The Best 3D Printer – Reviewed & Tested by Software Engineer

Best 3D Printer – For those of you working in the manufacturing, toy, engineering, and healthcare sectors, you are probably familiar with 3D printer. This tool allows you to print three-dimensional designs that are more complex than traditional manufacturing processes. You can easily find 3D printer brands such as Anycubic, Creality, and Phrozen on the market. In order to get a good 3D printer, there are several factors to … Read more

The Best Printers for The Home Office or Photo Printing All in One

Best Printers – A printer is a machine for printing documents, photos or stickers. There are even multifunction all-in-one printers from HP that can print, copy, and scan. Printers are made for different purposes, such as home printers, offices, to printing. This time we will give tips on choosing a good printer. We will also share product recommendations from the best printer brands, for example Epson L3210 and Canon IP2770.  You can also find printers with … Read more

The Best Photo Scanners Flatbed and Portable for Professional

Best Photo Scanners – Best Photo Scanners: A photo scanner is a tool that can change the format of a photo from negative film or print to digital form. If you want to tidy up old photos or want to upload them to social media, photo scanners will be very helpful. Many types can be found, such as scanners that can scan negative film, printed photos, and so … Read more

The Best Tablets For Work Recommendations in The End of 2023

The Best Tablets For Work

This tablet recommendation for work can serve as your reference when seeking a capable device. Explore the comprehensive reviews below. Tablets have become increasingly popular electronic devices for various purposes, including work. There are many advantages that tablets offer compared to laptops or PCs. For example, they have a more compact size, lighter weight, and … Read more

The Best Mini Speaker – Reviewed & Tested by Audio Enthusiast

Best Mini Speaker – Best Mini Speaker: It feels dissatisfied if you only listen to music directly from your smartphone. Of course more exciting if you can listen to it through the speakers. However, speakers sometimes make the room narrow.  Therefore, you can use small or mini portable speaker. Although small, the quality is not necessarily inferior to large speakers. JBL, SONY, and KISONLI are some of the brands … Read more

The Best Headphones AKG – Reviewed by Sound Engineers

Best Headphones AKG – Best Headphones AKG: For music lovers and sound engineers, a Headphone is something that cannot be left behind. The AKG brand is one of the Headphone manufacturers that has been in the audio field for a long time.  AKG is also known for paying attention to sound quality and the comfort of the Headphones it makes. This time, we will review the best AKG Headphones  for you.  … Read more

Get to Know More About AI Presentation AI Presentation – In the current digital era, presentations have become an integral aspect of both business and educational activities. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, there is now a platform known as AI Presentation that can assist you in creating more engaging and professional presentations. Leveraging AI technology, can aid you … Read more

The Best Sennheiser Headphones, Reviewed by a Sound Engineer

Best Sennheiser Headphones – Sennheiser is known as one of the best headphones manufacturers. Every Sennheiser headphone product has high audio quality, is easy to operate, and is comfortable to use.  Some examples of its products are Momentum 3 Wireless and HD 280 Pro. How about the right one for everyday? There are HD 201, HD 202, and HD 206. We still have other … Read more

The Best Surround Headset – Reviewed by Audio Enthusiast

Best Surround Headset – Surround headset is an audio device that makes you hear sound from a certain source and feels from different directions. The atmosphere when gaming, watching movies, or listening to music with a surround headset becomes deeper.  Especially if you use a 7.1 channel headset with Dolby Atmos technology. Logitech, SONY, and Razer are some of the good surround headset brands. This headset has different connections, there are … Read more