SSD) are considered to have better capabilities than HDDs. SSD is often used as the main storage medium with a fast level of ability to read and write data. There are many types of SSDs on the market with various capacities and characters.  So that you are not confused, we … Read more

The Best Trackball Mouse Vertical Finger Wireless & Bluetooth

Best Trackball Mouse – A trackball mouse is a mouse that uses a ball feature to move the cursor on a computer screen. Logitech, Kensington and Elecom make trackball mice with various functions and designs. Maybe at first you are not used to using a trackball mice, but after getting used to it you will definitely be more comfortable using it than a regular mouse. There are lots of trackball mice on … Read more

The Best USB Chargers for Long Lasting Battery Health

Best USB Chargers – USB chargers are tool commonly used to charge smartphones and tablets. Not only that, camera batteries and game consoles can also be charged using a USB charger. However, not just any USB charger can be used.  You have to pay attention to the amperage values ​​that are different. Apart from that, you also have to pay attention to the number of ports. In this article, we will review … Read more

The Best USB Flash Drives – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best USB Flash Drives – For the needs of transferring data on a computer, practical external memory is needed. A flash drive or USB flash drives is an external storage device that is relatively practical for storing and transferring data. In the market there are various types of USB flash drives with different specifications and features. We will give you tips on choosing a good USB flash drives. The best flash drive products from … Read more