Video Reels Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram Without Third Party App

Reels Video Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram – Reels Video Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram!

Instagram Reels videos can finally be downloaded ( downloaded ) directly on Instagram (IG), without the need for third-party applications. This is possible thanks to the new “download” feature in Reels.

The presence of this feature was announced directly by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. For now, the Instagram Reels download feature has just been released for Instagram users in the United States only.

“In the US, we launched the ability to download Reels shared by public accounts. Just tap the “Share/Share” icon on the Reels you like and select “Download/Download,” wrote Mosseri, as quoted by DaBestDay from the “IG Updates” channel. ” on Instagram, Thursday (22/6/2023).

It is not yet known when this feature will be rolled out to more countries including Indonesia. If it can be tried in Indonesia, users in Indonesia will no longer need to download Reels IG videos on third platforms, such as, IG downloader, and so on.

Reels Video Can Be Downloaded Directly on Instagram

New Instagram Feature, Reels Video Can Be Downloaded Directly

With this feature, all users can download Reels videos from public accounts. However, users can turn off the “Download” Reels option via the “Settings” menu if they don’t want other users to download their Reels videos.

Mosseri underlined that Reels videos shared by private Instagram accounts still cannot be downloaded.

From the photos shared by Mosseri, the downloaded Reels video will have a watermark in the form of the Instagram logo and the user’s username, the same as when users download videos on TikTok.

After downloading, the Reels video will automatically be saved in the user’s cellphone gallery.

How to Download Reels Videos Without a Watermark

As previously mentioned, for now, Instagram users in Indonesia have not had the Instagram Reels download feature.

Users still have to use third-party applications to download Instagram Reels without a watermark. For example, via,, and

Here’s how to download Reels videos without a watermark