Sam Altman’s Profile CEO of ChatGPT Company Visiting Indonesia

Sam Altman's Profile – Sam Altman’s Profile! Co-Founder and CEO of OpenAISam Altman, has just visited Indonesia on Wednesday (14/6/2023). His arrival this time is to share his knowledge about AI in an event titled “Conversation with Sam Altman”.

The event was organized by the Korika orchestration organization with a venture company, GDP Venture which aims to broaden people’s understanding of artificial intelligence ( AI ) technology.

Seeing his figure as one of the keys behind the ChatGPT chatbot which is currently popular in the world, who exactly is Sam Altman who is one of the keys to the popularity of the ChatGPT chatbot? Check out his profile below.

Sam Altman’s profile

Sam Altman's Profile

The Co-Founder and CEO of OpenAI is an entrepreneur and investor who has ventured into the technology industry. Born in Chicago in 1985, this 38-year-old man has had a keen interest in the world of technology since his childhood when he lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

When he was eight years old, he also got his first personal computer. Altman attended John Burroughs School, a prestigious private preparatory school in the Metro St. area. Louis, USA. After graduating, Altman enrolled at Stanford University with a major in computer science.

However, he did not finish his studies at Stanford and decided to drop out of college in 2005 to set up his first company called Loopt.

Early career

Loopt is engaged in location-based social networking applications. Thanks to his expertise, Loopt managed to pocket funds of more than 30 million US dollars and was adopted by Apple and Blackberry. However, this company failed to develop after seven years of existence.

Loopt was eventually purchased by Green Dot Corporation for $40 million. After that, Altman joined Y Combinator (YC), a startup accelerator that helps companies grow, including Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox, and Coinbase.

This is where Altman became known. In 2014, Altman was appointed president of Y Combinator, succeeding co-founder Paul Graham. Under Altman’s leadership, the accelerator continues to grow rapidly and fuels the growth of many startup companies.