The Best Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners – Reviewed by Illustrator – Best Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners: For those of you who work in illustration or graphic design, a pen tablet is a very important accessory. With a pen tablet, you can draw by hand and transfer the progress directly to the computer screen. 

Currently there are many pen tablet brands with varying prices, such as Wacom, Huion, and Veikk. This time we will discuss how to choose and recommend the best inexpensive pen tablets for beginners. 

For under 500k, you’ve got a great pen tablet. This article has also been reviewed by our illustrator, Karina Doniho. Happy reading to the end!

The Best Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners

Get to Know the Pen Tablet and Its Functions

Pen tablets include input devices that allow users to draw on a computer just like using paper and pencil. This is because pen tablets can transfer your drawings directly to the computer. In addition, pen tablets can be used to scan an image.

Pen tablets are connected via a USB cable to the computer directly or via Bluetooth. You can draw on the surface of the tablet and the progress immediately appears on your computer screen. If you are not used to using it, you do need practice first.

In the process of drawing, one must use a special pen known as a stylus penPen tablets with the latest technology generally use an electromagnetic resonance (EMR) type stylus pen.

This innovative electromagnetic frequency wirelessly transfers power directly from the tablet to the stylus pen. That way, you don’t have to charge or replace the stylus pen battery. 

Collaborating With Experts: How to Choose a Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners

Pen tablets are essential tools for professional graphic design artists. That said, not all pen tablets are the same. If you are confused about choosing the best pen tablet, see a short guide in choosing it from us below.

① Choose a non-display type pen tablet

Pen tablets are of two types, namely displays and non-displays. This type of display certainly offers the sensation of digital drawing just like on paper directly. 

However, this type of display is generally more expensive so it is less suitable as a means to get used to using a pen tablet. Using a pen tablet for beginners will generally be difficult because it is very different from traditional drawing. 

Non-display type pen tablets can be used to learn and also get used to hand movements in digital drawing. In addition, the price of the non-display type is more affordable. You can still have it with a budget of under five hundred thousand rupiahs!

② Pay attention to the pen tablet performance

Before choosing a cheap pen tablet, pay attention to its performance first. There are three specifications that must be considered, namely resolution, sensitivity, and report rate. Choose a pen tablet performance that suits your needs.

2450 LPI resolution, sufficient for basic designs

Although some are expressed in units of pixels, pen tablet resolution is generally expressed in units of lines per inch (LPI). Basically, the higher the resolution of a pen tablet, the finer the image detail will be.

You don’t need a high-resolution pen tablet to create a basic webtoon or logo design. The reason is that the fine details in this process are not really needed. Pen tablet with a resolution of 2540 LPI is enough for you.

On the other hand, you need high resolution if you are working on a complex painting or an image that deals with detail. You can choose a pen tablet with a minimum resolution of 5,080 LPI.

Sensitivity 2048 levels, produce high quality images

Each pen tablet product has a different pressure sensitivity. Some have high pressure sensitivity and some have no sensitivity at all. Basically, pressure sensitivity can affect image quality.

The pen tablet pressure sensitivity is generally expressed in sizes 2,048 levels, 4,096 levels, 8,192 levels, and so on. If your work involves simple sketches, a pen tablet with a sensitivity of 2,048 levels is sufficient. 

However, choose a sensitivity of 4,096 or 8,192 levels for intricate artwork and designs with high image quality.

Report-rate 200 PPS, anti-lag when doing digital drawing

Report rate is a number that shows the amount of data or reports sent by the pen tablet to the computer per second. The report rate is stated in points per second (PPS) or reports per second (RPS)

The higher the number, the better the report rate. That means there will be less lag when drawing on a pen tablet. Make sure the cheap pen tablet you choose has a minimum report rate of 200 PPS.

③ Check the compatibility with your software, OS and device

Some pen tablets can only be used for certain operating systems (OS). Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to what OS a pen tablet accommodates. For example, Wacom pen tablets can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

You also need to pay attention to the compatibility of the drawing software with your device. 

There are several drawing software that can be directly connected to the pen tablet, for example Paint Tool SAI, Medibang, and Adobe Illustrator. Through software that can be directly connected, you can draw more easily and with many features. 

④ Check the ease of installation of the pen tablet

Cheap pen tablets are generally used in laptops or PCs. However, there are also products that can be connected to an Android smartphone. How to install a pen tablet also varies. 

There are products that use a CD and some that have to be downloaded from the official website. Therefore, choose a pen tablet that can accommodate your device.

Installation of pen tablets can be done with drivers manually on some OS, such as on Windows. However, there are also those that will be installed automatically, such as on macOS.

⑤ Check the physical size of the pen tablet and its active area

There are two factors you should consider when choosing the size of a pen tablet, namely the size of the active area and the overall size of the device. The active area is an area that can be used for drawing

With a large active area, you can draw more easily without the need to zoom and pan. Meanwhile, the overall size of the device is the total size on the tablet, including the active area

It should be noted, the size of the pen tablet must also be comparable to the size of the laptop or PC screen for maximum use. Thus, your hand can draw more freely in the active area. If you like to travel, consider opting for a more compact inexpensive pen tablet.

10 Best Cheap Pen Tablet Recommendation for Beginners

Next, we will recommend the ten best cheap pen tablet products for beginners that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller.

1. Huion Inspiroy H640P

The rough surface of the pen tablet can cause the nib or tip of the stylus pen to wear out quickly. This of course will be inconvenient for those of you who are beginners and need to practice drawing with a pen tablet a lot. 

You can consider the Huion Inspiroy H640P as a solution. Designed with a smooth active area, the nib on the stylus pen can last longer even when used frequently. 

Even though the surface is smooth, the Huion H640P tablet pen is still comfortable to draw with. You can practice digital drawing a lot without the need to change nibs repeatedly.


  • The drawing area is smooth so the nibs used don’t wear out easily
  • There is a button that can make it easier for right-handed illustrators


  • There are reviews that say that the tablet is easy to scratch, so you have to buy an additional screen protector

2. Huion Inspiroy H430P

We recommend the Huion Inspiroy H430P for those of you who need to carry a pen tablet to various places. This cheap pen tablet under 500 thousand is one of the lightest with a weight of 135 grams. 

The thickness is only 6.3 mm so it won’t be a problem when you carry it around. You can also connect this product to a smartphone so it’s even more compact when traveling!


  • It weighs 135 grams and is 6.3 mm thick, making it easy to travel with


  • There are several reviews that say that the sensor doesn’t quite fit the screen

3. Wacom One CTL-472

Are you an illustrator thinking about starting a pen tablet? If so, the One by Wacom is the best cheap pen tablet to consider. This Wacom pen tablet offers a digital drawing experience with a feel that is not much different from drawing on paper. 

The stylus pen is also responsive, ergonomic, and sensitive to pressure. Regarding pen storage, you don’t need to worry because you can tuck it in a tablet brand cloth. Come on, make this product your reliable pen tablet


  • The texture of the pen tablet is like paper so it is comfortable for beginners who are just trying pen tablets


  • There’s nowhere to put a spare nib on the back of a tablet like the Wacom Intuos

4. Huion Inspiroy RTS-300

Of course, drawing with a pen tablet that easily moves positions will be difficult and tiring. This inexpensive pentab can help you overcome these difficulties. 

With the non-slip feature at the bottom, you don’t have to worry about the Huion Inspiroy RTS-300 pen tablet moving around when in use. Therefore, this product is suitable for those of you who are worried about shifting the pen tablet frequently.


  • There is a non-slip feature at the corner of the pen tablet


  • Only half the screen can be used when connected to a mobile phone

5. Veikk Creators VK640

It must be annoying when the pen tablet is in the bag, but left the cable at home, right? The Veikk VK640 is here to solve that problem. This pen tablet for beginners is suitable for those of you who like to forget to bring cables. 

The cable is already installed in the body, no more problems with lost cables or connection problems. Bringing this product to campus to take notes during lectures is also just right, you know!


  • The cable is connected to the pen tablet so it won’t be left behind


  • There are no express keys that can make digital drawing easier

6. Goojodoq 10 Inch Drawing Tablets

This cheap pen tab is suitable if you often make large background illustrations. This product has a large image area so you don’t need to zoom in and zoom out when drawing. 

Not only that, this pen tablet can be connected to Microsoft Office. You can use it for both work and hobby at the same time.


  • It has a large image area so it is convenient to draw large backgrounds


  • There are reviews that say that the pen can slip so it must be used slowly

7. XP-Pen Star G640S Android

In general, pen tablets can only be used for right-handed users. If you’re looking for pen tablet recommendations for left-handed beginners, this product is reliable. You simply rotate it so that it can be used with your left hand.

XP-Pen Star G640S Android is also ready to help you for paper-free business activities. This inexpensive pen tablet is in sync with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You don’t need to bother printing documents, just sign digitally!


  • Pen tablets can be rotated so they can be used for those of you who are left-handed


  • The shape of the tablet is slightly thicker than other tablets from the XP-Pen

8. Veikk Creators A30

In addition to the four touch keys, the Veikk A30 is equipped with a touchpad. You will find it easier to zoom on the canvas or brush with it. To zoom on the canvas, move your finger vertically on the touchpad

On the other hand, move your finger horizontally to zoom in on the brush. If you need a practical cheap pen tablet recommendation, choose this product to make the drawing process more efficient!


  • There are customizable touch keys that don’t stand out so they seem seamless


  • It only has four shortcut keys, fewer than other Veikk products

9. Veikk Creator A15Pro

Pen tablets for beginners are generally equipped with 4-6 shortcut keys. However, this is not the case with this pen tablet. 

The Veikk A15 PRO has twelve shortcut keys and a handy quick dial. That way, you don’t have to use the mouse or keyboard back and forth to zoom inzoom outundoredo, and so on.


  • There are twelve shortcut keys so you can easily adjust the image position


  • The pressure curve cannot be changed when drawing on a macOS device

10. Wacom Intuos S with Bluetooth CTL-4100WL

Are you a beginner who has more budget to buy your first pen tablet? If so, the Wacom Intuos S with Bluetooth is the best pen tablet for you. Equipped with a Bluetooth connection, this product is very practical to connect with various devices. 

You also don’t need to doubt the durability, reliability, quality, and feel of drawing with this Wacom pen tablet. Because there is no stand, you can tuck the pen in the tablet brand cloth.


  • It can be connected with Bluetooth so it doesn’t need a cable
  • There is free drawing software that can be installed from Wacom


  • There is no stand for the pen so you have to be careful using it so it doesn’t fall


Thus our brief review of cheap pen tablets for beginners.Have you found the best product yet? Keep in mind that in choosing a cheap pen tablet, what must be observed are the specifications. 

So that it’s not in vain, you also have to adjust the product to your level of work. We hope that our selection guide and recommendations will be useful in finding the best product for you. Happy working!

5 Best Budget Pen Tablets Recommendations for Beginner

  • Huion |Inspiroy |H640P
  • Huion |Inspiroy |H430P
  • Wacom |One |CTL-472
  • Huion |Inspiroy |RTS-300
  • Veikk |Creator |VK640

Other recomendations: